Saturday, October 16, 2004


It's 115 pm and I know 5 of my readers are eager to hear about Garvald's adventures. My Australian father would always tell Ron and me stories every night religiously before or during a cuddle with Mom. Dad would be in the hall and we both would focus on him and the hall light while we listened from our separate rooms.

I'm upstairs writing while I have a chance before the kids come home.
Muffy's daughter was actually surprised when I gave her cash and a card telling her how I've been hearing great things! She even thanked me. I'm sure she still hates me cuz I'm fat, bald and retarded. This will give me a little time to talk to my friends in cyberspace. I long for these moments with my readers esp after a few tokes :). of creativity!

Dad would always start a story with,
"A long, long time ago in the land of Vithjod" (the name sounded Nordic and magical)

I wish that we had taperecorded all of those great stories and I wish that I could remember some of them.

I love thinking how lucky I was to have good parents and not have a "mommy dearest". So many women that I've dated grow up in restrictive or abusive families.
Sometimes, when I see all the good in my father and mother, I can see myself being a
good father figure for children. I would love to tell them stories at night before they went to sleep and my soulmate would be there to give them love and cuddles like any good mom would do each night. I became so accustomed to this ritual, that I thought it strange that other parents did not do the same for their children.

I've had relationships where I have really bonded with the mother's children. I became very close and attached to them but then I couldn't help bring them up with love and good nourishment of the soul when it did not work out with the mother. I was sad when they called me "Daddy" like the little girl who was born on October 18th. Her son was telling me often how he was looking forward to me being his father. I tried to teach him how to ride a bike without sucess, while his mother was cleaning our "home" before grand- mother arrived for the claustrophobic weekend of disapproval. I don't know about home repairs :(.

Im looking outside Muffy's window seeing the colors change as seasons pass faster and faster.
Wishing that I could pause time, like you can with the DVD and see that moment forever or at least until the photo fades also with time.

Muffy has a photo of me ( by the 'frig) at summer camp in the summer of 69' barely younger than her daughter. My looks have changed so much in 35 short years and not wanting to think how old and hagard I might be after 35 more. Garvald momentarily thinks he's the highlander of the "clan Mc Cloud"!

Ms. Reality says,
"Garvald, you are no highlander!"
as she hurries him off the 'puter from her daughters' bedroom (what an inconvenient spot)"

She reads his thoughts from the look on the forlorn pathetic unemployed teacher snatched away from his creative outlet!

"Then why don't you buy a laptop??"
she says with disgust at his chosen obsession that brings no immediate financial gain!

Another of the many things Garvald has to do before getting even close to this gargantuan task of self-actualization.
He thinks back to one of his past ancestors in his own evolutionary gene pool.
(Muffy walks in on him looking for the phone and tells him that he has 30 minutes before their Sunday walkabout town alla fussganger (pedestrian and umlaut on the u).

"Why do you waste your time with such deluded fantasies?"
while she emptys the bladder. (I will probably have to do some serious censoring so as not to make the angry minority that's a majority even angrier!)

Garvald responds with mock seriousness,
"Hey don't give me credit for that delusion. I stole it!"

He gets the desired result of getting the female to laugh instead of goin' into the grump mode. He uses his conversational judo to help her out of her temporary grumpy hypoglygemic negative bashing of the Garvaldian philosopy.
She rolls her eyes again as she goes into the high metabolic cook mode.

OK! He's got 10 minutes to go into his really true "fair dinkum" fantasy that Garvald actually thought of himself in his cannabized state. Garvald launches (Muffy said that last night in front of Lillian and Eric! It brought back memories of his cute group therapist who threw her napkin in disgust while he had one of these "launches")

The cromagnon Garvald seizes the spear and launches himself onto the woolmammoths back from the overhanging cliff. He stabs his 16 inch spear into the mammoth neck with passion and mad visions of his shwagmaiden seeing his act of bravery so she would have his little gene pools run around his cave further on down the beach.

So garvald finished the gorgeous day with Muffy keeping his little transgressions from normal conversation in check especially under the influence. Independence has a beautiful little sqare telling all of its history including the civil war battles going on in town. (Hopefully we wont have a civil war the way we are headed to bipolarity) (to be cont)

So we finish the beautiful day and tomorrow is an "addaboy" day to be on the road again before 11. Get all the crap out of storage, and really make plans for the next 3 weeks, esp if Bush get's reelected. I am more worried about the state of affairs in this country so it is critical that we all talk to as many folks as we can! You all have a nice evening and maybe I will have a chance later to write, but I doubt it.

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