Tuesday, October 12, 2004

11 minutes before the biggest reason for relationships to end, comes home...

Muffy's 13 year old daughter is about to come home from a middle school football match and it's better if she knows that I haven't been up here typing in her room!
(I wish (for all u folks that watch way too much tv) that the 'puter was in Muffy's room so I wouldn't get accused of anything! GOLLY!)

So much has happened and it is so much more fun staying in Kc with positive liberal vibes instead of the angry neighborhood that loves guns, pro-life, church and Nascar AND WAY TOO MUCH TV!
The hardest thing for Garvald to do is learn to not outstay his welcome and daughters can do such a great job of making him feel unwelcome.
A woman can do so much of a better job of pretending that you do not exist esp if she's an angry bartendress impatiently waiting for her aunt to arrive!
(will that be a quotable quote when Garvaldian philosophy becomes famous? Muffy rolls her eyes.)


  1. Why is she so hostile, are you stalking her too.

  2. wow...somebody beat me to the punch...was it bubbanon or bubbanetter? ...before i open up to my soul to the world and barely publish my dream somebody takes a bite like a shark or one of "them pirannahs in 1 of them south american rivers"
    ...im talkin about fighting sharks to defend my life (alnost like I was fighting of the schwarzenegger bartender at Lumpys) and then get accused of stalking..
    Sometimes, I think it is far better to be on a deserted island (of course with some pretty natives) with a neat laptop!
    crzy women with fragile egos and caller id wanna throw out the word stalker like axe murderer and "terrist" (Dubya's pronounciation)

    oy weh!(Yiddish)

  3. Dear Bubbannette,

    Why is she so hostile, are you stalking her too

    I presume this is a question with 2 seperate clauses that shows the grammatical intelligence of the nasty question. Here are the corrections. I know how it irritates rednecks to be questioned on their grammar!

    Why is she so hostile? Are you stalking her too?

    In case you are wanting to be nosy, if you at least have the courage to give yourself a pseudonym or I can answer that question to you in person.
    Are you with the FBI?

  4. its because of these stupid gluteus maximus questions that motivate me to write about the american desire for witch hunts, communist hunts and now liberal hunts!


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