Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Friends, Romans, Okies and emotionally disturbed readers, lend me your egos...

I was thinking before about how emotionally disturbed students would try to get on my nerves. They would find a sensitive cord such as my wife that passed away or they would attack my integrity threatening that their parents will have my job!
I learned not to play their game until they caught themselves out. Then they would become angry when they had to go to time out and write sentences about their selfish behavior.

When this material gets published, I'm sure that the scum that writes the perverted comments will want to come out into the open. They revel in violence from the shelter of anonymity.

I have been enjoying the past few days of sunshine while carrying on a conversation with DayWalker, I'm glad that he hasn't gone down to the level of the scum than enjoys leaving anonymous 6th grade level comments on the tag board. Muffy finds these immature comments amusing. These comments only shows the sane (unfortunately silent audience) how demented these enlargements of livers can be.

It reminds me of a bloke named Randy who would always try to cut anyone down that took away attention from him. He would then become almost violent if you cock blocked him from getting laid and you went home with her instead of him. He was a true example of scum rising to their level of incompetence in administration. (Don't get me started!)

I wish that I was writing more but knowing that most of the audience lately are Stepford clones of Martin. Or maybe it is him pretending to be 11 different personalities..Kinda' like Sybill, but with a redneck inbred type of logic to their thinking.

Well I think that I'll take my favorite puppy to to one of my favorite places where dogs are allowed but rednecks are ostracized!

Lata Mates and aninimated "acquaintances"!

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