Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hefner Harbor Day, December 7th

The Japanese invaded our Hawaiian shores over 60 years ago. The world was a much different place with Mom and Dad deeply in love and Dad about to go off to war as Captain of intelligence in the Australian Army. He looks good in his uniform from our home movies. We were all scared of war but when our countries were attaced we had to defend them. I agreed with this war and maybe we should have gone in much sooner when Britain was invaded by the Nazis. Looking at the home movies, the world looked so much cleaner, fresher, younger and so enthusiatic about the times.

Today was the most enjoyable in a long while since Schwagatopia and our collective hope of only 4 more weeks of the current tyrant! Charles and I had a great walk of at least a mile and then we were rewarded with me buying lunch at the Chinese Buffet. I have been encouraging Charles to take walks and pushing him for the exercise. His knees are feeling a lot better.

It is like a gift when it is the first warm sunny day after so many melancholic repuklican cloudy days.

It is now the next day in the library listening to a crying baby while wondering about writing some erotic poetry for the erotic arts festival. Its another beautiful day getting out and enjoying about a 2 mile walk to Council Road and back. Afterwards we drank a couple Tecates and spoke "with the Gods". He was worried about finding his way across the street without the social chairman bothering him but he at least shows Charles a little respect. I just want to avoid this nosy neighbors that leave notes about my lights bothering them at night or stay up watching to see if you take a piss in your own yard so they can build a case for public indecency. (nothing like a big fat stomach being exposed throughout the neighborhood with this loud booming grating anger of an emotionally disturbed violent adult). They read this every other day, so I had to a little editing and sure enough the social chairman feels he has the right to bully me about some thing that is stuck up his end of his intestine and wants to blame me for it.

(How would you feel if you were burglarized by your neighbor and would have to start a watergate investigation to prove it)? He was out doing his busy work also enjoying the day but wanting to keep an eye on his neighbors. The chairman is always good on keeping informed about what's going on with the neighbors' lives. Charles and I laughed how we could make this into a show, "Desperate middle aged neighbors". It would be kind of a combination of grumpy old men mixed in with some desperate house wives with a few tasty schwagmaidens thrown in for flavoring!

I am enjoying developing a good friendship with a neighbor that I have known for 20 years and we are afternoon "walkabout" companions! We talk about everything from religion to relationships. It's cool to invite a friend to your place after you've cleaned it up and it no longer looks like a "mini Oklahoma" as Muffy referred to all the accumulated pack rat shit over 10 months in my apartment in KC. We sat outside in the patio drinking the beers and relaxing among the shelter of the cedars. The day was sunny but very windy with over 20 mile an hour gusts.

This idea for an Okie-mentary evolving into a tour to "Down under" materializing in our minds .

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