Monday, May 16, 2005

Who has last seen Garvald?

He was last seen at an interview for teaching in a Navaho community and was very excited at that prospect. He then was reported to head into the Rocky Mountains to find his magical schwagmaiden in some magical hippy topia hidden in the hills.
He was told that he misses Muffy but he enjoys the freedom to meet new friends and connections. He said that he was looking for his magical muse.
He does not know how long he will be gone in his search.

Garvald was sighted in Nederland visiting with the cool residents of the town. He was reported to be with a blonde mutt with the sweetest face and wrinkles. The poor dog looked like it had been in a scuffle and had the worst of it. Her left cheek was swelled up. I had a chance to visit with him and he asked me to write on the computer since he doesn't have access and his phone is not working in the hinterlands of the rockies.
He seems to be very sad despite his gregarious ways of meeting strangers and interesting people. He knows that Buffy brings out the best in people and even Republicans. He told me that this helps him from being bitter about the downward spiral in this country and wonders if and where he will find work again. He is bitter at all the people that don't have faith in him and his choice to take time off from work and write.
Last night he met some college students, drank and passed the peace pipe. He seems to enjoy visiting with new people but often he is misunderstood. The students were nice trying to put neosporin on her cheeks but that only seemed to agravate it.
He told me that it was swelled up this morning.

He scrounged up for a nice hotel in Boulder for 2 night. Shortly after he woke, all of a sudden there were police cars and firetrucks. There apparently was a meth lab (?) in one of the rooms. It appeared like they were arresting the drug addict without his shirt. Garvald was worried when he saw officers in blue and he had been blowing smoke out the door. He thought that he ought to hide his stuff just in case. Sometimes it makes him paranoid so he took Buffy for a walk and hid it in the dirt for him to retrieve later.

He is not sure where to go now. He needs to eventually get back to his vet and he's hoping that the poor canine's swelling will go down. His dog, Buffy, seemed to have more energy today when he was seen strolling through the mall with his owner. He's giving it lots of garlic to naturally fight the infection and children's chewable aspirin and camphonique(?) to fight the infection and kill the pain.

Maybe he will head to some of the hot springs before the battery of his camcorder runs out or stop by in New Mexico.

I decided to report to you myself rather than this cub reporter from Boulder reporting my happenstances and scars from canine scuffles.
It is another gorgeous day and it is so nice to wake up with the beautiful Rockies staring at me from the pool of the hotel and the bright blue sky. I actually have hope for the world despite all the neo cons forcing their "morality" on us.
Buffy's cheek looks better as I have been cleaning it at the motel the last 36 hours and giving her lots of natural garlic cloves and flax seed mixed in with her chow.
She avoids it but eats everything around and eventually when I break up the clove she eats the herb. Now she smell like a Chinese restaurant but her energy is back and I won't feel guilty about not visiting the vet. It will end up being her second scar now from coincidentally older labs that won't tolerate her desire to tease or just get information about the the alpha dog of the home that is not used to another canine testing her patience and the pecking order.

I am not sure where the wind might take me to today but I enjoy how the youngsters (coeds) help me feel young and bring back my days of exploring the world almost 30 years ago! Now I have a companion who I have to take care of but I love taking her everywhere and letting her sleep on my bed of the hotel. By the way, I found out that the bloke that was being questioned was just trying to charge his battery in the room and that was what was giving the chemical smell. They had every vehicle there in case it was some sort of hazardous waste or even a meth lab in the room. Everything was sectioned off like they were even going to bring out a swat team!

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