Wednesday, July 12, 2006

3 more weeks in Paradise!!

a day later, Friday...

I am really bummed out that you cannot pull up my site's as though the metaphoric umbilical cord has been cut off ...

I worry that somebody on the growing hate list for Garvald nuked my site somehow??, the paranoia sets in that I haven't made the necessary safety procedures to save all my writing for the last 2 years....

fantasy to fame punctured with the iceberg to sink in the bottomless ocean of failed dreams pp,pass---

- I asked the I Ching Oracle: ----I love someone who does not love me. I still cannot stop thinking of her.Present: **** 32. Heng - Constancy, PerserveranceContinue to the end because luck comes to the enduring who have faith in themselves.Future: **** 34. Ta Chuang - Power of the GreatTemper force with wisdom and there will be

You think about all the things that you wanted to do in your life and all it took was the mindset to do it. For the moment, I've realized how much I love seeing the Pacific as my backyard every AM! More and more, I see that I should not deny myself the best things in this short life. Wouldn't it be nice to know that you would have another chance but most likely this is our only trip on this earth, so why not enjoy paradise here on earth?? The temporary Swedish neighbor, a graduate student in business, says what a fool I'd be not to take advantage of this place if I still have vacation time. (Some folks still go barefoot in the library!! God, I love this place!)

I took addaboy over the past couple of days to help motivate me to call the necessary people to finish the work that needs to be done in our family flat!! I finally talked myself into making the phone calls to Air New Zealand and the travel agent to pay over 300$ in fines to stay! It is such a relief to know that I can relax and stay a little bit longer....look out on my beloved beach and surf some more...I felt like I'm aclimitizing myself to my long lost neighborhood (like she's an old girlfriend that never quit loving me and has always been waiting for me to love her again)
...... even finding my own sources and the secret Ganja society in the residency of our Greek named flats! My older brother actually gave the name of the "Parthenon" to the original place before a developer offered two brand new flats to my Uncle Ron and Dad when he built 8 apartments about 30 years ago. Ron was only 13 when he was into Greek architecture and thought of the name, thanks to Dad telling us stories of the Greek Gods and Goddesses every night!

I even introduced my neighbors to one of the local beach herbologists, St. Trevor of Burleigh Heads...patron saint of beach partying, he looks like a very tall James Taylor and plays drums every Thursday with the band at the Mermaid Beach tavern! It finally dawned on me what Carly Simon's ex old man's name was! I find out from with so many neighbors on the beach that herb is a very common pastime of this very laid back settlement!
The mum on the beach playing with her young children said every other street here has a local supplier. This bloke that she knew on her streets has open barbies for all the neigbors to come by and stop to share some brew and "tucker"!

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