Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Back on the soap box!

Another day, I think definitely in the positive column relative to most of the previous days after the election .....
getting our "liberal" asses kicked by the Repukes
we know that we have a very tough battle ahead to come out of the pit bull dog tenacity of the greedy rich
over the past months of gloom before our most incompetent draft dodger takes the podium that he stole obviously the first time and with much more Machiavellian stealth than before
like a well oiled football coach that will do whatever it takes to win the Super Bowl but the powers that be (Corporations and Lobbies) have given him first draft on all the best players.

The press is so intimidated by this religious southern fundamentalist inquisition that has come rolling down the plains like a frigid artic blast of Puritan frigid depression of opression as they carve away our freedoms under the guise of homeland security and family values.
The power of money is very hard to fight against until the people say that they have had enough!

I feel the power of our energy, our collective conciousness, our blogs and our ability to reach so many others....
we can decide to help each other
and prevent the corporations and the rich (Republicans have always been the party of the rich elite) from taking over our thoughts with advertising, captilism, spending and the media controlled by the corporations that only want to make themselves richer for their them and their Stepford families.

You do not realize how scary it is that we are so close to Big Brother almost controlling our thoughts ...they can see what we like and how we think by our computers....they can bug our phones suspecting us of being "eco terrorist" or we are threatening "patriotism" with our subversive thoughts and desire to "speak with the Gods"....they do not want us to question and the soon to be "dick tater" will impose his will on the people ....always question and think for yourself
do not be afraid to be yourself

think about the worst and it could be worse


that's my preaching for today I think...Muff would have already walked off and had the whole cigarette! She told me that she will be getting some very sweet "chicken" tonight. Sometimes I think she's sweeter when she hasn't imbibed in a while.

Chatting with her today, she told me that she is againt the idea of me having a female roommate!
I thought women are much better workers sometimes and can really make the house look cool being that they have a better idea of what things are more aesthetically pleasing. I think it would be exciting to have a platonic roommate and be exposed to someone that might lend their intellectual wisdom on things. It could be come like "3's company"

It could add to the humor of the neighborhood especially since the social chairman came over to to say something right after I pulled into my driveway. I had thought what does he want now?
I opened the window slightly and he says,
"Let's bury the hatchet!"
as he puts his fist out for me to knock his fist like cups of beer. I thought why not?..
Just as why should I be angry with the misguided children that I've taught...

It is much more emotionally healthy to not bear hate for anyone...
hate breeds angry ugly lines of age and then cancer
I wish some of my ex gf's felt that way...oh well

Muffy is off to a feminist meeting tonight. I think that is so cool that she is so involved in female politics....She is being wasted just working in food service...she is so smart...but....

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