Monday, December 13, 2004

Writer's block

I'm wondering about heading up north towards the blue areas for a little while away from the volcanic activity but then I wonder about the safety of my place and making sure to take anything of value with me. I'm sure with my good friend, Charles looking over the place, it will be ok but you can't help but be paranoid when you are worried about stray bullets hitting your reproductive organs especially if you still might be entertaining thoughts of a family before you get to old for it to still work.

I've run out of stuff and so that has a tendency to not help writer's block or just things to write about. It will be nice when I have my computer working that has not been working right since the redneckgate burglary. Maybe they will leave me alone after my last post and that maybe them making something out of nothing will backfire with neighbors tired of temper tantrums and the loud grating noise pollution.

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