Thursday, April 28, 2005

I miss my counter. I was eager to change the template of the blog from the less hostile red to a softer blue since I am tired of angry people.

I am actually realizing that I am kind of feeling depressed. I try to understand my feelings.

Since coming back, I've been motivationally disinclined to write. Monday, I was lazy going on the hereinreality blog where I was very motivated to insult Republican so called Christians. I even went to poetry but I wasnt very excited or psyched to get up and read.

Buffy is lethargic probably from getting a bite on the nose. I am not feeling very witty especially now that the exitement of being a free available man is gone and I almost miss the comfort of knowing that my best friend is by the phone.
I want to be honest with her and myself.

Ok, I have a little buzz and somtimes I notice how it accentuates the melancholia. The weather is colder and the moon has passed its peak. All of these things affect your libido.

I have all these thoughts on my future, finding a soulmate somewhere out there, or wondering if Muffy will start missing me again and I wonder if I can tolerate the nagging.

So I dressed up and went to the Edmond Job fair this morning late and not too enthusiatic even though they need a lot of special ed teacher. I waited for an hour to not even have an official interview. There were about 30 females to every male but even that didnt excite me.

uh oh bush, our fuhrer is about to talk about social security and stammer through questions. How many times will he say nucular? any readers left out there, I will write some more tonight...

Monday: Muffy might be proud but she will be her usually grumpy self. I went on an interview for special ed interviewed by 3 nice ladies. I felt that I had the right mindset and was honest about my ADD and told that that was my strength and good rapport with the parents. The principal said that the staff have good rapport. I am just so much more excited about going to New Mexico but there is a schwagfest this weekend in Missouri. Decisions are always the hardest for me. It is hard work but I am makin progress....Who does that sound like? It is amazing that someone with as much ADD as me can become president without ever learning to speak or write! wow

I am happy that I am productive and have the nerve to file taxes but they dont have the information yet about how much I made last year (not much) I should get a significant check back! Of course no good deed goes unpunished getting a Parking ticket for an expired ticket (Feb.)..only tow months! I will have to get it renewed and if I catch the parking officer within 10 days, I won't have to pay 50$. what a hassle!

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