Friday, February 04, 2005

"Denounce the pacifist for lack of patriotism".... Did someone say that today or yesterday?

Herman Goering said it at the Nurenberg! That quote almost would sound like it was a typical statement Hannity or the other asshole, O'Reilly. Both are serious members of the Neonazi party's propaganda department, Fox News.
The world is only 50 years years after the holocaust and the persecution and attempted genocide of a group of very smart folks that thought and believed differently than the mainstream citizens. The government was afraid of any sect that would think differently that anyone that might hinder mass fervent patriotism.

Seriously folks, I would love to chat with you "but there are drinks and sheilas all over Okc and I've got just a few more hours to track em down"
(Garvald's aussie version of Eliza Dolittle's philosopher street bum father who becomes rich and famous writing his hedonistic philosophies!)

Today is so gorgeous that I am almost giddy with the bloomin spring spirit
and be teased into falling in love with the day
then she bombards me with her frigidity!

So I was about to drive off to Bricktown and the Brewery but then I was sidetracked as others with my traits easily go off the main course or main highway. The sun was less than 20 minutes from setting and I felt the urge to go out with the hood down. The temperature might have reached sixty today. I almost live to go for a walk especially when the temperature reachers 60. So instead of taking off for titillation and most often boredom being around young testosterone with little chance of good conversation.
Instead, I walked across the street to try out a pup for a night. The sister of Karen, Charles' wife, was visiting trying to give away her 5 puppies.

I decided to check out the only male puppy. He was second in the pecking order to the cute and warm "Chewbacca" (how does that sound or should I call her one those other dog like animals in "Star Wars? "It all depends on whether I can handle the responsibility!)

I just bonded with "Garvald" and then Karen's sister came over to let me try out this cute little blonde bitch for a roomate? That will be cute when I tell Muffy that I have a female companion/roommate tonight!

Well, I'm tired. I feel pretty good sans the adderall. It was almost like I woke up intent on drowning out negative feelings! I also made a phone call to the man in charge of Henry Hudson's about getting kicked out for belittling the bartender several months ago.

So overall, today was definitely in one of the top ten percent of good days in this red state!

Sunday 3:20 am

Overall, today finished well with a very lethargic lull after being woken up by little whimpers by "Buffy"...she is blonde, cuddly and and an alpha female bitch! I am starting to fall for her ...It's so nice to feel unconditional love again...I have actually never had a dog for my own. Penny adopted a nice well behaved mutt while living with me and the pagan girl brought Roscoe, a rottweiler, to live with us. Both dog were sneaky poopers...walking on it in the closet long after the act. I think sometimes, the male dogs were jealous of the relationship just like a daughter feels that her attention is divided. What do you think?

I am starting to feel very tired now after a 2nd wind to go out again to Mike's after chatting with Muff about my new female roommate. She at first took me seriously but then I gave hints that my new female love is an underage canine bitch.

I thought that maybe God was telling me if you have ever any thought of becoming a father you need to at least see if you can take care of this half parfey, half bastard (chow?) Muff said that maybe this might be able to get in better with her animated (full of animosity or animosated?) daughter. I did not take a trip up to KC for her sister's birthday because the young adolescent animator put up a fit.

Well I'm tired...I'm gonna fall asleep to some DVD,,,,I will continue this and hopefully I won't have any depression since I've been doing the St. John'swort the last 2 days??? We'll see...

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