Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Escape to the Belton Zone!!

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

Aunt Flo just arrived and normally Muffy has a complete turn around in mood, usually
for the better, but after Garvald is almost over his miserable 24 hour bug, she goes into
the attack mode first over Garvald’d supposition that her mischievous 13 year old
daughter has hidden the remote. Garvald must tread lightly so when they are off to
Lillian’s for some Bohemian anti-Bush conversation, Muffy forgets her medication.
Garvald makes the mistake of asking Muffy twice if is she is heading back home.
She berates his mental ability and says that’s why his daughter hates him because he is
“SOFA KING RE TAH DED!” The daughter has the same genetic quality of rolling her
eyes at his mental disability. Garvald goes easy on the medication when Muffy is in this
mood because his processing will only become worse and make her lose patience at his
poor listening skills. He tells her to be more accepting of a person that is a little dingy.
She said that dinginess is only attractive in females and not MALES! He tells her that all
women have a double standard especially feminists! He buys her gas and thinks she
might be happy now but then he is short on cash so he only donates 2$ instead of the
normal 5$ for the Kerry campaign. He did not budget a larger amount on his itinerary.

She blows a gasket!
Serious engine damage has already taken place.
Rather than face the barrage of an emotionally disturbed angry woman he tells her to let
him out of the car. She stops without hesitation to let him off to walk 3 miles to her
home and his car. He stops off at the Democratic picnic for canvassers and chats about
his favorite subject “BUSH” and then after eating a couple of apples to soothe his healing
stomach, he takes the hike to her home thinking of what essay he will write and the title
for it.

After finally arriving to his car he goes “carabout” through the suburbs of south Kansas
City. He finds out that there is some sort of festival blocking off downtown Belton.
There is a band called “Bobby Carson” playing at the end of the street beckoning him to
sway with the sounds.
After a while he walks further down the street to discover a lot of friendly German folk
at the german beer garden with great Wurst, Strudel und Bier! Garvald gets to practice
his German with the Madchens (unfortunately there is no umlaut on this keyboard that I
believe is supposed to be over the “a” in Madchen). This German community has been
here in Belton for fifty years! He wonders if there is a pagan community here too
mistaking a family of Baptists for Pagans. He has visions of finding out some sort of
hippy community in Peculiar, Missouri. Peculiar borders Belton.

Garvald finishes the evening tanzen with the “Bobby Carson” band! They were playing
all sorts of blues and great funky music that makes you wanna flow with the sound!
While in the flow of the music waves, Garvald smiles and forgets the “blown gasket”.

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