Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lecture Man

I'm not sure if I'll retitle this essay and I do enjoy going into third person. I apologize that I was distracted from my favorite tagboard that my verbal enemies seem to be even more obsessed with the running soap opera on the board or in the 'hood.
When I start earning some money again, I might be able to afford a good laptop where I can write my favorite things especially when I take road trips with mysoulcamcatcher (how do you like that new term where folks worry that your spirit of their image will be passed down as history on the metaphoric cave walls). Imagine an ancient cave dwellers getting angry that his picture was drawn on the cave. He then finds out he bashed a poor neanderthal when he thought the victim of the bashing was not even drawing about him. The hominid's fragile ego then became upset because they weren't drawing about him anymore so he goes on another one of his tantrums!....she rolls her goes creative license;

Garvald rushes home in the middle of his conversation with the Cingular lady when it starts to get very windy and dark. He races his car back hoping to make 3 miles quickly before the storm but he's caught in the hurricane. If he can get there quickly, he can save his Buffy from being blown away by the gale (she was really ok).
He did not make it in time. Lecture man comes to the rescue and saves his Buffy and her kennel which had blown down tho the deep river by his castle at the bottom of the hill. Garvald drives up with the heroic man in the street just finished with doing his major rescue that would merit even the Ogle brothers talking about him on channel 9 news.


He screams out from the neutrality of Charles' porch.

"I have your dog.!"

Garvald almost wants to ignore him, but knows that he has to look him in the eye and thank him. The neighbor extends his inviting hand with the other holding the magical peace pipe.

He hesitates for a moment worried about the hot air about military hats, 4 wheel drive pickups, how his truck is worth 26k more than his infiniti, and not to point (while he points all over G's body when showing his expertise on the hat).
and he has to throw in after detailing how native Americans venerate folks with many more years of life experience. G agreed how nice it would be for the American culture to feel the same way.
He responds to the man who has lived a third lifetme longer.
"You have to earn respect!"

to be continued

Saturday; 9/10/05 , eve of 9/11, and now our country has had to cope with a far greater disaster from the global warming of mother (human?) nature.
But Garvald is happy that the hot humid air has gone to heat up the Windy City instead of his peaceful neighborhood in the O Zone. He can go back there without fear of the social troll whipping up one of his impromptu lectures from his own globally warmed brain.
He thanks the Native American spirits that there isn't another loud no it all in his new peaceful community. Folks here actually like to listen and hear others instead of only themselves! I guess that is one of the key ingredients of a good teacher.
Lata mate!

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