Wednesday, October 13, 2004

George could have got A's at Yale with all this high tec equpipment they have now!

I have so much to tell my readers after the remnants of the hurricane finish pissin' over KC. (Lillian, what about the god of hurricanes?..or is he just a son of mother nature?) I had an amazing dream with John Kerry as one of my best friends helping me to deal with all the sharks. He's had experiences with Viet Cong and Republican sharks in the senate. Its amazing how your subconscious invents scenarios in dreams. I was in a water filled room with a 6-7 foot shark and Kerry was giving me advice. My own thoughts were to just keep holding him/her up into the air in the corner so that the (female (?) wouldn't bite me. As soon as I let go of her, she would go crazy! I had to pacify her the way I would hold an angry dog just wanting to bark and really just wants to be held! I was in a big grain elevator type building and was in only late in the dream that I realized some of my special powers that made everyone stare at me. ..
Instead of just flying I could walk on air. I told the bloke that was staring at me that it was very easy to do. He just kept staring at me through thick Republican glasses like I was crazy! I told him to just finish his cigarette and I would get him a picture (they last longer!) ... I was enjoying this dream and all these talents within me until Muffy woke me up wanting me to at least help call people with the Kerry campaign on Troost before we watch the debate (it will be fun to poke fun of the energizer president with batteries and all and not worry about bodily harm from violent emotionally disturbed 4 eyed Bubbas!)
speaking of batteries heres this comment from a new blog:

Monday, October 04, 2004
The Voice in Bush's Ear
Some of the comments being posted about the Bush earpiece on other sites are clearly planted by Bush supporters who hope the story won't make it out, [Postscript, Friday a.m: Salon just posted a story by Dave Lindorff, adding a bit more to his Counterpunch piece] because when people start thinking about it, it's obvious that Bush's been doing this for at least four years in plain view. And there goes the election for the Republicans: the president is not only a miserable flub, but a cheat.

That's why Drudge et al are puffing up silly stories about Kerry's pen!

The point of the Bush wire wasn't to voice entire answers for him. It was to slip him critical information and phrases and cues and prompts. Bush can talk perfectly well for the limited kinds of things he wants to say. He can be folksy and funny. Dyslexic, yes, but he can talk. What he can't and won't do is apply himself (you know, "hard work") to learning things, or considering issues carefully, formulating arguments, assimilating facts. He's lazy. He hates thinking.

And he's always cheated when he could. He believes in cheating and dirty fighting as much as he believes in anything. Still, I suspect that it's been a slippery slope for Bush and Rove and Karen. First they gave him an audio prompter, so he wouldn't have to read speeches and stumble on words. Nothing wrong with that -- it's like a teleprompter for a dyslexic. They should have 'fessed up to it, though. When he started using a human cue card in his ear for press conferences, that's when it became very wrong. Taking it into the debate was outright fraud, a "fuck you" to truth, justice, and the American people.

To me, the most appalling aspect is the role of the press. The Washington press have sat on their smug behinds for four years and watched him do it, and closed their eyes and ears to it, even denied it in his behalf on occasion. They think "reporting" is giving the White House the benefit of the doubt, without even asking the question in the first place! Most amazingly, they actually think they're smarter than Bush.

Here's a posting from The Washington Monthly online."I was watching the Bush press conference and I saw something that I think is interesting. I remember seeing some comment on another blog (Eschaton?) about Bush wearing an earpiece during press conferences and being fed answers. I think it was a joke or idle speculation. Well, if you watch the press conference starting at about 13:23, Bush is going through a list of names of Al Qaeda terrorists they have caught and he stumbles over the name of Ramzi Binalshibh, eventually calling him Ramzi Alshibh. He jokingly apologizes to Ramzi if he got his name wrong and then, at 13:32, he looks down and to his right intently for about 2 seconds, like he is listening to something, and looks up and says "Binalshibh, excuse me." As I recall, people usually look up and to the left when trying to recall something from memory. So where did he get the correct name from? I've watched the segment several times, and I am sure he has an earpiece in his right ear. It just looks so obvious from the expression on his face and the way he holds his head."

Actually, he looks as if he's being prompted in the minutes after that, too, straining to "listen" at times, and pausing and hedging as he awaits a cue.

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