Thursday, June 15, 2006

"just watched a thing on the History channel and it says we are all going to perish a most unreasonbly fiery death no matter what. unless we just die out as a species....which i actually think could happen pretty easily. So i asked myself.."self?" (long pause)..."what in the hell it is all for anyway then!?" then i remembered. it's just for us, our human need agenda. i think our spirituality is just a physical way for our human selves to link with positive energy and try to direct it to ourselves and those we love. with that comes fellowship, friendship, support....things which actually do, in reality, help people on a daily basis. I've pretty much decided that the important things are what they are in your life. you see them, you make sacrifices for them, you pray for support and make your own safety net of friends...but all in all, no one really knows a damn thing about the reality of what God is, if such a thing exists, etc. it's just hard to decide which thought is scarier...the one where we could actually be driving ourselves toward hell every minute of our sinful lives, or the one where it doesn't matter nayway because eventually, we're all toast. So that just leaves...what's really important? maybe it is to live in the 'now' moment, and cherish gratefully the loved ones we have been given. the days we spend not hungry, and are functional in our community. we're not burnt toast yet, and we are not any closer to figuring it all out, but it sure is fun to be on this ride with such good people"

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