Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How do I stay healthy?

I haven't written much in the last 2 days, but I am very passionate about staying healthy.I also want the kids that I teach to stay healthy in order to stay focused to learn. The educational system that is in place really doesn't care about nutrition or they wouln't have coke and candy machines all over the school. Instead, there would be refrigerators filled with healthy snacks like baby carrots and fruit to help them when their blood sugar is low. I'd like to devote at least the next half hour to share with you my thoughts on the subject.

Pharmaceutical companies don't want us to use preventative medicine to take care of ourselves so we can be independent of chemicals.
European medicine is not governed by this powerful lobby. There are many other holistic ways to take care of ourselves. I will tell you first of all about the nutrition and herbs that I use. It does get expensive to stay healthy the older you get, but in the long run it will be cheaper than having to constantly refill the prescriptions.

I just went to Akins and spent over 80$ and I spent about that amount last month. Hopefully, I won't have to spend so much the next time. I am concerned about some of my ailments that can be taken care of by foods and herbs rather than a chemical made by man.
Unfortunately, I still enjoy a few beers, and that is not good for acid-reflux and my mild esophagitis. I have been cutting back except for last week when I did indulge in several beers. (that's why places like that for social interaction can be replaced by coffee or better yet tea houses) Tonight, I only had one beer during the Chiefs/Baltimore football game after going to Akins. The lady there was very helpful telling me about how she went on the very low carbohydrate diet and there was immediate improvement on her own schizophrenic behavior. She also mentioned about the case study in Europe of autistic children and mentally ill children who were able to go off the medication when they went on a diet avoiding processed carbohydrates.(That would not be allowed in this country because of the very powerful medical lobby which is very much against using nutrition instead of drugs!) She also told me of the autistic child that was able to start formulating sentences, started looking into her mother's eyes and could start telling jokes. That is an amazing accomplishment for autistic children!

I bought Limonene which is the oil extracted from the citrus rind. She told me of the lady that had serious gastric reflux disease. She was able to go off of the prevacid and eventually even after a month of these pills, she was able to cut the limonene pills too. I will look forward to not be dependent on prevacid because it is so expensive. I have only 1 pill left for an emergency. I also bought a gallon of aloe very juice which is so good for so many things including acid reflux.

I invested in some butterbur to provide nutritive support for normal smooth muscle tissue function. This will increase the flow of the urethra which is affected by the enlargement of the prostate. The doctor a few years ago said that half of men over 50 have enlarged prostates (men are too afraid to often talk about it). I decided to do whatever I could do to improve my condition by at least halting the growth of the prostate by using saw palmetto and nettle. When I started being more concerned about everything that went inside my body, and eating healthier, I started feeling much younger and healthier. I will hope that Butterbur which the German commission calls an antispasmodic will help me cut back on the Flomax! Europeans often prescribe herbs rather than chemical medications. I have been taking the flomax (very expensive without a major medical) only a couple times a week because of the cost. Hopefully with these herbs and continuing to improve my own diet, I am hoping to cut back on the flomax and prevacid.

I asked about something that can naturally help my own focus instead of the Adderall. The attendant at the store showed me phosperine. She said it helped clear her own mind to focus better. I tried it a couple of hours ago and I feel a natural focus that is in many ways a better feeling than the Adderall. Phosperine is a naturally occurring lipid that appears to play an important role in the function of the brain cell. It also helped me relax after Muffy had yelled at me on the phone when I advised her to try flax seed to help with the hemorrhoids. She resents the fact that I'm not working and she had a very hard day standing on her feet all day.

The stuff is still kicking in because Im still writing now and it's 1:30 in the am! I do feel focused even with all these stray crickets chirping in my house.
In the past, I have noticed great improvements in my health with all the wierd food and herbs that I eat. I have far less colds and allergies, besides improving the circulation in my engorged extremities. Muffy has no complaints about the increased circulation in my plumbing.

I will continue this later, but I need some sleep.

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