Saturday, October 09, 2004

Mike's In KC compared to my neighborhood Mike's in OKC

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

Everyone, thanks for all your comments esp from Niles and Martin. I am happy that you took enough interest in the site to read many of the articles and posts. As far as the article about George having pics of his favorite cheerleaders that was fictional and my own cretive license. I did not say that he masturbates in his favorite bathroom of the ranch. But I wonder when was the last time he had a "roll in the hay" with his Stepford wife. I wonder what kind of drugs she's on to always have that glazed over android stare? With all the other posts I always gave the source. Niles, the majority of Michael Moore's movie is factual especially when you see the special features about troops abusing prisoners. The video does not lie! All the senators and republicans who have children eligible to go to war but don't. That is on video. George does not correctly answer any questions unless he has his boss, Cheney, is right there with him.

Last night I was at Mike's at 53rd and Troost in KC for the debate watch. The folks were very friendly and intelligent. They did not get upset when talking about politics. The overall intelligence was at least 30 points higher on the bell curve than most pubs I've been to in OKC. But at least most of the kids at Mike's in OKC are friendly and also hate Bush. The head of security there is actually a very intelligent conservative who enjoyed my site and the writing style even though he disagreed with the content. Half the bartenders at the OKC Mikes are friendly but JR, the head bartender in the KC Mike's never smiled and was always very short with all the customers. It was freezing there and he wouldn't budge as to mellowing out the temperature and the fans.

Except for JR, everyone was very friendly last night and I had very lively stimulating conversation. It's nice to be able to go to a bar and talk politics. Emmanuel Cleaver, the black mayor of KC, was there and I had a photo taken of him and me. I am still thinking of posting it, but then I would lose my anonymity. He spent a year in Tishomingo when he was going to school in Oklahoma for a year. They were very prejudiced then. Wewoka, Oklahoma had a dividing line between the black part of town and the white part of town. I'll go into Wewoka and New Lima in future essays. We all watched George make a fool of himself while we constantly berated his low intelligence responses. I guess a lot of Bubbas can relate to him because they are as stupid as he is.

Gore is speaking today in St. Joseph, Missouri. Just think if he was the president, the economy would not be fucked and we wouldn't be at war with Iraq. The environment and ecology of this country would be taken care of. (that statement ought to get you Republicans riled up!) You all have a nice day and let's pray for a new president!

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