Monday, July 31, 2006

You still can't see my posts and I'm about to leave this paradise. I walk along the beach for about 15 minutes without almost a 500 km jaunt across traffic and another skyscraper being built next to Pacific Fair ... before arriving at the Mermaid Beach Library. They are currently digging way down deep to where the sand ends and find a substantial ground for this new residential tower. It looks like the same amount of area as twin towers(??)...who knows??
Would something like this be another target for the Hezbollah mindset to attack. There are thousands of Arab looking tourists coming to the Gold Coast everyday...How can you not think that one of them could be a t err ourist??? ( I hope that I don't sound racist, but one cannot help having those images when you are reminded of 911 and when even a local resident of the largest beach skyscraper in the world told me of his fears that one of these daily planes that soar across the coast frequently, might go a little off course)

It's now about 5 weeks since he's been there, the Aussie no worries mindset is quickly disappearing as he fights off being asssimilated by the Borg and her Rovian manipulations to fit her rise to power in special ed administrative heirarchy.... He misses his special friends...and wonders how he can go back again for just a could he extend his stay for a week??...would there be hell to pay when he got back...maybe if he just asked for a couple of days??

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