Thursday, July 20, 2006

I need a fix of my knowing my site has been brought back from the undead of cyber limbo where no one knows your existence and you fall of the face of the earth....
the waves crash you down and drag you half ways towards Surfer's Paradise...
you feel the mortality from the crunching power of thousands of gallons of water mere putty in her powerful hands
....It would be nice to know my writing is being read again with the little community at Parthenon "Place"
..the days run by like the ever speeding current of the Gold Coast as it rounds the bend of Byron Bay in it's northward journey towards the tip of OZ!!
the growing industry of Hydro keeps you buzzed
while wishing you could just sail your borrowed boogy board in the ocassional southward current to the easternmost point of OZ
where you can cavort again with dolphins and mermaids from all over the world...
in your last few days of freedom and "no worries, mate!"
before flying back to reality..

you made a promise to yourself and your chess team that they would flourish in their new found world with their new found wings brought on by Chess!
you want a great year as though you want a happy ending to your adventures with the Navaho tribe by the Serendipachi range.
you see
a chess movie about the Native Americans succeeding in kicking out the foreign aliens from on the other side of the "flat earth" after told by a time traveller warning them of these pale skins from the east....

But what will you do with Buffy if you decide to live in Oz. You will cross that bride when you come to her!(I made a Freudian slip just then and though I'd leave it..How prophetic??) ;0
puff, puff, pass

July 25th...great news!! this site is back and renewed for two years thanks to La's help. She told me that if you don't renew you lose your name!!
It would be like losing my baby...Now I worry about Buffy because I can't get a hold of Erowyn and Raphael. (I am so grateful for them taking care of her and I apreciate Raphael's message about finding my paradise before I left)
...I worry that she got loose...something happened to favorite pet cannabis tree was easten by cats of the sad family of the 7-11 lady I was dating back in the winter of 2002-3. The relationship ended shortly after the bush died. To bad the cat won't eat the one in office now! just kidding or am I??

I would write so much more and all the thoughts that I arrived at today while enjoying the current fruits and herbs of this community...
I was laying out in the small lawn in front of the sand dunes above my beloved Pacific and realizing that the Parthenon would'nt be there if it were not for me sneaking in to steal some coke bottles for a shilling back in 2005...Dad then questioned me about it a while later before xmas thinking that I was in trouble but had no idea that he and Uncle Ron wanted to buy it!
By Xmas time all of our families from Australia on my mother's and father's side were there for the Christmas holidays in OZ!! I realize that this place is mine along with my brothers. I want to enjoy our little family home as much as possible since older brother, Rone, has his family home in the Adirondacks. His wife doesn't want to include me in the major family events...

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