Friday, October 01, 2004

Kerry won debate according to Gallup poll 53% to 37%

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Bush was leaning on the podium and Kerry appeared more presidential. Both wives wore the same suits. Aol has it 53 % to 47% and 2 to 1 for swing voters. I was watching the debate at Hudstones and the blokes on the other side of the bar were Bush fans. One gentleman got tired of Bubba bad mouthing me all the time and they were almost involved in a fight, so he had to leave, but Bubba was allowed to stay. I'm sorry that I was too involved in the debate to see it happen. I heard that Bubba grabbed his finger when he started pointing at him. It's amazing that so many cigarette addicts and alcoholics like Bush.
Cigarettes, alcohol, low blood sugar, and criticizing Bush seem to make a lot of people angry. There seem to be a lot more fights in pubs here than in Kansas City. I spent a whole year in KC. and never experienced a fight inside a bar. Maybe the folks that like violence should go enlist and fight in Iraq so Bush won't have to install the draft if God forbid, he gets reelected.

I wish that pubs had more things to do than smoke cigarettes, drink, watch football and play pool. There should be a place in a pub to talk about politics with a moderator and when Bubba starts using 4 letter grunts and smoking too much, he can be removed from the chat table. I wish that they had other games besides pool. Maybe, ping pong, chess, backgammon are things to do besides pool, drinks and cigarettes.

I do like Hudstones the way they have a bar around the bartenders so everyone sits across from each other and there can be lively, and sometimes angry interchanges. The only thing is that 90% of the bar flies smoke and it always follow non smokers. Weed has a much less offensive smoke than tobacco but I'm looking forward to the day when we can at least smoke bud outside in the patio and have a peaceful interchange about the qualities of a utopian society. Of course the "man" doesn't want us to smoke it because the paper companies don't want the hemp companies to put them out of business. I'll pursue this very controversial topic later. My only concern is Dad or my older brother might be reading this site.


  1. You know, you are an even bigger asshole than I originally gave you credit for. You seem to have a self imposed arrogance that as soon as you walk into the room, all conversation revolves around you. I hate to break it to you sport, but that is just not the case. The altercation that you observed Thursday evening had absolutely nothing to do with you or your political ramblings. The person involved was sitting trying to explain labor unions when he didn’t have a clue about what he was talking about, as usual. He was finally informed that no one was listening to him (A feeling you get often I would imagine), and it pissed him off to the point of pointing his finger in my face, after which I bent it back to his wrist. You seem to think your little shitty comments about the President are a way to inform us simple minded masses that the President is wrong in all things and Kerry is the answer. Where in fact it only solidifies the right’s resolve that all flaming far left are just that and not worth listening to. I noticed that when people started debating the issues that you sat back, obviously not wanting to get involved. What was it, can’t you back up your statements in public or you’re just not quick enough to respond coherently? Finally, I would really appreciate it if you would come in to Hudson’s, sit down right next to me and call me an “alcoholic” to my face, or do you just have the balls to say it on this insignificant web site.

    P.S. I have cut and pasted the contents of your original thread regarding the folks up at Hudson’s into an e-mail and sent it to approximately half the people that were sitting there that night as we are all friends. I think you will not find it pleasant next time you decide to grace us with your presence as most were quite upset. Some of them are people that you definitely do not want upset at you. I hope I have made this clear for you.

  2. Apparently, you still list yourself as anonymous but you and I know very well who you are. I will not resort to violence and chose to talk to you in public because of your apparent need to get violent. If you are so proud of bending back someones finger and apparently you were not sent out of the pub, you need to enlist your services in Iraq. Appparently because you are a regular alcoholic at the place and spend a lot of money there, it was unfair that you were not sent out of there.

    You probably feel that you would love to pick up a fight because you are with "friends" that will back you up.
    I would be glad to have a debate with you as long as you dont become loud, angry and violent. Whenever you become violent, or angry it only shows that you are losing the argument just as your favorite boy, Dubya.

    I have taught emotionally disturbed children that behave better than you do.
    I have observed your behavior in the pub and you are a loud mouth. I am sorry that you have this attitude and I will do my best to not get down to your primitive ways.
    Start your own website and do not threaten me.

    If you do not like my website, you do not have to read it but you read it more than anyone else. That is specifically the reason that I have started this site to rile up ignorant people as your self and maybe start questioning themselves and their own attitudes.

    Apparently, others do not see through your ways but maybe they like violence and loud voices.

    If that is the case, and the establisment condones your violence and loud mouth then maybe it is not safe for people with different views to go to such an establishment.

  3. I do not know who you are, but I find a few problems with your posting. First of a few, who do you think you are to walk into a bar (pub) and complain about cigarette smoke and people drinking a few beers five nights a week (alcholics)? Bars have been like this since the dawn of time (except California) and you should have the common sence realize this fact. You would be a fool to go into a Starbucks and complain about the smell of coffee. You would be a fool to go into the head and not expect the smell of shit. Do not go into a bar that is apparently populated with large majority of Republicans and preach your left wing political views without expecting any resistance. That would be on the same level of stupidity as when Michael Moore showed up at the RNC and almost caused a riot (before he was asked to leave). Tell me that you and other Democrats would have not screamed bloody murder if Rush was at the DNC. If you don't like the atmosphere you are in, you have the right to leave, but do not cut down people that drink and smoke and watch football in an establishment that is specifically designed for that purpose. There are many other bars in OKC that cater to your specific needs.
    I also have a problem with the fact that you are a teacher that has self diagnosed ADD and smokes weed. WOW. That is just what our public school students need, an ultra liberal, mentally ill, dope head, alcholic (I say that because apparently you spend a lot of time at bars) teaching our impressionable students your personal political views. Do you see how I just characterised you in one simple run-on sentence? You might say that I am very judgemental to say all of that. I feel the same way about your personal writings.
    Love Niles


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