Thursday, May 12, 2005


I only have a few minutes of prograsstination, making sure that I have enough stuff for the trip to New Mexico. I have an interview set for 2pm tomorrow. I hope that I don't get lost and can get in touch with the now Eastern Social Chairman's mom. I left my sandals at his new eastern fort over looking 3 streets after I spilled chocholate all over one of Muffy's favorite t-shirts (Goofy and family); the queen of the new castle was generous in lending me a tee shirt that I have since washed and need to return, if I can tell which one it is. (The crossroads of the community!).

So I have my suit, I'll need to get some black socks at the dollar store, Muffy's green pants, and green shorts that somehow got a tear over looking my left ass cheek! I'll have the cooler filled with water, hot chocholate mix, instant coffee, crunchy peanut butter, bananas, carrots, a delicious red apple, and what else?
I'll turn off the portable frig and close fort for a couple of weeks. I need to make sure the mailman has that card. I wonder if my place will be burglarized while I'm gone for so long. Folks read this and might get some ideas especially if they see a jungle of savannah grasses growing in the front lawn that are good hiding places for my lioness princess, Buffy! I will take the camcorder filling up 3 hours of New Mexico and have to invest in the right film again. They are so expensive that it is cheaper to tape them all onto the vhs tapes when I get round to it. I just hate taping over the wonderful bits of Buffy a week or so after this gift from heaven came to me! She is my best friend now and I take her everywhere. I am almost looking forward to her growing to maybe 100 pounds so that the social chairman will think twice before he launches onto one of his lectures on his many areas of expertise! You wonder if he has this angry tone with other ADD "pupils" that will actually make an attempt to listen to his 120 decibel voice without busting their inner cochleas?
It was nice that Charles was there to help give therapy for the post traumatic nagging/lecture syndrome!

Ok what else do I need to make on this list? I need to make sure that I have the equipment to charge the batteries and speaking of my own batteries, I need to make sure that I have all the vitamins to make sure that all my plumbing will be working fine! I will have the necessary foods with much fiber for the long 11 hour trip!

I've had a little adderall so I am focused now at least on this writing~!
suitcase, stuff, camcorder, vitamins, shaving cream, electric toothbrush, razor, kennel, puppy chow, treats,toys, her favorite chew bone...what am I missing....ok Im off the puter!


  1. Have fun on your trip! I also wanted to let you know I've linked to you on my new blog. (Most of it is not really new; I've just moved it.) I like your recent writing. Very stream-of-consciousness and Burroughs-esque.

  2. Erika,

    Thanks for the keen insight.
    I wondered about the my stream and how readers might react to it and especially Burroughs??. I have not read him lately. Tarzan? I am flattered but how am I like the author?
    Im looking for hippy communities in the mountains right now getting sidetracked from the job search in New Mexico.
    Sometime, maybe you and some other poets could get together and tape our readings. So we can gather and give insight to other creative writers?

  3. It's cool meeting new people and especially when the vibes of the conversation are in the same path. I like the way you write especially the thoughts on love and marriage. :)
    pax and lata

  4. I hope that you dont mind the cut and paste from your blog about whores.

    "The truth of the Whore is that she gives up her own security to fill every man’s secret and most innate desires."

    I think that when we have a love connection, we both give totally of ourselves to truly please the opposite gender. Women have those same desires that need to be filled. When they are not, men and women feel unsatisfied. That is why family men had mistresses and they were condoned by society.I believe many women in the present and past also have lovers to fulfill those needs. In the past, of course, it was not acceptable for a woman to take on a lover. Now there are many women still in their sexual prime who take on young lover to fulfill those desires. More power to them.

    "The Whore is the ultimate sacrifice to humanity, and she who embraces that is anything but depraved. She is most selfless, nurturing, life-affirming individual that lives. And she is marginalized by the patriarchy that created her."

    I think that when we truly find our soulmate both genders will be fullfilled and there would not be the need for the "whore" or mistress.
    very nice article, Erika.


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