Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Back to Vegas or happy fool's paradise (?)

We buy into an adult disney land. The lure, temptations and positive reinforcements of easy money and lots of booze overcomes all the losses... it makes you think that you will earn $300 for the chess team! At first my goals were honorable and I was up $100 and then I started to easily drift to thoughts of a table dance or taking up one of the many propositions from young attractive ladies for safe sex even with the blessing of Muffy ??!!

I don't want to go through all the hassle of being screwed financially and physically by someone that has no feelings towards you! And what if the condom broke or she didn't even turn you on!
It's easier to just roll the dice or tell the dealer to hit you your winning card!

I'm down $100 from the same place as before where I met my demise, Casino Royale! You lose the $100 you won for the chess team and then you break out another 50! You have get up and pick up the chips!
"Drop the drink and walk away from the table!"
or you'll be one of the smelly homeless clochards beggin for enough change to put $2 from unsuspecting pedestrians who fear to make eye contact with this untouchable!..
you get all the change including that 35cent that made that couple lock their keys in the car in fear!

you have enough to lay $2 on the pass line, you let it ride
you get 7 three times
you have $16 while waiting for your next Heineken!
"Where is that waitress??"
who also fears your smell of putrid depression!

You get greedy and think if you sneak into the Caesar's palace hot tub, you'll be clean enough to spend all your new wad on the buffet at the Bellagio!

The point is made and then you roll a 7 again! All your funds and fantasies up in smoke!

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