Thursday, February 10, 2005

Bush is a bastard or sinful lethargy?

I'm not sure which essay title for this decidedly very lazy gorgeous taste of the future spring frolicking in my back yard with Buffy the Psychic Vampire! But I'm listening to NPR!

I'm listening to Bush telling folks that he will take care of older folks but he doesn't give a shit and that makes me mad...the American people are being screwed with a strategy exactly the way Lenin took control of the people in communist Russia after removing the imperialist Czar's regime!

Barbara Boxner(?) is such a cool radical liberal! She really tellls it like it is about the right wing agenda that was set up in the early 80s with Reagan and Bush Sr.

I'm gonna go outside and get a little more sun in my windprotected backyar
while I play with Buffy...I love this very erotic warmth given by the sun while my little baby rolls lazily around in the sun and then actually cooling off in a very slovenly and lascivious fashion...wishing Muffy was to experience some "sky rockets in Flight"....Had to call her just to hear her sexy intelligent feminist voice and tell her about Barb Boxner on NPR...

it's nice to hear her salacious voice confirming our left wing views in these overzealously right wing fundamentalist red states.... We don't believe that Jesus wanted the right to bear an oozi! We don't!
I thought you might like this new word, Muffy and I'm not belittling you!Pronunciation: s&-'lA-sh&s
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin salac-, salax, from salire to move spasmodically, leap —more at SALLY
Date: circa 1645
1 : arousing or appealing to sexual desire or imagination : LASCIVIOUS
- sa·la·cious·ly adverb
- sa·la·cious·ness n

So I made it a point to not feel guilty about being lazy ...sometimes I know that I am missing out on so many things in life but I want to just notice a beatifully warm day in the backyard just wishing that my lover was with me to go for the walk with Buffy in the neighborhood..of course she wouldn't like me starting a conversation with one of the attractive mothers and to the delight of their own little infants petting Buffy in glee!

With all these beautiful days, I get up too late to really absorb the whole day...I hang out and then feel paralyzed ....yes I know, Muffy, you've heard this song too much...

Now I'm missing my favorite book, The Artist's Way, after inviting a group of nice people in their early tweens to speak with the Gods, after leaving Pearls on the coast of Lake Hefner. Even though, I'm missing the book, (I know how my own forgetfulness blends into the easy kleptomania of others...and she's would chew my ear out over my blaming others when I lose things...but I searched all over my car and distinctly remember showing them all the book...

I love the way smoking the peace pipe among new friends is a great way to reach or tap into the same thought pattern of world peace or something grand!

I almost censor talking about the wonderful canabized feeling when you are all many smoke in this state even though we are 2/3 redneck. I believe that it is available in most rural towns from Naples, New York nestling along the valleys and hills formed by the retreating glaciers of upstate New York,to middle America for both rednecks and trailer trash to momentarily lift themselves above the mundanity of their lives.

I have travelled alot and love finding folks all over our country sharing the peace pipe. In Naples, the home of good Finger Lakes wine, we all sat on the porch of the turn of the century hotel without any fear of the local officers of the peace. There was a local pub inside and I splurged spending maybe 80$ for a night there while making friends with the natives. Afterwards I developed a nice platonic relationship with a free spirit for a couple of days enjoying her sweet hospitality and absorbing the vibes of this friendly hippy town.

Now its February 11th, 2005 and recording another Friday soon to be extinct in a few hours. I have tasted the warmth of a day promising spring, like the taste of a lover that I have missed for so long...I feel her warmth over my face as she caresses me and know that she will always be there....we were part of her

out of her came the earth and our whole collective conciousness recycled over and over....
sharing the same water that Julius Caesar and Cleopatra tasted
the same drops that George the Gerbil pissed

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