Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Regurgitations of a Repuklican

It's funny the way neo conservatives or just folks brainwashed by Fox and Rush can twist words around....

intelligent debate from the loony and intelligent left is apreciated but ignorant comments that are indicative of poor schooling and upbringing are sometimes very boring :)

you refer to poor upbringing when I said poor schooling and poor parenting (I have stated this in previous essays) I have the honesty to say that I am not employed by some bitchy administrator ...
I will not be undermined in a very ineffective school system where students are rewarded for annoying behavior and have the backing of the parents

much of it is from poor nutrition and rich repukes in their anonymous glass houses that love to throw barbs or bombs from the safety and their own self righteous sanctity of their church filled with "Sunday Christians" with deluded hypocritical ideas that Jesus carries an NRA card and wants to bomb abortion clinics

then there are the folks enlarging their livers with their only aerobic workout being 12 0z lifts of empty carbs....they inhale several packs of cigarettes on their high horse thinking they are better than others because they have some meaningless job paid for by our taxes or conned out of brainwashed consumers that cannot think for themselves
they spout of jokes about Hillary with about the same regularity as Fox or the shit they spew out everyday eating and breathing the processed junk of this economy and Repuklican corporations

you go to your favorite pub like it is a church and die an early death from cancer or heart disease

I have chosen to take time off and when this project that includes ignorant statements from yourself, I will be laughing all the way to the bank

You have been brainwashed by our "work" ethic.

you think that writing is not working

the fact, my dear "overeducated bubbanon, is that when I am laughing all the way to the bank making fun of neo nazis

while you get angry and jealous over what I am saying

you will be the first one to add to the profit of this enterprise

I have the patience and fiscal conservativism to out wait impatient lemmings as yourself

glad to see your back with your negative nazi comments!

evolution of a dirty word in the southern red states;

The label of liberal is something that many politicans now seek to avoid, since it is out of keeping with the public mood. In the presidential campaign of 1988 George Bush used this to telling advantage, labeling his Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis a liberal, and making the term sound subversive and un-American. President Clinton tried to distance himself from traditional liberalism in his campaign of 1992, calling himself a New Democrat instead

So since George Bush and Limbaugh, being generous has become a bad thing while wasting money on a war in a foreign country is a good thing! very sad!

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