Monday, December 06, 2004

Teacher using Marijuana! What is this world coming to?

Nov. 22, 2004
Teacher Accused of Having Marijuana Suspended Without Pay
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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- A teacher accused of having marijuana was suspended without pay after police arrested him Friday, KCTV5's Cynne' Simpson reported live on "KCTV5 News at Noon."

Albert Spungen, 52, of Independence, Mo., met Monday morning with school administrators behind closed doors. Before the meeting, Spungen was on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

KCTV5 News crews tried to speak to Spungen Monday morning outside the meeting, but he refused to comment.

Meanwhile, the Shawnee Mission Northwest campus was abuzz with speculation on what would happen to Spungen, and the opinions varied widely.

Some students were rallying in support of the teacher. Others said he should be fired.

"Suspend him. ... Fire him or something, because he shouldn't be able to come back to school after doing something like that," said Amy Davidson, a sophomore.

"... I'm glad he's gone, because we don't need that at our school," said Grace Davis, a sophomore.

"I know that Mr. Spungen is going to apologize, and I know that he's going to get help, and the fact that he's a great teacher overrides the fact that he has broken the law ...," said Bryan Cox, a senior.

Cox said he spoke with Spungen during the weekend and Monday morning, and he told KCTV5 News Spungen was allegedly dealing with a drug problem and planned to start rehabilitation.

Spungen was expected to appear in municipal court on Dec. 29.

It is a shame that teachers are under so much scrutiny. This would not be on the news if he was not a teacher. How many teachers will admit to have smoked weed or worse had more than 2 beers in a one hour limit to make yourself a legally intoxicated individual in a killing machine?

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