Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Powell pissed about the lies that the administration told him to tell! Now the world will view Yanks as liars!

· Postmortem on Flawed U.S. Intelligence Due

· Powell Cites Errors in Making Case for Iraq War
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Updated: 10:27 AM EST
Powell Says U.S. Was 'Too Loud' Over Iraq
But Former Secretary of State Tells German Magazine That Saddam Had to Go

Powell, shown here in December, said he was "furious" that he had been misinformed about Iraq's stockpiles of arms before the war.

BERLIN (March 30) - The United States made errors in presenting its case for war against Iraq, but Saddam Hussein had to be removed, former Secretary of State Colin Powell told a German magazine.

"We were sometimes too loud, too direct, perhaps we made too much noise," Powell told Stern magazine in an interview released on Wednesday. "That certainly shocked the Europeans sometimes."

He said terms like "Old Europe," the expression coined by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to describe countries such as France and Germany that opposed the war, had not helped ease European concerns about Washington's policies.

But he said that despite the problems facing U.S. troops in Iraq, it was better that Saddam Hussein was no longer in power.

"Yes, the insurgency is much bigger than we anticipated. But I'm glad that Saddam is in jail," he said in the German article.

Powell said he had argued for a diplomatic solution against cabinet colleagues such as Vice President Dick Cheney, who did not believe that diplomacy would work.

"The situation with Saddam Hussein had to be resolved, either by taming him or by removing him by military means," he said. "I'm sure that the Vice President's view from the very beginning was: we'll never solve this through diplomatic means."

Powell said he was "furious and angry" that he had been misinformed about Iraq's stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction when he laid out the case for war before the United Nations Security Council in February, 2003.

"It was information from our security services and from some Europeans, including Germans. Some of this information was wrong. I did not know this at the time," he told the magazine.

"Hundreds of millions followed it on television. I will always be the one who presented it. I have to live with that."

But he said he had never considered resigning and rejected suggestions that his relationship with President Bush was a cool one.

"Anyone who says that has no idea. We are friends," he said.

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What do you have to say about our administration's lies excreted out of the mouths of our top officials including our all mighty Bush to the rest of the world??, Bubbanon? Make my day!...register and leave a comment, Martin....You have some perverted need to be in control of me or my reputation hiding in your ivory tower of invisisibilty!

Wasn't Bush a bully as a kid blowing up frogs and then branding brothers for initiation into his favorite fraternity at Yale, Masta Beta Kau!??
Lata Mates,

Pax, Garvald

I hate the way I prograsstinate. I know Muffy, I told you that I was heading up to Edmond. Now it's 3 pm and I don't wanna drive with all those testosterone bubbamobiles road warrior wannabee in their montsers taking up space in their white flight to Stepburbia!

I just need to get out of's the Add mixed with my favorite herb...oh well , another day, another c note.... :( Maybe I can fit in a walk to the dog park and then the Red Rooster or risk the parking police in Bricktown?

What do I need, pepper spray or mace in case of downtown's angry testosterones or the mellow intellectual vibe of the Paseo section where dogs allowed and Bubbas are invisible (?). I need the camera for impromptu interview while we both are "speaking with the Gods". I still need my portable laptop but I finally have my camcorder so I can put my favorite shots of Buffy flirting with her new girl friends :)...maybe even some of the lifetime frigid waitresses can relax and give Buff a hug!??
I need the kennel for Buffy, my duck tape wallet and cell phone so Muffy knows where I am ....Just kidding ..I am not pussy whipped, just canine whipped ...but I love both of them so much! No Muffy, I am not your project...
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