Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Happy Days are here! Finally found the Mermaid Beach library thanks to a few beads of the Addaboy and getting over the intimidation of calling them up to ask for directions! That will give me a free hour a day to chat with you blokes and sheilas as much as possible! I save 2.50 to come here and it's closer instead of dealing with the no personality Oriental that owns the cyber cafe! (Do I sound racist?? Maybe I'm just a little jealous that somehow he was able to come over here at a young age and start his own cyber cafe, when I could have figured out a way to work regardless of all the paperwork and lack of support from my family to come over here at a young age! I just heard that it was much easier for Asians to come over here than Yanks from my Dad when he said Australia was trying to overcome it's racist image and have a cosmopolitan mixture of all races!)

The weather is getting colder but the ocean has stayed at a constant 21 or 22 degrees centigrade which is about 70-72 F since I arrived about 2 and a half weeks ago. I'm thinking of going walkabout for a week or two so Muffy might get worried about how serious my "sheila" friends get! She found my credit card number and expects it to be a paid vacation if she finally makes it down unda for the last part of my journey!

Oh by the way, it's passed 6/6/06 here in OZ but I guess it's still that ominous date in the states! 900 # more hits and it will be 20,000 visitors to this site (approximately) but I know there a lot of frequent visitors among steady 2o that check into my life every other day (?).

6/08 Thursday
Muffy just called this am and it will cost about 200$ to expedite her passport that I've been telling her to get for a long time! We still talk everyday but I don't know what to say when I actually fall in love with an Australian. There are so many temptations. I don't think she will like the idea of me dating anyone else??....I just dont know how long I can go on despite my waning testosterone with all these beautiful temptations that sit beside me and start chatting with me because they like my accent!! Why is it that girls always go for exotic accents no matter where a man travels??

fan mail:
i don't have a lot of problems with paralyzing fear unless some stalker won't leave me alone after they have physically harmed me before, or someone nearly runs me off the road or something. but i appreciate the fact that the information got posted. fear has never kept me from being a good mom, from being myself(in whatever form i exist that day), or from expanding my career. considering that my career is raising children, i'd say that i've got it down to a peculiar and loving science. anonymous said...'it's up to you to get out of these patterns!' okay. you're obviously the expert

I never physically harmed you. You blow so many things out of proportion. Why have you said that all the men that you've been with have physically abused you. Then someone raped you.
How did you let all the problems happen.


  1. Muffy "expects" it to be a paid vacation for a simple reason. It has to be.
    G knows full well M is in dire straits.
    But given that G is as intimidated by envelopes and stamps as he is of librarians, that traveler's check for $187 may never arrive.

  2. This is a much cheaper way to communicate.
    Right now it's around 1:30am on HEDGES AVENUE. Did everyone get that??
    Darling, if I could snap my fingers and be anywhere, I'd be splashing in the ocean right next to you right now.
    Or I'd be nestled right next to you spent, and loving.
    Or I'd be waiting in the car for you while you're...taking too long...
    I'd be there, except we're in opposite hemispheric quadrants of the globe.
    Get me out of here. I need a passport, my love.

  3. MAYBE, I'll still let you watch OLN this summer. IF you're lucky.