Friday, July 29, 2005

The Paseo, one of the very few intellectual havens in OKC

There is little to do in this town where you can safely criticize this administration. You can talk about subjects a little left of center or even deeper than OU football or the weather without fear of physical violence. On Wednesday evening it's open poetry night at Galileo's. Afterwards one can sit outside on the sidewalk patio to have an openminded discourse of ideas. Generally the poets are very young but there are a few middle aged poets along with poet virgins up for the first time. I like to go there and bring my dog for others to admire after listening to the variety of poets spouting their angst.
There are some artsy and hippyesque shops on both sides of the street. There should be more benches for folks that just might want to visit without feeling the need to buy something. One of the shop owners said this would lead to more spontaneous activity on the street. Last night I walked across the street and chatted with a shop owner of tie dyed clothing and a few others who shared a liberal philosophy. It was a breath of fresh air to freely criticize what is happening to this country. We talked about how the Dixiecrat (Southern Democrat turned Neoconservative) mentality of nepotism have been keeping the rich good ole boys rich while the poor suffer. Throw in Jesus into the soup mixture and one gets the poor religious vote too. It worked for many decades with EK Gaylord, publisher of the only newspaper in town, only printing the news that backed his own right wing ideals. The poor and ignorant believed him and have been brainwashed just as the young converts to Fox news believe the news that they want to believe.

It's nice to be back in my own home with Buffy playing on the relatively lush green lawn. It feels soft and clean. I am amazed at how good it looks without any watering! I love to sit outside and play with her while avoiding the mean glares from the social chairman and his obsession about knowing everything about his neighbors.

By ironic coincidence, his mother arrived a day after I came home from KC just like she did after my extended travels throughout the country a few weeks ago. I would have loved to talk to her in person privately without nosy judgemental folks around but the chairman would not let that happen. Instead, Charles and his wife were invited over to his garage/lounge to be given a lecture "to pass on the information" to me by her about how I should adapt to a new culture. The chairman knew how much I wanted to talk to her and ask her questions firsthand, but instead he invites my neighbor to hear her lecture instead. It's almost like a board meeting with everyone in attendance except the subject of their discussion! I suppose in this man's mind he thinks he is doing me a favor?

I am glad that he will be leaving in a month, so that he cannot further spread his tainted propaganda about me or my lifestyle to any new tenant of my home or to other neighbors that move in. For any visitor that comes to my house, he has to make a point of knowing who they are and even invites himself into my own home to talk with them evn while I am out of town besides his illegal burglary.
"You have no evidence". He keeps saying with the smug satisfaction of an overgrown bully with the emotional maturity of a middle school student.

This man manipulated his own blood "brother" into my house two years ago when I had another much more responsible tenant in mind. I lost a few months rent and was left with last summer's electricity bills, broken utilities, burned carpet and plumbing.
The chairman hasn't had his usual public temper tantrums since I came back but he wanted to make sure that I knew that I had left the side door on my garage open yelling my name out for attention. It's almost like he is wanting to get into a neighborly talk hoping that my aprehension of his presence will relax before he takes advantage of my formerly amiable nature.

He yelled my name again and it's always in front of an audience, that he had rung my door bell to tell me that the side door of the garage was open. Previously, I told him to stay off my property. Rather than respond by flipping him off as he does when I might say hello to him, I just thanked him avoiding any confrontation.
Maybe that was the door he used when breaking into my house with the estranged tenant .
I made the mistake of trying forgive this man and letting my guard down.

I know that he and his wife read this site, so
if you are reading this, stay off my property and leave me alone and stay out of my life and my new career! Don't come over acting like you want to spout off any expertise that you think you have. Keep it to yourself and your own family or start your own blog.

My neighbor and Muffy say not to dwell on this but it seem like whenever I relax, he has some sort of social manipulation going on in the hood. I have been reading this book on writing and it says how therapeutic writing is when you write down and express yourself about why you are angry or sad. I am happier when I let out all my angst and grief. I might erase this or at least put it on draft for others not to see and use it against me.
The only folks who read this are the perpatrators and they will hopefully bear the guilt. not! ...these folks like many people rationalize their behavior so they can live with themselves.

Im sure Karl Rove rationalizes his behavior where something illegal is done for the greater good and keeping this so called "Christian administration" in office. They will have a skewered view of history by intimidating the press about what is really going on. Stalin was able to do it with the "Pravda" in communist Russia but the whole world learned about his evil tactics just as most of the world knows already about the bully Bush more so unfortunately than the Americans do. They don't have a Rove to intimidate them!

I only have a couple of weeks to get a lot of things done before I leave the OK Zone. I feel a little better since I have written it down.

1. visit the IRS downtown. I have some money coming back that I need since my bank account has little left.
2. get copies of transcripts from all the colleges.
3. find a reliable tenant with a steady job and preferably a college education.
4. Call my father in Australia to tell him the good news. (that is one of the reasons I've been so reluctant to call him and still worry about some unfriendly judgemental person put a nail in my metaphoric tires.
5. get temporary health insurance with a high deductible for August.
6. Make a list of all the repairs that need to be done to help it be more suitable for a housemate where I leave a room or two for my garbage that I need to throw out.
7. Put an add in the Gazette or call a leasing company to help with the headache of finding a reliable renter that doesn't have a history of axe murders.
8. Do some more swimming to stay in shape for my last few weeks of summer vacation.
9. Get an update on my cell phone and cancel my regular phone.
10. Call the personell office and get verification of my employment from all the school districts that I worked in.

Saturday 455
I was just offered 2000$ from a couple for Buffy at the Red Rooster but I of course declined!
I love going to that place and the fact that they allow dogs. This is the only bar in the country that allows dogs that I have noticed in all my travels throughout the country with the exception of a small pub in Nederland, 20 miles up the mountains from Boulder, Colorado. They only allowed Buffy in when they were about to close. I remember that they had the coolest hippy population in the area. The red rooster has a similar kind of coolness. The way I would define coolness is an accepting population regardless of your differences or eccentricities. I noticed that the man had been quietly observing my dog play and socialize with others in the pub. His girlfriend came up and said how she wanted to even borrow my dog to take to Florida for a few months. They wanted to take Buffy onto their boat. I was so flattered, but I realized how much I love this animal and how she won't dump me like many girlfriends have in the past. I spent almost 2000$ on a lousy computer that was outdated as soon as I bought it. She told me how beautiful she was and well trained. They must have figured a puppy with her experience in travelling to different places would be beneficial. This way they wouldn't have to train a dog.
Every time I take her out in public people say that they want her if I ever have to give her up. I don't want to ever to do that. That would break my heart.

Sunday 2:20
I'm getting used to being without stuff as I will have to get used to that when I move to my new adventure. Yesterday I had two great pieces of information!
In the mail was the letter to sign for my intent to teach after the offer and that Danny's Blues Saloon was bought and they fired all the staff! Some bartenders/dresses think that their shit doesn't stink and don't know what customer satisfaction is yet they still expect tips. It's about time they are thrown out onto the streets scrounging for work as I have been doing. Humility is a great thing especially in the service industry. They often seem to forget where their bread is buttered. Maybe I will check it out tonight after being banned for over 2 years.
Its almost like seeing an old girlfriend that dumped you has become fat, ugly, her life is miserable and the spell is over.


  1. I have one thing to say: ADD-a-BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bam!

  2. wow!@...nice to admit my honesty an not be so concerned about the stigma!


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