Thursday, December 02, 2004

25 ounce beers for $1.50 at Bricktown Brewery!

When you buy a membership for $20.00 and then are allowed in for weekend bands for 1/2 price and you get a t-shirt too! The beer is great and seems much stronger than the supposed limit of 3.2 % alcohol in the state of Oklahoma. So I believe that a big guy like me (220 lbs) would be allowed only 2 before he might be at the legal limit of .05 (one experience spending the night in Hotel Oklahoma with only 1 toilet for about 60 drunks lying all over the floor and limited benches in a cell less than 800 sq. ft. If you get up, they would lie down in a comatose state and wouldn't budge if you came back to it! I'm glad my bowels were not active so I wouldn't have to use the one commode in front of everyone and ask someone that's using the toilet paper as a head rest if I could borrow their pillow. GROSS! They have wierd phones with no actual phone. You have to put your ear right against the speaker in the wall and then they charge you about 15$ for 3 minutes and the calls can only be collect so there was no one around to accept charges!
Then God (if there is one and not the Republican one) must have been talking to me because I see one of my ex students from several years ago at Jackson Middle School. I had the charges dropped because my blood was .06 but I was parked. I'll tell you more about it later but not now when the bubanons get enough courage to register a pseudonym before they can leave their
chicken poop comments from the tinted windows of their glass trucks, houses or hovels.)

Ok, back to the meal of catfish that I ordered with corn on the cob and cole slaw. They give you free chips and homemade salsa for happy hour 4-7. So I used the salsa for flavoring forthe delicious fried Cajun catfish. MMMM. The corn on the cob was the best and the IPA has become my favorite beverage over the wheat!

I was telling Amy who is one of the few bartenders that does not have an attitude like some of the angry folks that develop this attitude that the customer is supposed to kiss their ass before they get a smile and wonder why they only get a quarter for a tip. She deserves her 15% or more for the tip as she always smiles and is friendly no matter how busy it gets. A few years ago, I was kicked out of the place by Lorna and she gave me no reason. I found out a year later by an unfriendly waitress telling me that when I left a spiral notebook, most of the female staff read it. When it became new ownership and Lorna was no longer there I came back and bought the 20$ VIP membership! I know, why does "the wierd guy at the bar" get kicked out of so many places. He's a threat to all the rednecks that are intimidated by an intelligent man that can have an intelligent conversation with a woman instead of neanderthal grunts to show off their testosterone when they are insecure about the size of their untensils.

I feel so much better after eating a meal and then a good beer to get rid of the headache from only having one Guiness Stout the night before at Galileo's weekly poetry night last night. A plump girl kept yelling bullshit during my reading of "Dear Monica". The crowd sort of enjoyed it but I did not do near as well when i was with a fresh crowd at the Satellite Barrista. Maybe she didn't like the part of
smoking several packs of cigarettes in a bar after working at a mundane job. When she read, she yelled at a heckler. I thought these kind were only at redneck places but they even inhabit intellectual havens such as Galileo's. I then read a little of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" until my 6 minutes was up. One bloke came up to me and said how the piece really was speaking to him. That is often the way I feel about my writing. If it can just reach one person, then it is worthwhile. We often feel that if we can reach one student like the gentleman who was hoping to help a particular student who was slower. He was a substitute teacher but he is already burned out but that is, I believe, because he's only been doing work in the OKC school district that has a reverse type of prejudice if you are white. (oooh! Does that sound like me being the liberal that the rednecks claim me to be). I'll go into all of these schools and what is wrong with them whenever I've been offered an advance for these ramblings. I just saw that a lady's blog was used as a book for Random House. I'll have to check into that and see if I can send her a letter on what steps she made to getting it published!

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