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I wasn't sure whether to start this off in the eyes of Buffy or do a cut and paste on Dudley Moore's "Arthur",(1981) with John Gielgud playing the classis butler, Hobson. My own version was wondering if this was a bloke with no goals in life until he realizes that he has met the love of his life and any amount of $ is immaterial to him. I am a hopeless romantic and realize that I have these delusions of turning all these essays into some sort of book that will turn into a humorous semi-autobiographical about an adult ADD with his comedic trial of errors finally getting the big score showing his brave heart attitude towards the powers that be (Republicans=the rich Aristocratic English wanting to control the wild (Liberal) Scots!
He gets 6 figures for his book and goes on the lecture tour discussing ADD in schools and in adults while trying to survive a redneck fundamentalist claustrophobic climate. (wow=cannabis all day)

Arthur, 28 January 2005
Author: dfaye-1 from United States

The funniest and the best movie I've ever seen with a brilliant performance put up by Dudley Moore. I sure think he deserves more credit for this film. Its filled with humorous and witty dialogues and the English accent definitely adds to the hilarity. I would highly recommend this movie...and really wish it were re-released on DVD.

Throughout the movie, Arthur entertains the audience by finding amusement amidst daily chores and in daily conversation. I think the funniest scene was the proposal to Susan where he actually leaves the ring on the table instead of putting it on her finger and arrival at Linda's house in wee hours of the morning. Hobson unquestionably contributes his humor to the movie especially during the scene in the bathtub where they talk about fish bathing together.

Even funnier is when Linda pathologically lies to suit her convienence and get out of trouble !!

A sure must see movie to lighten up your day!

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a comic masterpiece, 24 January 2005

Author: uckpshh from london, england

This movie made me laugh from beginning to end with silly humour coming from the mouth of a Brit, there is no better combination. Dudley Moore's performance is charming and brilliant, but the real painful stomach laughs come from Hobson, a snooty butler. His delivery and timing are flawless and genius. This movie has what I would call realistic characters with smart dialogue and a beautiful soundtrack. This movie is in the same league as Monty python and the holy grail as well as well as fawlty towers and black adder. If you are not a fan of such cinema, than I strongly suggest you avoid this movie at all costs, on the other hand, if you're like me and liked the other things I listed, do yourself a devour and pick this movie up.

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Bumbling meets ruthless, 21 May 2004

Author: jraso from montreal

This is a bittersweet comedy.

Arthur (Dudley Moore) is very convincing as the bumbling, unhappy millionaire, caught up in an arranged marriage by his 'ruthless' grandmother and future father-in-law.

He initially has no backbone to save himself from an eventual unhappy marriage until he meets Linda (Liza Minnelli) who is equally convincing as the penniless waitress who falls for him.

The supporting cast is just as hilarious as our two main characters. Great one-liners and witty banter define the script.


Money or your life, 21 September 2003

Author: esteban hernandez from Italy

Excellent comedy starred by Dudley Moore supported by Liza Minnelli and good-speaking John Gielgud. Moore is Arthur, a man belonging to a multimillionaire family, who was near to get 750 million dollars provided that he marries to a lady (Susan) from another multimillionaire family. In principle, Arthur accepted the conditions, but he finally refused when he met nice and poor Linda Marolla (Liza Minneli). Arthur was just a parasite because he did not work, he only enjoyed himself drinking hard and having fun with prostitutes. After several serious thoughts in his life and for the first time, Arthur decided not to marry Susan only few minutes before their wedding. The end was happy for Linda and Arthur although the latter knew that his life will change in the coming future. This comedy is a good lesson for life for anyone. Rich people are not usually happy with their ways of life.

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If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, it's meant to be
Valentines day, a year later

I think of it as Ground Hog day except I'm determined for it not to happen again where I lose my job. The principals had me come in during my planning today and it was what I expected but I was mentally prepared for a fight and I knew they would bring up the 3 things that they brought up. Mcb blames me for Clay refusing to go into the inclusion class and I should have thought of several alternatives and written them down already (the fact that we decided to have an IEP about it wasn't a plan!); forgetting the directions to read to the students for their testing (now I have to write a lesson plan about how I will test Sped students); and thirdly I need to write lesson plans the way she wants them.
I had a long drawn out debate and she was getting upset about me being defensive and saying I was sarcastic?? I asked how I was sarcastic? I was almost proud the way I stood up to her. It's funny how I'm not intimidated by female superiors even though they seem to be intimidate me more than men sometime the way it seems they are always trying to catch you out!
It was a relief to come out and smile at Roxanne when she looked at me as I was in trouble because I know she knew that I was being grilled. I walked out of there walking tall knowing that I can take care of it and the paranoia was over. I was psychic and I imagined the way it was going to be and it was almost as if I was psychic....the way I suddenly realized that I probably have another love child out there by that pagan girl that won't talk to me.
In the summer of 2004, the way some guys were talking about the mischievous little boy that was full of energy was probably at two meaning he would have had to be born in the summer of 2002, and therefore conceived when we made love that last time around october 24th, that Sunday evening when she wanted to taste me one last time! hmmmm.....wierd or what ...another love child that I wasn't sure of like seeing Linda Fry obviously a few months pregnant and then marrying her other suitor when I couldn't give up Alene!

Now I found out finally through blogging and coming across Pagan falls that Michelle was raped and her controlling friend, Angelina, tells the universal blogosphere about it! She just had her baby and now has 3 children living with her and my poor ex lover is on welfare alienated from her controlling mother who wanted her to have an abortion! I imagine it was her ex bf that did it also falling into her spell the way so many other men have fallen for her;

bitten by that fateful spider bite of love and the pain of shelob would always stay with these men to their dying breaths.....

{wow ! and there was no magical herb involved with this writing!}

if you love someone, set them free. If they come back, it's meant to be


  1. I was hoping that I might get a comment from someone special that rhymes with Buffy?....oh well...are these critiques of "Arthur" stupid or not?
    be honest...

  2. Oh Garvald. I saw this movie seven times in the theatre and probably twice on tv. I was in junior high, just starting to kiss boys, where else could we go but to the movies at the mall? Thanks for putting up the reviews. And don't get Buffy stoned.