Saturday, January 22, 2005

Muffy's fireplace....mmmm cozy :)

Yesterday, I hung out in Westport waiting for Muffy to get off work. There's a Mexican restaurant that offers 89 cent beers all day Friday and Saturday. I ate a large burrito and was writing and reading when a Hare Krishna offered me a couple of books on Buddhism. I like a lot of things about their peaceful ways of eating vegetarian and not having the angry intolerant fire and brimstone of the puritanical Baptists and the intolerance of the right wing sect of the Moslem religion.

I gave him a donation for one of his books and offered him to sit down. I felt much happier after visiting with him letting go of some of the losses in my life. It is amazing when you just feel good karma overcome you.

Afterwards I checked out Buzzard Beach and met some of my favorite benchmarks of the place. There were the authors of and Chillicothe Dave and my favorite bartender, Dennis, of Mormon heritage. (He was telling me that Meth and Mormons are strong in Independence, Mo.)

Lately, I have not been as motivated to write and prefer to just browse my favorite websites while occasionally going downstairs to tend the fireplace in Muffy's den on the cold day in the teens. I better go check on it.

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