Monday, October 18, 2004


There are certain types of intelligence.
Some people love to flaunt their knowledge and then lack the common sense to disguise it in front of others.

There are some that are genetically inclined towards becoming teachers.

Some take the chance of risking their safety for intelligence.
Some ask questions that others would never dare ask.

Some use their intelligence to become more powerful regardless of others almost as if life were truly a chess match, sacrificing everything for the sake of checkmate.

Many use intelligence as a way of getting higher on the human pecking order.

But I love intelligence
when it is synchronized
like the surfboard is to the wave
two intelligent minds working together
like a conversation with a common goal
workers together on the same beautiful house with a common theme
so there are not interuptions to the building

one intelligence combines with another...
beautiful minds in harmony
so much that you are both going together with that thought
on the surfboard to truth and wisdom

there are 5 senses

and then there are senses tuning into a vibe, connecting with the world that our common senses don’t see

feeling when there is going to be a storm
or the premonition of something bad about to happen

walking into a room filled with anger
or walking into a room filled with acceptance

some of this is learned intelligence
some is from years of learning to tune into what we can’t explain

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