Saturday, April 22, 2006

4/22 What do with a Saturday??,

Type about neocons on newsbusters to get a rise out of them as Bush plummets to 33% in even a very right wing faux news poll Or should I just head to the flea mkt and check out the herbs with the native herb lady??....Thanks for giving me a little kindness to spice up the coffee buzz sans the addaboy! Hearing her voice sure buoys up my lonely morning as the sun shines in and I cuddle my clean buffy debating about listening to NPR, How to love women(?) with Richard Gere (while fantasizing about what life you might have had in adult suburbian, being a female girlycologist). M's going through a few physical and domestic squabbles but her resiliency and love even from over 1200 miles keeps her happy in her newly bought home.
Her home was only like someone to live with a few years until something better popped up verses owning him and knowing all her work on him will only increase the value of her investment!
probably for the longest time, I fellt my own worth was how others judged me. I could almost read their minds I felt how dare I even be in their presence. It was not until major events happened in my life to realize how short life was and that really the only person that I needed to feel good about the reflection in the mirror was me. I think what will the world be like 50 years from now and because I might smell, look ugly, or wear the wrong colored shorts, those petty items won't make a difference. I hope that when I am about to go to the other side, hopefully afte a long and very fruitful 2nd half, I will be happy that I made an impact even in some little way that might make me smile before I face the final question we all have. "


  1. I believe that I'm one of your "old(er)" students. Anyhow, I never thought of you as ADD, but you always seemed on the edge of something. Like maybe you were going to figure it all out. I remember one class period in which you got really excited because we (meaning class) were actually getting into the discussion. It was as if we had sparked some memory for you. Happy--you were extremely happy. If that's the ADD kicking in, then, sorry, what could be better? Your mind wanders? Let it. You feel better when taking the medication? So take it. You decide who you want to be, how you want to feel. But, seriously, I'm glad to see that you're as interesting as I always thought you were.

  2. thanks so much! what class was it? science? You dont know how much that means to me!