Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just two weeks left!
I was telling Raphael over an evening game of chess outside on a very warm spring evening in the desert how this is the best time of the year. All the teachers are relaxed because they have their 3 good reasons to be a teacher (June, July and August) ....more than half the resident teachers of the potential utopia are leaving.
I was thinking last night as 5 of us solved the world problems over some Bud wiser, how great it would be if all of us were together in the same school with our varying degrees of liberal intellectualism. (Buffy is looking at me right now in between pants after she raced to keep up with me on Mark's mt. bike as I type away to you telling her how much I love her). I was telling Mr. Rauch on our intellectual evening binge combined with a mt. bike ride during the heat of the day. I was doing my best just trying to keep up with his wife on the ride let alone these young studs on bikes! All of it was the best weekend of the whole year!
I got to know the former chess coach so much better and sorry that our back to back parties didn't happen in the beginning of the year. He will be an excellent administrator in his school in Colorado. His and 3 other families are leaving the village this summer for new careers in different parts of the country!
I sense in so many ways as the blossoms of all our rose bushes on the northern side of the cul de sac are blooming. Amazing the way you can feel all the energy of spring!... to be continued

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