Monday, November 22, 2004

Blog diary on another melancholic Monday

I still have so many things to do before Thanksgiving. I'm reluctant to call Dad, especially with the predicament coming up on Dec. 7th. I need to call the lawyers and the ACLU again about the ridiculous charges. We need to totally change the stigma of weed especially when it does less harm than alcohol and especially cigarettes (when you can afford to put it in your oatmeal in the morning instead of the harm that smoke causes to your lungs). I might go off of it for a few weeks and go to Australia to see Dad. I keep procrastinating about everything (that is one of the most prevalent symptoms of adult ADD), but I finally had the courage(?) or just not be intimidated by the IRS and walked and filed taxes for 2002, this afternoon, I will finish 2003! I went in Friday at 4pm after having a small taste of the very expensive adderall at noon. (It is over $100 for a bottle of 30 without major medical coverage.) It only took half an hour to fill it out and get help with any arithmetic mistakes or putting the numbers in the wrong lines. I was so happy to finally do it and know that I can do the rest. I think that we are paralyzed into not even starting a project such as a long college essay until it is the last minute.
There were many essays written overnight staying up until it was finished.

Sometimes, I think that it is a mistake to open up myself on this blog journal knowing that some judgemental folks that are immature love to spout out their psycho babble and have the audacity to call me mentally ill when most of you "friendly readers" can obviously see who has the issues by the sick comments that they leave.
I am not ill as "Monica" said but I am crazy in the sense that I do thing differently and in a very different way. Muffy, when she is speaking to me, can attest to that! My wierdness and eccentricities often gives me the label of the "wierd". Wierd in America is eating oatmeal with flax seed, cranberries, bananas and other flavors. Wierd is riding your bike in a blizzard instead of driving. Wierd is writing poetry in a redneck sports bar. Wierd is asking to watch the News or "Tour de France" instead of violent basketball or hockey.

When the human race is racing toward the cliffs of extinction like lemmings where they will have no choice but the deep chasms of debt, "nucular" holocaust, environmental destruction and death, I think that Maybe I and some others will go the other way so the rest of the race can fight it out.

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