Thursday, May 19, 2005

I 'm an escaped lunatic from the Okie zone

I had some fun prograss tinating on the internet giving a hard time to all those bloggers but they seemed to enjoy attacking me after Stella let the cat out of the bag continuing to mention Muffy and my website. So I went out of the closet and went ahead and told everyone of my website so they could confirm their opinion of me being nuts...crazy like a fox...Don't they realize that George and Laura get information from this site for their own material for roasts, etc. George even went so far as talking about a liberal and a Neo con finding romance. Pleasantly plump chance of

They all think my website is boring but they don't realize that it is a journal of each day and meeting boring internet dates doesn't help. Oh well. She went ahead and threatened me several times of emailing Muffy. I just love people sometime.Not. But I love Buffy. Buffy's nose is better healing from the angry Republican cur.

I stopped off in the middle of a mountains in Georgetown and then I'll check out Silver Plume with older working hippies that chose to have their own life with out being influenced so much by the trappings of society.
Next stop will be the Glenwood springs in search of my true hippy soulmate or not.

Saturday 924 am
The hot tubs were great and this morning I discovered the free hot spring water write by the river....It was so cool....No one else but Buffy...Although a cute hippy on a bike helped give me directions telling me she was in it the other night...Is this one of these natural springs where most are sans clothing...Ill head for the library so I can vent boring shit about everything...driving my readers as crazy as me

Glenwood springs is a cool tourist town but it is so much more mellow than Aspen ....most folks seem to be nice ...Ill talk to you all more about it soon hopefully!

Sunday morning in the beautiful vista of the mountains!

You think about fate and because of one bad thing, sometimes good comes out of it. I wasn't sure where to hang out after getting kicked out of the hostel because of Buffy. I did not fill out the address card, should have told the manager about Buffy staying in the single room with me even though I talked to one of his helpers who thought it was cool. Oh well, che sara, sara.

I am so curious about how many hits I'm getting. Maybe when La has time she could check it out. Thanks again, LA for all your help and comments. I am curious now at least from the notoriety of the tagboard, how many readers I might be getting on a daily basis. I know that some of this is boring to both parties, but there are some parts that I could easily edit and turn into an intriguing novel about a man's vicissitudes within himself that others with ADD or not could relate to. They might be curious how he might deal with his own hell or his attempt to find happiness after all these setbacks; and duh, Stella, he does bring so much of it to himself as many readers (mostly anonymous) have said exactly what you said. Duh, because, I write on here honestly how I am sorting everything out to make the best plan.

I was wondering where to spend Saturday, so I hung out at the "Hippy Dip" where everyone and the natives go for time in the healing sulphur springs right by the east entrance to I-70. There is an outlet with rocks surrounding where the clean runoff from the official springs runs into the river. It feels about 106 or more degrees coming out. We would ocassionally be brave and let the very strong current take us to a spot a little ways down. I worried about a drunk old bloke might get taken by the current so I went after him. He found his footing but I was worried that he almost had the look like he didn't care if he drowned. I was given a lecture from the sternman of one of the visiting rafts, how crazy I was and if I knew this person. I had met him today and was actually feeling good that I was willing to actually go after someone. That actually made me feel good about myself that I would do that. It showed to me that I even care about strangers. The rich repukes that stopped their raft I'm sure would have felt better to just let him drown. They told me that one can only survive in 47 degree water for a few minutes.

It was amazing how invigorating the water was! Another young bloke was jumping in several times. I almost feel like going back there again after my gracious host wakes up. He lives in a town about 15 miles from Glenwood and has such a fantastic view, that I hope that my camcorder battery has enough juice left to film it, but I also brought the convenient Walgreen camera.

a couple hours from 420

Ok...its a weekend in colorado and Garv is getting a little stoned on Okie smokie with his new friend , Nathan, 22,

to the visions of ripe rich republican and liberal hippies to use and be used by, before they chose to throw you away like their disposable contacts

oh to be back in your early 20's with the choice of what ripe sexually primed lady is still searching for that feeling of youth within her loins

Monday at the community center:11:30

Just had another dip in the "hippy dip"...Ive been hanging out there and checking out one of the free caves around 4 or 5 in the morning with some other young friends. I met another nice couple and was chatting, drinking wine and sharing some of the last of my bud. Later the girl might have had a hypoglycemic reaction to all the sun and lack of food so she almost passed out when we were speaking with the gods. So I asked her to drink some apple cranberry juice and that helped her come out of it. They were a really nice couple and I met them again this morning at the Village Inn after having had breakfast. He's a teller and she is a ballet dancer just scrimping up enough to have a 4 day vacation. When you are in love everything is so much better regardless of life's struggles of trying to make ends meet.

I'm not sure where the wind will take me today east west or south to the Lasciviously rich Aspen. I almost don't even want to worry about getting a job. That frustration is what is holding me back from really relaxing and enjoying my last brief summer before I turn 50. But I look a hell of a lot better than most pleasantly plump Republicans. rolling on the floor laughing with tears dripping from my eyes... to be continued...wish I knew how many hit this soon to be notorious site will get..

My cell phone only gets roaming charges a buck a minute so I feel out of touch, but my friends and acquaintances can reach me by emailing me to send me any love or hate mail

I remember when

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Have you seen her?

Yuk: when the wind blows in from the west, it kind of smells around here. at least I THINK it smells, but then again maybe it's just a figment of the liberal media's imagination.

I wonder about these bloggers that have no life. Should I say that I have a life?
It is so interesting when you finally meet them.
They have a personality on the board and then a different one on the phone.
We hope that there is a connection

Like mixing stepford juice with Tequila. The kind with the worm. hmmm I wonder how that would taste...

like old ripe fish

nothing ventured nothing gained
you are happy Garvald
in the state of exploration
and now you have a mission
where will the wind take y0u?

will the warm air rise into the mountains
will you find her or happiness?
will it take both

He bids adieu or better to say "Auf Wiedersehen"
"au revoir"
un till we meet again

at the moment
there is no chance of happiness with her

you are sad like the face on your puppy
but she teaches you
and learn from her

she teaches you happiness
she sees each new day
with her tail wagging

she is happy to see you'
she is happy to walk with you
she wants to please you
treasure her

I will!

Pax and happiness to Garvald and to all those that he meets.

puff puff pass

I have been having some relaxing days in Boulder. Obviously, the cat is out of the bag as far as my favorite site. . I had a nice time staying with a Republican"friend" until her dog bit my dog. She was very cold after that even though I did not blame her. We obviously had no mutual attraction for each other and so nothing happened. This nice Christian lady does not want me to bash Republican Christians and has threatened or already written to the webmistress, who is a good friend of mine. She was upset and so she started bringing up Muffy and now she is wanting to blackmail to not leave comments on the site. I have posted some of the conversation. It is hilarious.

Well, It is a gorgeous day and I'm ready to travel and see the mountains and hot springs!

I am having way too much fun with this hopefully I will be out of here by noon. I hope that Muffy and La are having a great time in Pa. Apparently the Christian lady must have contacted them because she is angry that I enjoy making fun of the so called Christians that want to bother LA's site.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Who has last seen Garvald?

He was last seen at an interview for teaching in a Navaho community and was very excited at that prospect. He then was reported to head into the Rocky Mountains to find his magical schwagmaiden in some magical hippy topia hidden in the hills.
He was told that he misses Muffy but he enjoys the freedom to meet new friends and connections. He said that he was looking for his magical muse.
He does not know how long he will be gone in his search.

Garvald was sighted in Nederland visiting with the cool residents of the town. He was reported to be with a blonde mutt with the sweetest face and wrinkles. The poor dog looked like it had been in a scuffle and had the worst of it. Her left cheek was swelled up. I had a chance to visit with him and he asked me to write on the computer since he doesn't have access and his phone is not working in the hinterlands of the rockies.
He seems to be very sad despite his gregarious ways of meeting strangers and interesting people. He knows that Buffy brings out the best in people and even Republicans. He told me that this helps him from being bitter about the downward spiral in this country and wonders if and where he will find work again. He is bitter at all the people that don't have faith in him and his choice to take time off from work and write.
Last night he met some college students, drank and passed the peace pipe. He seems to enjoy visiting with new people but often he is misunderstood. The students were nice trying to put neosporin on her cheeks but that only seemed to agravate it.
He told me that it was swelled up this morning.

He scrounged up for a nice hotel in Boulder for 2 night. Shortly after he woke, all of a sudden there were police cars and firetrucks. There apparently was a meth lab (?) in one of the rooms. It appeared like they were arresting the drug addict without his shirt. Garvald was worried when he saw officers in blue and he had been blowing smoke out the door. He thought that he ought to hide his stuff just in case. Sometimes it makes him paranoid so he took Buffy for a walk and hid it in the dirt for him to retrieve later.

He is not sure where to go now. He needs to eventually get back to his vet and he's hoping that the poor canine's swelling will go down. His dog, Buffy, seemed to have more energy today when he was seen strolling through the mall with his owner. He's giving it lots of garlic to naturally fight the infection and children's chewable aspirin and camphonique(?) to fight the infection and kill the pain.

Maybe he will head to some of the hot springs before the battery of his camcorder runs out or stop by in New Mexico.

I decided to report to you myself rather than this cub reporter from Boulder reporting my happenstances and scars from canine scuffles.
It is another gorgeous day and it is so nice to wake up with the beautiful Rockies staring at me from the pool of the hotel and the bright blue sky. I actually have hope for the world despite all the neo cons forcing their "morality" on us.
Buffy's cheek looks better as I have been cleaning it at the motel the last 36 hours and giving her lots of natural garlic cloves and flax seed mixed in with her chow.
She avoids it but eats everything around and eventually when I break up the clove she eats the herb. Now she smell like a Chinese restaurant but her energy is back and I won't feel guilty about not visiting the vet. It will end up being her second scar now from coincidentally older labs that won't tolerate her desire to tease or just get information about the the alpha dog of the home that is not used to another canine testing her patience and the pecking order.

I am not sure where the wind might take me to today but I enjoy how the youngsters (coeds) help me feel young and bring back my days of exploring the world almost 30 years ago! Now I have a companion who I have to take care of but I love taking her everywhere and letting her sleep on my bed of the hotel. By the way, I found out that the bloke that was being questioned was just trying to charge his battery in the room and that was what was giving the chemical smell. They had every vehicle there in case it was some sort of hazardous waste or even a meth lab in the room. Everything was sectioned off like they were even going to bring out a swat team!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


I only have a few minutes of prograsstination, making sure that I have enough stuff for the trip to New Mexico. I have an interview set for 2pm tomorrow. I hope that I don't get lost and can get in touch with the now Eastern Social Chairman's mom. I left my sandals at his new eastern fort over looking 3 streets after I spilled chocholate all over one of Muffy's favorite t-shirts (Goofy and family); the queen of the new castle was generous in lending me a tee shirt that I have since washed and need to return, if I can tell which one it is. (The crossroads of the community!).

So I have my suit, I'll need to get some black socks at the dollar store, Muffy's green pants, and green shorts that somehow got a tear over looking my left ass cheek! I'll have the cooler filled with water, hot chocholate mix, instant coffee, crunchy peanut butter, bananas, carrots, a delicious red apple, and what else?
I'll turn off the portable frig and close fort for a couple of weeks. I need to make sure the mailman has that card. I wonder if my place will be burglarized while I'm gone for so long. Folks read this and might get some ideas especially if they see a jungle of savannah grasses growing in the front lawn that are good hiding places for my lioness princess, Buffy! I will take the camcorder filling up 3 hours of New Mexico and have to invest in the right film again. They are so expensive that it is cheaper to tape them all onto the vhs tapes when I get round to it. I just hate taping over the wonderful bits of Buffy a week or so after this gift from heaven came to me! She is my best friend now and I take her everywhere. I am almost looking forward to her growing to maybe 100 pounds so that the social chairman will think twice before he launches onto one of his lectures on his many areas of expertise! You wonder if he has this angry tone with other ADD "pupils" that will actually make an attempt to listen to his 120 decibel voice without busting their inner cochleas?
It was nice that Charles was there to help give therapy for the post traumatic nagging/lecture syndrome!

Ok what else do I need to make on this list? I need to make sure that I have the equipment to charge the batteries and speaking of my own batteries, I need to make sure that I have all the vitamins to make sure that all my plumbing will be working fine! I will have the necessary foods with much fiber for the long 11 hour trip!

I've had a little adderall so I am focused now at least on this writing~!
suitcase, stuff, camcorder, vitamins, shaving cream, electric toothbrush, razor, kennel, puppy chow, treats,toys, her favorite chew bone...what am I missing....ok Im off the puter!