Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pathetic loser with no life

"Are you sure Arlene didn't kill herself so she wouldn't have to listen to your babbling garbabe any more. Just wondering. Muffy, you never call any more, what's up with that?"

You wrote this to show everyone what a piece of fecal matter that you truly are. You have definitely gone below the belt. You prefer to be an outright pig and make comments that are so crude that I really feel sorry for your state of mental deterioration.

You are an emotionally disturbed individual and remind me of the middle school students that bring up long departed loved ones to really hurt. You must be really hurting inside to read my website and make very inappropriate comments.
In the future readers will have to register in order to leave comments, but you are scum and a coward so would not dare to do that.

I was not sure whether to erase it because how nasty it was but I want others to see what sub-species of humans are out there. You appently have no conscience or empathy.
Maybe you suffered reactive detachment disorder or were abused as a child to behave this way. Maybe you were adopted and became a deranged assistant principal on a power trip. Who knows?...I just know that you have no life.

How dare you!
Seek help and therapy. Do not leave comments on my site anymore!

Sunday, March 19th, 05
I was not sure whether to post this but I think everyone needs to see how cruel, heartless people can be when they are invisible. I do like comments when they are constructive. Do not emphasize facts that I know about such as Alene or the fact that I am choosing to take some time off. I know that there are many folks that hide their insecurities by looking for them in others. They do not want to accept when they have frailties or deep seated issues. It is much "safer" for them to knock someone down with words that will hurt the most. This makes them feel better.
Sometimes they grow out of these insecurities and sometimes

Tuesday March 22nd
I wasn't sure whether to start a whole new essay titled, "Shades of Skippy Shy" about a reocurrence of back to when I was in the sixth grade continually bullied and harassed by Skippy and his gang. Now a bloke with about the same intellience and much more unbridled and unrestrained testosterone barely "21",
unleashes a barrage of fisticuffs into my bald head, after bullying me for the past few weeks at Mike's. I think that I set myself into a pattern of giving an ex-Juvy the chance to be friends. He and a friend came over to my place, smoked my stuff, ate my food, drank my beer watching my TV. I first made the mistake of letting this emotionally disturbed ADHD kid disrespect me while in the hospitality of my home. I made the mistake of tolerating instead of the normal kicking the disturbed neanderthal out of the house. (I realize that I have to learn to not let people take advantage of my good nature. I have let deranged middle school students disrespect me or ignored it. As my friend, Dave said, the problem was ignoring the first bit of disrespect. He would have kicked him out of his house with the first insult.

I will write more about the last weekend. Forgive me that I have not written more but I need enough pain killers, smoke and Premium Select, to write about this continuing trauma that others might accuse me of inspiring. Do I bring it on myself? Duh! I could have avoided this situation by leaving the bar at the first altercation or famous quotation,


(to be continued)

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