Saturday, December 04, 2004

3 hour documentary on Sherman's March becomes love story

It's amazing when you finally get out of bed and are really excited about life, despite the depressing feeling of impending death whether its tomorrow or at 100, hopefully the latter. I talked for a long while with a lady that had 3 death experiences where she was actually flat lining and saved by her boyfriend when she was helping him try to escape "Jesus Land" to another country from the law. He had to be put in a bath tub filled with ice and he kept pounding on her chest until she arrived back to this side with no visions of a light, just a black hole, but she was confident that she would live.

I thought wouldn't it be great, if I made all these interviews and connections could made into documentary. (she rolls her eyes at another one of his delusions!) He was visualizing all of this and his website be connected to his own long video of his travels throughout JesusLand, the U.S. of Canada, Australia, New Zealand (where men are men and sheep are afraid !) and the rest of the world almost ala (1 "L"?, Muffy?) Then while taking our now daily walk with,(we started this week), Charles mentioned this documentary made in 86 about this author wanting to write a book about Sherman and his infamous tour of mass destruction (kinda' like what we've been doing to Fallujah) through the South at the end of the civil war. He gets sidetracked by all these young (I think some of them even in their lower 20's) attractive southern belles swimming and sunbathing nude. You realize that he's developing relationships with all these women while he wonders almost depressed if he will ever find his true soulmate. WOW. I was telling Charles that maybe God was speaking to us! (r.h,eyes) Charles had wanted to mention this so much when were going for a walk because the gentleman reminded him of me and my own journal on my site. He was wanting today to write down my site for when he gets a computer! He wanted to also volunteer to be on the site and film.

Then this morning especially after a tiny lick of the time released addaboy beads, it all seemed so conceivable and doable as far as turning this Okiementary into an actual book. It was evolving write there this morning in my mind while I was chatting with him on the phone before our walk at noon. Dad had all the home movies since the late 30's. He even was trying to be an old time silent movie maker when he did some serious editing on some of his earlier stories with brothers horsing around on the beach! My favorite Uncle Toby cavorting on the beach pretending the dog that was angrily barking (like the neighbor's angry neutered bitch barked at moi) at the camera, was transformed into Toby. They were all young teenagers frolicking on the beach and surf before the WW2 broke out. It kinda reminded me now of the mates in the movie, Galipoli, having fun before the big mindless battle of war being pawns for the thoughtless British generals that did not care about the live of Australian soldiers just as the current "SUBMINISTRATION" doesn't give a fecal drop for the lives of the "expendable" Iraqi troops ordered to kill their own people of their country!(OOh! I know that I'll get some hate mail for that statement but only from folks like Niles that are courageous enough to register themselves before they make their comments. Mr "Blow Me" can even register with any name he wants to call himself!) But getting back to the film, I decided that while researching our own history dating back to two brothers in Scotland, one going to Australia and the other going off to fight against slavery. My greatgrandfather died was shot in the back while trying to escape from a rebel prison in the south like "Andersonvile".There is a movie about the way folks were treated in these place . New prisoners were called fresh fish and often the guard would just take shots for the fun of it almost like it was a game, just like boys sometimes think that war will be just like the video games that they now can play it. The only time is that when you are dead , you are really dead! I see it all happening tracing back to when some of by gene pool swimming ancestors were picts fighting guerilla warfare successfully against the Romans and then the English. I would love with the creative license of filmmakers and go back in time as our ancestors gradually left Africa for the beaches of Spain, France, Scotland and Norway and then into the hinterland to survive from Man's desire to conquer or be the conqueror of grasses greener on the other side!

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