Monday, October 11, 2004

How blown gaskets can sometimes help the cardiovscular system!

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

Wow! These last few days were as volatile and emotionally bipolarized as smoking cannabis while the tornado is heading directly for you!
I have another essay that I need to cut and paste about blown gaskets over missplaced remotes.
Right now, I need to find a way to get to the John Edwards chat, "FIGHTING FOR US!"
after my meeting the with the back breaker. A cold front has come through before the storm really arrives in a few weeks....all over this country,,, you can feel it in the air.... there is both a nervousness and excitement in the air before all Hallow's Eve of the George Bush disaster or JFK saving the country!

The redneck lady interrupts'

"Who the hell is JFK? Dint' he die 'bout 30 years ago when I were an adolescent?"

Garvald goes on with his writing....irritated with the interuption...
George Bush lends to the dumming down of Americal with no behind left.
"(How do u like them' play on words... my bipolar friends probably are thinkin' of the ole' JFK")
Garvald does his interpretation of the okie.

She says,
"I ain't an Okie. I was born and bred in the Ozarks!"

Garvald replies to her,
"Well this lady ain't uuu!"

with my bipolar friend with poor grammar at the Flounder park neighborborhood reunion. (actually it was "Marlborough Heights". She takes her poor grammar personally. Boo Hoo!

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