Monday, October 17, 2005

Hot tub in the Rez!

It was so wonderful and I'm excited about hanging out in this water trough under the full moon only missing M!
The fire was blazing underneath the horse trough that Brandon lent me. He helped explain how to start a fire and then put the trough on it before adding the water. I got a sheet to put over the metal so that I wouldn't be sitting on the hot metal. The metal would get so hot under my buns so by adding the water hose running only slightly was enough to keep the ass cool and be immersed in the hot water. The water took only about an hour to warm up and all I needed was my sweet baby to be with me in my new home. It's still really neat because I've held off moving completely over there until tonight! I'll be waking up to a view of my Mt. Serendipachi!

The new place has a futon and old couch covered up with my old Irish Fleece. It looks like my coolest place ...mmm...It's almost orgasmic that I have this and the hot tub to sit with you under the naked sky!
The moon was almost talking to me tonight as I was feeling a real rush of energy especially after realizing that I do have the strength to tell off Lady Macbeth with anonymous post its on her delta chart. I just found out tonight that she has one of those almost welcoming staff to give input!

I'll talk to you more tomorrow ....I'll have to ask one of the secretaries, Wilma, to sneak those post its in her office when she's out ...McB will most likely realize that it's me but she can't hold it against me officially but it make shake her up a little bit.

Happy Birthday Alene and Phoebe!
Tomorrow will be the 18th. Phoebe would be 6. I often wonder what it would be like bringing her up as her father. I guess I blew it or the ole lady was the biggest cockblock to the relationship....another one of those coincidence...having the same birthday as Alene!...Oh well.

I am not feeling as good as yesterday especially after getting a formal reprimand in writing for the school radios being stolen from the portable. I have a feeling who actually stole it. They won't go after the kid or send the police to question him. He didn't show up on Friday! Trout and McB needed me as a scapegoat just as I predicted earlier. It's typical of most schools these days to go after teachers and not the students.

No punishment except suspension for the kids but go ahead and punish the victims for letting it be stolen. Things frequently get stolen in other classes. They can't keep a constant watch on everything unless we were to install cameras but they can't have that! The poorly written letter from Trout said that my classroom management needs to be evaluated! TDF! Marty sidetracked me by demanding to go to the office and opening up all the doors to the portable. I closed them but maybe I left it ajar. This was probably when the work study student took it. He probably took it when we were in the office.

They are obviously wanting to start a paper trail on me. No excuses. I'm getting help writing a grievance about the administration from a man that's had a lot of experience with all the principals that run through the rez like toilet paper.
I've developed a good friendship with Luba. She sees how the adminstration doesn't do anything but then they jump all over you when you make a mistake. She was saying how we both deal with the worst behaved students. We are doing the job that no one else wants but they don't seem to care.
Then the Borginator takes care of students who can't even talk and so she has time to stop in every class to find fault with every one else and go snitch to McB. Thomas considers her evil. She complained to Trout that he was scaring her students so he almost had an official reprimand.
She just seems like the typical power hungry young female that wants to cut down others to make herself look better. He calls her a FemiNazi. He's hilarious and he's becoming a really good friend. When I stop by he and his Lakota Su wife always feed me! They have some delicious home grown tomatoes!

I'll be seeing the doctor finally Wednesday and then picking up M from the airport. Tomorrow morning, I need to announce about how well our chess team did!

Lady McB was actually nice to me today! We had a short Professional development plan meeting that all teachers have about our plans for the year. Trout must have told her that I was going to see the union rep about being reprimanded for getting robbed! TDF! I was about to give all the stickums as far as what's wrong with the administration but then I backed out.

(I know that the above sounds hateful. I feel better now {10/25}. I talked to the rep and he was really helpful. He helped me write a letter so as not to get their skin up. It still really upsets though about the letter of reprimand for the walkie talkie being stolen from my classroom. I heard that there was no reprimand when it was taken from another sped teacher a couple of years ago. )

Tuesday 10/25 9:33
"Buffy and Muffy greet the guests in our quaint humble home. We go back and soak together in the warm metal tub warmed by the fire in the hole. We have a glass of wine while looking at the dark sky illuminated by the half moon and stars.We enjoy the country desert vibe together and assimilate the philosophy of the culture."

I wrote that about a month ago and it happened just like I imagined cept it was beer instead of wine ;) . We managed to have two wonderful sessions in our hot tub, Friday night and Saturday night! We even washed Buffy (she needed it bad!) in the very warm water. We put out the fire so we only had to deal with a minimal amount of smoke!

I miss her already but the feeling of her being here still lingers and keeps me happy. I feel that we well deserved this small bit of fun and relaxation!

some comments;
Leigh Ann said...
Where's Ms. M? Hope all is well, good flight, good company, splendid time guaranteed for all etc.
2:09 AM
garvald said...
great flight! and everything although it was late...It is wonderful to see her!
3:27 PM
Garvald said...
Hi LA! Lovin' the scenery here, and G is being so, well, Garvaldian. You'd love it here. The people are very peaceful, polite, and quiet. Pretty remote. The scenery makes up for that, though. I'll have pictures! Luv, M
2:15 PM

Sunday 133 pm, October 30th Happy Birthday Muffy

I only have five minutes before I go to the b'day party for my favorite custodians daughter and then there's a halloween carnival at the gym. I hope that we'll earn some money for our chess club. I'm glad that Jeff is around to help. I told him how he would be a cool administrator and I feel he would communicate with me as far as the discipline of the students. Instead, I'm far better off not sending any of my students to the principal. This would only empower them.

So many things have happened this week in the world and our school inluding a student taking his life.
We had a ceremony with the family Friday in the courtyard in front of the whole school to share the mourning. I am pleased with the way the principal handled the two days following the grim news.
In a way, I felt a sense of being part of the community in sharing the grief!
I am hoping that this will bring everyone more closer together instead of there being so much hate and contentiousness over petty things.

I'm glad that I wrote those letters!

Forgive the stream of conciousness:
October 31st, 11 pm; moody=unstable blood sugar with hypoglycemia adds to the feeling of depression
my gf just gets angry when her's is low and needs to be fed
boy I miss her or just the unbearable feeling of loneliness on Halloween
I stop by Dr. Tom and he says the community is so unfriendly. I wish that I could think of his phrase. His porch was all decorated and I told him that it would win the contest!
"What contest?"
"If there was one!"
I replied while he invited me inside after taking care of the many trick or treaters of all ages from all around the res. He fed me some delicious salmon on a toasted bun with tea. He always takes care of me and is the perfect host and confidant. It is nice that I can feel support from some folks!
We can also share who we need to watch out for in the pirranah like desire for some to take crucial steps in their quest for a high spot on the Utopachi pecking order. Then maybe even get promoted to EDC!

I know that I need to go to bed but the desire just to communicate to you for a few minutes. I see myself all caught up in this low and then forgetting about your love and constant companion through thick and thin, Buffy. I want to talk to you but fear you will call me retarded or worse. I worry that her leg twisted on the rope. Part of thinks that she'll be ok early in the morning and I can feel the sun come in across the mountains to see her tail wagging without any limp.
But then I think that I might need to take her to a vet and start worrying like a parent would over his child! I hold her in my lap as if she is my delicate child!
(she rolls her eyes while my enemies can't wait to cut and paste this to give evidence for a case of lunacy on the website!)

She's sleeping now and I notice that I get into these moments of laziness when I'm only teaching this one student who doesn't want to learn.


  1. she plays with me and I know she's ok...the relief makes me happy

  2. Empty Words

    I close my eyes and I can see you
    I want to reach out to you
    and hold you close
    your emotion rolls into me
    in waves of sadness, desperation
    I feel your longing, your confusion
    the hopeless questions
    that find no answers
    you seem to be reaching to me
    blindly and unaware
    that I am in a different realm
    and cannot get to you
    but can you feel me>
    I am with you
    I can only lend the comfort of a thought
    I can only embrace you
    and hold your soul close to mine
    and while I cannot touch you
    you will know that I am there
    and that I love you
    beyond time and reason
    that we will get through this journey
    and find our peace once more
    you are my love of my soul
    my spirit companion
    you are my infinity

    a lost love