Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sunny days help overcome the prognosis of winter and bleaker politics

I love the sun, just sitting outside with the little roof of so the sun far down on the midday horizon can still shine on my scalp. I felt all the Vitamin D being absorbed and all the melancholic spider webs from my brain as me and my bud reached a higher level before Cici's Pizza buffet. They make a delicious pizza just for you if you desire. So I visit the place a couple times a week and ask for ham,onions,sliced tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapples, green peppers, and a third of it have anchovies (for our much need Omega 3 fatty acids) and splurge with a coke (I know, Muff, all the sugar and chemicals). I do have sinful things but then I want to have a lot of good foods too such as filling up first with salad, and baby carrots. My blood sugar is stabilized for the next few hours and I'm not prone to the hypoglycemic low that is unfortunately sometimes accentuated with cannabis on an empty stomach.

Now these days sometimes flow right together and the depression is sometimes brought on by the inactivity and fear of growing old without accomplishing what I might have really wanted to do and possibly have the talent for. I know that I am good with kids up to middle school but somehow have been stuck with the hardest age in middle school. I occasionally worry about what some folks will say even though I have some very good references from other schools that I have taught. The principal in KC was an insecure power hungry administrator that would have any chance to undermine your authority if she knew that were not going to kiss her gluteus maximus as many insecure bullying leaders like to do. They want to piss in each corner of the territory and will go to what ever means to accomplish their evil desires.

WOW. Sometimes, I get off on a tangent but if we understand humanoid behavior for what it is, we will learn how to survive better as a human race or we will just destroy ourselves. The humanoids that prefer to hide their souls behind the their tinted windows of their huge bubbamobiles or ranch houses, become very nervous when the someone can look in on their sanctimonious lives to see their whiskey and cocaine (George W's) hidden in their proverbial
closets. They want the world to see someone else's skeletons but intimidate the press or anyone that questions or looks into their own minds and lives.

That's my sermon for today. May the universal energy bless you all and may the force be with you, Luke!

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