Friday, April 01, 2005

Renaissance Fair in Norman, Jesusland

Just after the middle ages when the Pope was in charge of the western world, along came alot of creativity inspired and financed by a wealthy Florentine family, The Medici's. The pope was even more powerful than the fundamentalists that have taken over the government today. The difference between the pope back then and ignorant fundamentalists is that he apreciated art. What a shame that George and his favorite Baptists want us to be back to the middle ages where art and freedom of thought was not allowed.

They believed that the world was flat and this earth was the center of the universe.

Now the church won't be happy until we all believe that we came from Adam and Eve. They don't believe that our ancestors were monkeys with the names of Billy Bob or Martin.

A glorious day in Jesusland!...I better make sure to put some strong sun tan lotion on my head. It's about 30 miles to Norman to see all the knights and ladies pretending to be in the middle ages long before there were internet predators that like to start fights with pacifists in bars when they lose arguments.

I would love to see Martin, the middle aged juvenile delinquent, get on a horse for some jousting and see him and his athletic glasses falling off of his high Repuklican horse. That would be a sight to see his out of shape ass on a horse...
On the tag board he actually mentioned that he enjoys wearing tights!
What a very sad creature!...I've heard that others have seen you at the Copa, Martin?

I still need to get with Lillian about changing the tag board so that it won't let internet porn predators on the tag board. He loves to hear himself speak or watch his dirt be put on the world of cyberspace. Maybe he was one of my students like the children of the corn from Chickasha and somehow found out about this site. He wants to harass his old teacher.

These group of cheerleaders, about 14, the same irritating juvenile age as Muffy's daughter, kept having sleepovers and would call from the house of a wealthy jeweler until one of the "innocents" forgot to put call block on the number. So I called the police and the family was so embarassed that they apologized. Some folks enjoy making others uncomfortable through verbal or physical initimidation. There are sick individuals whether they are adolescents or adults that have never grown up or never come to terms with their own insecurities.

There was an assistant principal friend and the football coach who would always leave dirty messages on the answering machine too. I finally cut them off when I met the pagan girl. They broke into my house on Halloween when she was out at a party and I was in Wewoka.

It's funny that the only two times that my house was broken into were by people that I knew. Maybe this internet predator is Randy? I am just tired of dealing with those kinds of people that enjoy making other people miserable!

Well, I am going to have a great day with Buffy at the renaissance fair. Maybe I'll find a medieval costume for Buffy to wear for a while :). I'll take my camcorder and maybe Lillian or some one good with puters can show me how I can put it on the internet. Dogs are so much more innocent than their masters.

well, Ill see ya lata mates!

Damn! I thought that I was gonna get outta here before noon :(
but at least I gave Buffy a bath and shower...there was so much dirt in the tub...I need to take camcorder, dress up in my Aussie hat and green feminist shirt, a cell phone, and duck tape wallet...what else...oh yeah, shorts and buffy must have hid one of my favorite sandals ....ever since I was looking around for a needle and thread to try and fix it before it falls apart..

Have a beer on me at Mike's...what hobbies do you have Bullly Billy other than bending back fingers and 10 0z lifts?? :)

Tuesday 117 am: I would rate today a little above average just because I am excited about life more. I feel that I can face these demons and have more control of them in my life. Self doubt and that critic that is almost as bad as Bubba stuck in your brain like a lost cousin from Arkansas cutting you down.

After taking Buffy for a late night walk, it was so nice to relax in a friendly warm bar. Buffy draws so much positive affection. The Red Rooster is the friendliest and by far warmest bar in this cold town where smiling staff are rare.

But then after dropping off a movie, I had to stop in at Hudstone's across the street. It was safer just to have a booth and just deal with a waitress that doesn't like to smile instead of a bar with angry looks. I thought that I recognized one of the original Bandana twins in a stocking cap. I missed have just missed Martian. I was wearing my X_files hat and camcorder in case I saw the UFO, Unidentified flying oaf.

The waitress was ok, but the Red Rooster and the Red Dog are some of the few places where the staff smiles. Usually I get some comments after I visit the place, The bartender will tell Bully Bob about the visit, since he's on Martian's pay role.

I wonder if Martian will leave some more comments angry that I stopped at his "neighborhood" bar.
I am tired but I had to say it's cool to walk into a place just to say that you are over it and all the redneck animosity still brewing after we hailed to the thief in Washington.

I am happy that it is difficult for the tag board perv to leave nasty messages. We will block or his juvenile comments. The pathetic creature won't get the attention that it craves. I imagined Gollum with thick glasses hunting and pecking on the keyboard when the boss isn't looking....
Pax, Garvald

12:20 am Wednesday
It is so nice to finally have a polite comment on the tagboard from
" not a hater : May be you should stop focusing on so many other peoples reactions and get your life together- -maybe it is time to let this go and foc us on your students"

Do you have a favorite hobby? This board has become my favorite site. This would not have drawn the hate mail if a certain individual did not make it a point to harass my site ever since it started. I will continue writing ...but I would like to know if you would be so kind as to give some constructive criticism....
There are many things that are not right with this country... I will not let this go!

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  1. before we meet: oh i's april Martin/fools day!@
    before we meet: do u wear athletic glasses or do you need to take them off?they are so ugly
    before we meet: how did you learn to become such a good friend's son was a champion you want them to come along so you won't fight dirty like you did before?
    before we meet: Do I need to bring some referees and gloves?,,,
    before we meet: be careful or your blood pressure might rise...u didnt like me posting one of your old redundant comments??
    before we meet: i love how u want to become violent when u lose an argument, Martin
    before we meet: did u decide to become the resident bully of MIkes?
    before we meet: let me also know if your mother looks like...Maybe I met her before you were born?
    before we meet: tell me what asylum you and ur fellow residents escaped from?rofl
    g ur gettin out of : th3e closet?
    g: do you have major medical
    g: do you look like the poster of the bloke with post adolescent acne that's in the post office//
    g: waht do you look like?
    BB: My fingers are fine, are you man enough to bend them back, I think not. Whatever that means. Come give it a try. I'll be at Mikes tonight.
    BB: They read your site to laugh at your excited responces to my little barb statements. TOO FUNNY
    g9477 4/1/05 :): thanks BB/martin for getting all your friends to read this site!
    g: i guess you need memories while you vegetate at the bar
    g: I heard that yu haven't had any in a really time...not since your traumatic experience in prison...I'm sorry that you dont have a life ...poor martin/redneck/BB
    g: lata mates
    g: cant u think of anything more original...u keep using the same lines...tell us if think George is incompetent...he's perverted just like you

    I just have to document your threats,Martin so I can show to my lawyer and your therapist...all my friends think you are hilarious

    you think by making fun of my dead wife, it gives thrill to you and any sick alcoholic "friends" u have

    Im sure you dont have friends just like your last score was on Lincoln Boulevard!
    Have a nice time at Mike's...I love how you get violent when your questional manhood is in question

    you caucasian trash redneck wannabees are too funny!

    Who is your daddy, Martin?


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