Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Evolution of Garvaldian Philosophy

Garvald's philosophy on life is evolving while he discovers himself, his limitations and his talents.
He is searching for self actualizion and his utopian community. Most of his friends and acquaintances don't understand him and his desire to go on this mecca to his pyramid, but he feels the need to express these feelings to everyone.
So much of his own spirituality is developed daily after his trials and tribulations.

Garvald is taking this gambit as the only time to really reflect on his present location and his future destination.
He puts his teaching career in limbo.

Garvald is formulating a plan for this journey while he writes.
The writing will be a barometer of his world and his wave of life conjoined with other companions in their own searches.
Garvald has momentarily reached what he thought was ultimate happiness only to be taken away in a moment.
This helps him learn to love the moment of this short life with passion like tasting the nectarine

Garvald will learn as he helps others to smell her rose, the flavor of life here and then gone....
do all these visions last in the eternity of space???

long flowing golden hair running towards him in the meadow
Garvald enjoyed the momentary taste of happiness...

His mind often going to those sweet images of a future that didn't happen..

but then he discovers happiness is the search of finding the best person that is deep inside of Garvald...
Only when he finds him,
will he deserve the soulmate of his dreams...

Garvald feels there's time to have his family and find his purpose for being here..
he wants pictures of his thoughts all written down to share with his family in his future shwagatopia....
the writing documents how he learns to savor every drop of life

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