Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Great Day at the job fair!

It is so nice to know that everyone still wants a male special ed teacher. I now have many choices of where and who to work for! I can go to Georgia, Houston, all over Texas and even work close to my home (still in the okie zone). Won't the Bubbas and Bubbannettes with enlarging livers love that? How do you feel, Randy Necroperv?

Bully Bob/Randy Necroperv or whatever creative name Martin can think of,
You have actually served as the conflict for my novel! I could put your face in many cartoon characters such as a gay blade in tights on a horse, thumping on his ass while the medieval Hudstoners cheer on with grog....They surround the jousting tournament as fattening spectators, the same way they crowd around the square bar of Hudstones...

Or I could see him with his receding hair cut short and be in an SS outfit smokin his cigarette and glaring at you the way he looks at you through his coke bottle size glasses.

"We will make der liberal talk mein Fuhrer!"

Then Hitler angrily responds,
"We are trying to make him stop talking, Dumbkopf! Der troops are losing their morale in the Iraqi front! He makes fun of me and he is Jewish! You must stop him or my people will not believe der Minister of Propaganda and Fox,Reichminister Karl Rove's propaganda! By the way, has anybody seen my stepford wife?"

Thank you for being the necessary conflict or to help this book have a general theme! Thank you for helping reinforce the countries views of rednecks as ignorant and sick perverts.

Now back to the real world and ignore the comments that he likes to leave on the tagboard hoping that I will forget to erase them. Maybe I will get help from Lillian on how to put call block on him. That way I can document it and slap a VPO on this Martian internet stalker!

I sometimes actually look forward to still see if this low life's mission is to bother me. But then it's like finally squeezing an awful zit without any scarring.

Maybe, I'll visit him when he's a chemotherapy patient or has to carry a bag or a dialysis machine to his neighborhood bar and thank him. He has given much more motivation for me to write. Do you think that his threats and rantings will make me give up writing? They only fire me up and I guess that is what he wants. So doesn't that make us all happy?

What will be on his tombstone?

I made fun of Garvald's dead wife and dead mother. I will be remembered in history for this deed when folks read the book and wonder if my character was real? Well I am as real as Pee Wee Herman!

It is funny that whenever I hit a cord or visit his bar he makes it a point of bothering the website or threaten to bend back my fingers! Did you actually make the pilgrimage to Mikes to have a fight, Bully Bob? Were you ever in the army? Maybe you can still go over there and fight? The army needs a few good men!

OK...I was gonna tell the rest of you how productive the last 24 hours have been! I updated my resume, bought some black shoes and a new pair of sandals! I woke up at 7, cuddled Buffy and finally got out of my house before 9! I went to the 10 am interview and filled up the rest of the morning getting information on all the schools that need special ed teachers. New Mexico pays about $8,000 more and it only costs $200/month for comfortable housing. I think I must have talked to at least 10 administrators that wanted me to come work for them! No, Billy Bubba, I won't tell you where since you are sick stalker that need some serious help!

The district in New Mexico covers a huge amount of square miles going from 6200 feet to almost 7000 feet. It is very dry and has the most beautiful scenery. Movie companies make westerns there. Maybe now that I have a camcorder, I could make a short! Bully Bob falls on his ass when he challenges his victim to a joust. Don't you just love those movies where the bully finally has his ass kicked by the victim of his constant bullying. oh...but you can't hit a bloke with glasses, so he just breaks all the bones on his ass so he can't do his favorite recreation any more...sitting on a bar stool!

I keep getting sidetracked because it's almost more fun to make fun of the internet stalker!

But seriously, it would be so cool to work there! There would be plenty of fun things to do. I could walk to the school and go hiking with Buffy and my camcorder in the evening. I would be close to snowskiing, rock climbing, pristine lakes in a very environmentally friendly and concious community!

I would just love to immerse myself in a totally different culture. This would be the best place to finish my book too. You can have as much quiet as you want away from the angry civilization iof JesusLand. The lady was such a cool administrator probably an older flower girl that has found her paradise. She was telling me how the folks are very laid back and non judgemental.

But seriously, it would be so fun to immerse myself in a Navajo culture. They have a totally different way of life. wow!...what an experience that would be!

Well, I only five minutes left on the downtown library's community. Well there are drinks and girls all over OKC and I have only a few more hours before poetry night at Galilieos!
Should I read this?

Ok so I haven't left yet. The ship was not ready to it's Thursday and I prograsstinated...
Muffy was angry about me leaving a message on her answering machine blaming it on the ADD and I was tired...I did take a little addaboy but she doesn't believe me. The special ed director of the school district believed me and I told her honestly that what I find most challenging or biggest problem was my ODD,
Organizational Deficit Disorder! She laughed even when I told her that I'm self diagnosed ADD. I said it dead pan. (I was best at being the straight man,ala Buster Keaton, when I was on an OKC improv group called Rick Allen's Perfect fun about 19 years ago...I see Rick on Pbs now with his wife pitching Public TV. He looks really old...I guess that happens when time flies :( He fired me after one show when I upstaged him and he sent me a bounced check for wages)

Ok back to why Buffy is frustrated with my disorganization and the prograsstination...I was feelling actually overwhelmed with all things I still had to do and worried that chew me out for forgetting the green pants or stuff...Oh well...Ich liebe dich noch!
Plus the wind was going about 30 miles an hour from the north...That would cost me about 5 miles to the gallon ,,,,I might get less than 25 miles a gallon verses as much as 30 when there is a good south wind at my back....(she rolls her eyes at his Hebrew logic) that is an extra 40 miles more ....
Really, I wanted to take the books back to the library, return the movies, and have my fluid leves checked...
I wanted to feel the motor running and the right condtions for flight!

Or maybe the real reason is that I just wanted to gloat some more with Charles and Dave over some really powerful herbal coffee! Dave was even more excited than me! He is in love with that part of New Mexico and the people.

He dropped by while I was cleaning my car and packing..... we both shared in the excitement...He was happy that I was going back to work too...He said that I have become wiser or something since I met him....I am much happier than I was and it was like Buffy saved me from my demons and past emotional trauma.

I just saw Buffy frolicking in the grass and actually enjoying my home as if she was my child...She was looking at me with her sad eyes happy to be alive and happy when I was happy...uncondional love....She wouldnt leave me because her hateful mother or daughter didnt like me...! But I have to keep her away from the very dangerous petroleum gluttons...

So what did I spend most of the day doing??
rambling like I am now...just feeling good..taping how excited I was about going to check out western New Mexico. The air is very clean and there is much beautiful high mountain desert and thin air...the people are so laid back and the vibes are so positive..
the Indians take care of their land...the only walmart is in Gallup!

The administrator I talked to was so cool, selling me on going there...Muffy was so excited too..Maybe she might come with me when I visit the area and the possible schools I might work at....Dave said I would have to fix the house...then I felt that I could get overwhelmed with doing that kind of stuff is always the tedious things that slow me down or even little things...when I take the plunge like I did in KC everything fell into place except that I had a personality conflict with an insecure principal that always left you little notes about little shit...she would never give a compliment but would love to undermine my authority even in front of the students....she would use the psychologist, the janitor and eventually the assistant to spy on me...don't get me started ...another teacher told Muffy that 10 teachers resigned the first week of this school year! They were tired of her controlling ways...The only time she said hello to me was when she knew that I wouldn't be coming back ...she got off my ass when I turned in the resignation effective for the end of the school year...But Garvald keeps getting back up and learns, but ever to slowly...

Sometimes I feel that my engine in my plane is finally all revved up and ready to take off....
I feel so much better...I wish that Buffy was a little more understanding...

I bare my soul like this and then the internet predator will leave some asinine comment at my expense and so I have to erase it...the other readers are bored with his remarks...
they liked it better when he left educated comments about the politics instead of making it personal...Maybe he could actually say that he was sorry and my tone concerning him might relax

Back to the beautiful area...It's funny about coincidence, synchronicity....
Dave spent his 10 th grade there and his mother is by coincidence a special ed teacher of Navajos in about the same area! He and Steph love going up there for revitalizes them...and the people have good vibes ...and the natives accept you if you are a teacher...I can't wait to visit and see I want to pursue this dream!

Muffy, please don't burst my bubble...

"Oy vey"
she responds as her eyes reach for the top of her head so effectively and deflatingly...

maybe I'll feel better to relax for one boulevard beer at my favorite famous intimate bar and grill,
"the Red Rooster" and then maybe I'll have a relatively early night so I can soar with the eagles in the morning, Mate....chill out Muffster!

forgive my rambling (i will do some serious editing later)

I just had to write 5 minutes to say Hello to all of my faithful and faith less readers in and out Of Jesusland! I am so excited to be on the road again, where I can finally relax..Muffy feels a lot better and so do I, but it still takes me 5 hours to say I have everything...
so many things on my list for the journey, library books to renew, turn in movies, check my fluid levels , make sure I have all my vitamins and flax seed to make sure my fluids will work well with my plumbing....(too much info?)....

Maybe Bully Bob has decided to leave me alone now that I might be filling in the ranks of the employed....It was so great to know that all these schools were wanting moi!...I loved using my sense of humor and charm in the interview while they tried to sell me on the heart seems to be going to NEW Mexico...Muffy wants to come with me on the road!...while I check out all the schools in the area!...and then the synchronicity and coincidence of so many things almost as road signs...

I am superstitious or my own spirituality as far as maybe there are reasons??....all this energy has to go somewhere..what is it??....I wish for something or think what would happen that would be the place for the blossoming of the purple, white and gold flower growing wild in my front yard...prettier than just a stepford green lawn!...the magic of Buffy's most beautiful color in her blond short hair all over her beautiful body...

I feel the spring in the air and I'm happier than I have been in a long time!

There was a fight late last night at the Rooster by the way, while I was speaking with the gods with another poet in moving motel, car. I watched 3 blokes and especially an overtestosteroned small guy attacking a bigger with the help of 2 others...Fortunately, a regular broke it up while asking the attacker pumped up on steroids, if he wanted to go to the victim that was getting his face beaten in gets up and crosses the street with what I think is his dog and then wait a minute!...
"That's my Buffy!"
so I'm running after her like a mother going nuts over her baby....Buffy is running off and I'm worried that a car might come....I would be really traumatized after reliving my own smack downs that I'm glad were not on cement!

I realized that I had to tell her "good girl" and then she quit running...maybe expecting a treat!
I love her so much...I don't want anything to happen to her....I have to be carefull...she is still a baby...only 3 months ....maybe like a 5 year old in human growth??

pax, Garvald!

lost letter in time:
I'm not even sure that this is the same pagan girl, but I just had to put my feelings out to the universe hoping that somehow you would catch it. Obviously from seeing you the last two times, your portrayal of coldness and attitude , almost like a customer that you have told to leave a long time ago. Any feelings towards this person were vacuumed out of the soul.
The only thing is that this vacuum that was created filled a void that I never knew existed even with Alene gone. The last 5 years, I have been in limbo, waiting to connect with you again regardless of what little remote chance of it happening.
I hope to even be able to talk to you because you seemed to be connected to how my mind and soul had evolved into the creature that I was then and the self actualized being that only you could see. I have beginning to get glimpes of this greatness that a while ago, would have seemed hopeless.
This vacuum has created a depression that seems to be only accentuated when I imbibe in the ocassional herb!
I'm in Vegas again, two extremes like a bipolar personality. I see the stark contrasts; the baroque opulence of inexhaustible amounts of cash compared to this poor little village on the Rez in New Mexico.
to be continued....

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