Thursday, October 28, 2004

Debating about Spookstock??

Garvald loves this area of pristine wilderness in the Ozarks of Missouri where he migrates for schwag gatherings.(Schwagstock) Maybe it will be a precelebratory event for the Kerry campaign?? Garvald cannot see the signs that his state of chosen unemployment bothers Muffy and so she pushes him to go to this playground of his.

A full moon is out tonight :(
Garvald fails to connect with her anymore. His dry humor only appears to get on her nerves. She becomes tired of his mental disability, his poor listening skills, his lack of focus and his "spare tire". She denigrates his lack of organization in his life, his teaching then finally puts down his lovemaking. He slowly learns that she will never be into the idea of this website evolving into a book. He wondered why she even asked him to come up?

Muffy condescendingly responds,
"It was only because I felt sorry for you living with all those rednecks."

Garvald packs and is about to leave, when she starts crying and appreciates him tolerating all of her anger.

He takes her downtown for dinner and then she discards him in the middle of the night.

He prepares himself for the spookstock for a fun weekend of schwaggers and schwagmaidens in their costumes to help lift the old man out of his mid-life crisis that has been opened up before the whole world of cyberspace.
He hopes that his once and future soulmate might rescue him when she discovers this site and the words that are beckoning her to him.
This soulmate of his dreams would always be comforting and supporting.
She understands him and has the same hopes and dreams.
(and does not think of him as just a crazy old fool with a "spare tire")

The Hobbit Woman!

Scientists uncover possible new species of human
Dwarf skeleton is 18,000 years old
Wednesday, October 27, 2004 Posted: 7:09 PM EDT (2309 GMT)

Professor Chris Stringer shows a cast of a skull of Homo floresiensis, a newly-discovered species.

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The discovery: The bones of a human dwarf species marooned on the remote Indonesian island of Flores between 95,000 and 12,000 years ago while modern humans rapidly developed elsewhere.
Best specimen: One tiny adult female, measuring about 3 feet tall.
Implications: Flores Man smashes the conventional wisdom that modern humans began to crowd out other upright-walking species 160,000 years ago.
Skeptics: Some researchers say Flores Man doesn't belong in the genus Homo at all, even if it was a recent contemporary.


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(AP) -- In a breathtaking discovery, scientists working on a remote Indonesian island say they have uncovered the bones of a human dwarf species marooned for eons while modern man rapidly colonized the rest of the planet.

One tiny specimen, an adult female measuring about 3 feet tall, is described as "the most extreme" figure to be included in the extended human family. Certainly, she is the shortest.

This hobbit-sized creature appears to have lived as recently as 18,000 years ago on the island of Flores, a kind of tropical Lost World populated by giant lizards and miniature elephants.

She is the best example of a trove of fragmented bones that account for as many as seven of these primitive individuals. Scientists have named the new species Homo floresiensis, or Flores Man. The specimens' ages range from 95,000 to 12,000 years old.

"So the 18,000-year-old skeleton cannot be some kind of 'freak' that we just happened to stumble across," said one of the discoverers, radiocarbon dating expert Richard G. Roberts of the University of Wollongong in Australia.

Flores Man was hardly formidable. His grapefruit-sized brain was about a quarter the size of the brain of our species, Homo sapiens. It is closer in size with the brains of transitional prehuman species in Africa more than 3 million years ago.

Yet evidence suggests Flores Man made stone tools, lit fires and organized group hunts for meat.

Just how this primitive, remnant species managed to hang on and whether it crossed paths with modern humans is uncertain. Geologic evidence suggests a massive volcanic eruption sealed its fate some 12,000 years ago, along with other unusual species on the island.

Still, researchers say the perseverance of Flores Man smashes the conventional wisdom that modern humans began to systematically crowd out other upright-walking species 160,000 years ago and have dominated the planet alone for tens of thousands of years.

And it demonstrates that Africa, the acknowledged cradle of humanity, does not hold all the answers to persistent questions of how -- and where -- we came to be.

"It is arguably the most significant discovery concerning our own genus in my lifetime," said anthropologist Bernard Wood of George Washington University, who reviewed the research independently.

Discoveries simply "don't get any better than that," proclaimed Robert Foley and Marta Mirazon Lahr of Cambridge University in a written analysis.

To others, the specimen's baffling combination of slight dimensions and coarse features bears almost no meaningful resemblance either to modern humans or to our large, archaic cousins.

They suggest that Flores Man doesn't belong in the genus Homo at all, even if it was a recent contemporary.

"I don't think anybody can pigeonhole this into the very simple-minded theories of what is human," anthropologist Jeffery Schwartz of the University of Pittsburgh. "There is no biological reason to call it Homo. We have to rethink what it is."

Details of the discovery appear in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature.

Researchers from Australia and Indonesia found the partial skeleton 13 months ago in a shallow limestone cave known as Liang Bua. The cave, which extends into a hillside for about 130 feet, has been the subject of scientific analysis since 1964.

Near the skeleton were stone tools and animal remains, including teeth from a young Stegodon, or prehistoric dwarf elephant, as well as fish, birds and rodents. Some of the bones were charred, suggesting they were cooked.

Excavations are continuing. In 1998, stone tools and other evidence were found on Flores suggested the presence 900,000 years ago of another early human, Homo erectus. The tools were found a century after the celebrated discovery in the 1890s of big-boned H. erectus fossils in eastern Java.

It is arguably the most significant discovery concerning our own genus in my lifetime.
-- Bernard Wood, anthropologist

Now, researchers suggest H. erectus spread to remote Flores and throughout the region, perhaps on bamboo rafts. Caves on surrounding islands are the target of future studies, they said.

Researchers suspect that Flores Man probably is an H. erectus descendant that was squeezed by evolutionary pressures.

Nature is full of mammals -- deer, squirrels and pigs, for example -- living in marginal, isolated environments that gradually dwarf when food isn't plentiful and predators aren't threatening.

On Flores, the Komodo dragon and other large meat-eating lizards prowled. But Flores Man didn't have to worry about violent human neighbors.

This is the first time that the evolution of dwarfism has been recorded in a human relative, said the study's lead author, Peter Brown of the University of New England in Australia.

Scientists are still struggling to identify it's jumbled features.

Many say that its face and skull features show sufficient traits to be included in the Homo family that includes modern humans. It would be the eighth species in the Homo category.

George Washington's Wood, for example, finds it "convincing."

Others aren't sure.

For example, they say the skull is wide like H. erectus. But the sides are rounder and the crown traces an arc from ear to ear. The skull of H. erectus has steeper sides and a pointed crown, they said.

The lower jaw contains large, blunt teeth and roots like Australopithecus, a prehuman ancestor in Africa more than 3 million years ago. The front teeth are smaller than modern human teeth.

The eye sockets are big and round, but they don't carry a prominent browline.

The tibia in the leg shares similarities with apes.

"I've spent a sleepless night trying to figure out what to do with this thing," said Schwartz. "It makes me think of nothing else in this world."


Copyright 2004 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

To Catch a "Common Thief"

Verses an Aristocratic well educated white collar thief?

Or then there is the blond Caucasian crank head wearing a blue bandanna.
Garvald had arrived late about 3am at Muffy's after procrastinating and still forgetting most of his clothes and his electric toothbrush. :(
She wakes up to catch him piggin’ out on her enchilada mixture warmed up in the mwave,
Coming down the stairs, she greets him with,

"Don't Kiss me with your enchilada face!"

Garvald realizes she's in one of her moods :(.
The dejected man goes outside to get the rest of his baggage. He sees at what he first thinks is a very large raccoon and realizes what it is! A common crank head with a blue woolen cap over it's short blond hair.

Garvald goes into his cro-Magnon instinctive nature becoming the survivalistic werewolf/caveman where adrenaline is pumped throughout all of his limbs and his 6-4 frame. All he sees is prey that is stealing from his Muffy and it has something valuable in his hands. He has to take it from it and save her worldly possessions.

He grunts,

The animal takes off like a deer and Garvald is on the chase. He is about five feet from him and about to overtake him with wolf/man legs and tackles his 150 pound body.
Garvald sees the animal turn his head and sees the wild scared eyes of a redneck caveman losing his young teeth worn thin and missing by too much crank.

Garvald's human side takes over feeling sorry for the pathetic scoundrel. He also worries that it might have a knife or a gun(doubtful) hidden somewhere when coming down to close combat. The thief does not see a 6 foot deep storm gully with about a ten foot width partially filled with the water from rain. It is totally dark so all Garvald hears is a thud! He knows that the Gollum like animal is hurt but still crawling fast in instinctive fear for it's life.

Garvald's human side asks him,
"Give up the stuff, cousin!" (he remembers the bartender's term of endearment)

Garvald hears the animal stumbling up the creek. There are too many shrubs and trees for him to run after it in the gully. It wanders up the bush surrounded by suburban bush and forest for about 50 yards before the street.

He goes back to his abode for the evening to see his Muffy smiling like the way she did over a year ago when he had arrived to come work in Kansas City for a year.

"My hero!"

Garvald smiles and is happy to be her hero and basks in her occasional warmth and support. mi He momentarily feels that this will be a great week will be great!....


"I know you are going to really stretch this "hero" thing, aren’t swell your head"
His ego is deflated and he goes to sleep with lowered reality check and no dreams of fantasy.

Muffy rolls her eyes,
“You are no Walter Mitty!”

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"Outfoxed"{ this if you want to know how you are manipulated by the media!

Outfoxed the Movie; Showing Fox for the Extreme Right Wing Propaganda Machine it is

By Anthony Wade

The silence remains deafening from the media over the firestorm that should have been Outfoxed. As previously discussed, this documentary sheds light on the fact that not only is the FOX News channel right wing leaning, but they are actually nothing more than a propaganda tool of the Bush White House. Director Robert Greenwald creates a pattern that proves this by using four separate areas. In part one we looked at his use of actual FOX News clips, testimony from former FOX employees, and a study commissioned by Greenwald, conducted by FAIR, which exposed an 83% republican bias on the flagship news program on FOX, Special Report with Brit Hume. For details of these areas, see part one at this link:

This article is examining the fourth area, the internal memos leaked by FOX employees, which clearly show the leaders of FOX News as trying to slant the news. Some may be curious what the issue is here, because FOX is obviously a conservative channel. There are essentially three major problems. The first is the false advertising, which comes along with their packaging. There is nothing “Fair and Balanced” about FOX news, and as was pointed out in Outfoxed, no channel has ever “reported” less than this station with the tag line: “We report, you decide”. The second point is that they blur the line. Commentary shows are fine to express opinion, but disguising commentary shows as hard news shows is despicable, and is the norm at FOX. These two problems combine to mislead the American public who may be tuning in to get their news, and then form their opinion. However, FOX has removed that annoying second step, because they have already made your opinion for you, and present it as news. That is what is so insidious. The third aspect of these problems is that FOX is not just espousing a conservative viewpoint; they are actually parroting the administration’s talking points. True conservatives do not agree with this President on matters such as the ballooning deficits and rampant spending. However, you do not hear that on FOX, because they will never have a negative spin on this administration or it’s policies. This amounts to government media, which exists in communist societies, to keep the people at ease, by hiding the truth.

These memos were passed out by the Senior Vice President of FOX News, to the employees at FOX, as daily marching orders. These were the talking points of the day, meant to be used throughout the day, on the various FOX programs. Now, the issue is if the memos are instructing staff to slant the news and if they are, which way is the slant and who stands to gain. Here are some of the excerpts, directly from the memos:
“Let's keep in mind that the G-8 contains the most obstreperous dissidents against the war on terror. Bush has a long memory and new friends in Poland the rest of Eastern Europe.”
“Two style notes: Rudolph is charged with bombing an abortion clinic, not a "health clinic."

“The president is doing something that few of his predecessors dared undertake: putting the US case for mideast peace to an Arab summit. It's a distinctly skeptical crowd that Bush faces. His political courage and tactical cunning are worth noting in our reporting through the day.”

“Scary thought of the day: what if it's a consortium of terrorist groups working together?”

“John Kerry may wish he'd taken off his microphone before trashing the GOP. Though he insists he meant republican "attack squads," his coarse description of his opponents has cast a lurid glow over the campaign.”

“Gas prices are at all time highs in the US. There are reasons for the surge, some economic, some mere business tactics. Remember: US prices, while they seem high to us, are a half or less the cost of gasoline elsewhere.”

“Kerry, starting to feel the heat for his flip-flop voting record, is in West Virginia.”

“The so-called 9/11 commission has already been meeting. In fact, this is the eighth session. The fact that former Clinton and both former and current Bush administration officials are testifying gives it a certain tension, but this is not "what did he know and when did he know it" stuff. Do not turn this into Watergate.”

“…let the ACLU stick it where the sun don't shine”

“As the witness list indicates, today is likely to be the apex of the so-called 9/11 commission hearings. Tenet, Clarke, and Clinton NSC advisor Berger all testify. We will carry their statements, along with he Q&A, live. Remember that while there are obvious political implications for Bush, the commission is looking at eight years of the Clinton Administration versus eight months (the time prior to 9/11 that Bush was in office) for the incumbent.”

“As is often the case, the real news is Iraq is being obscured by temporary tragedy.”

“The Laci and Conner Act passed the Senate and the Prez will sign it. What does this mean for law enforcement and what does it say about the status of the unborn?”

“Into Fallujah: It's called Operation Vigilant Resolve and it began Monday morning (NY time) with the US and Iraqi military surrounding Fallujah. We will cover this hour by hour today, explaining repeatedly why it is happening. It won't be long before some people start to decry the use of "excessive force." We won't be among that group.”

“The continuing carnage in Iraq -- mostly the deaths of seven US troops in Sadr City -- is leaving the American military little choice but to punish perpetrators. When this happens, we should be ready to put in context the events that led to it. More than 600 US military dead, attacks on the UN headquarters last year, assassination of Iraqi officials who work with the coalition, the deaths of Spanish troops last fall, the outrage in Fallujah: whatever happens, it is richly deserved.”

“The President goes to Charlotte to talk about job training. Buoyed by the 300K job figure last week, he can boast his policies are working.”

“Air America, featuring Al Franken and other liberals, got on the air last week, but at what cost? Well, in New York, it took the place of an ethnic show. In LA, it knocked off a Korean program. And in Chicago, a Spanish language broadcast was replaced. None of these people are happy.”

“Err on the side of doing too much Iraq rather than not enough. Do not fall into the easy trap of mourning the loss of US lives and asking out loud why are we there?”

“American deaths in this renewed fighting are an important element, but not the only element of the conflict. A battle is more than a macabre statistics report.”

“The inconsistencies in the Woodward book are beginning to mount to the point of questioning the accuracy of the Watergate hero's latest tome. Brian Wilson is looking through the book, what was said, and what's been denied and what's just plain wrong.”

“More serious and more important is the US military's end of waiting game for Fallujah. If, as promised, the coalition decides to take Fallujah back by force, it will not be for lack of opportunities for terrorists holed up there to negotiate. Let's not get lost in breast-beating about the sadness of the loss of life. They had a chance.”

‘John Kerry has positioned himself squarely on the fight over abortion. He attends a pro-choice rally in DC, then addresses newspaper editors. We'll take the latter live… At the Vatican, which operates behind closed doors, Catholic theologians are discussing the moral responsibility of lawmakers who claim to be Catholics. While John Kerry's name will probably never be mentioned specifically, the debate includes his candidacy.’

“Ribbons or medals? Which did John Kerry throw away after he returned from Vietnam. This may become an issue for him today. His perceived disrespect for the military could be more damaging to the candidate than questions about his actions in uniform.”

“Let's not overdo the appearances by Kerry's swiftboat mate John O'Neil. While his appearances so far have been OK, he represents one side of the 30 year recollections of what Kerry did, or didn't do, in uniform. Other people have different recollections.”

“let's refer to the US marines we see in the foreground as "sharpshooters" not snipers, which carries a negative connotation.”

“The president and VP are MEETING with the 9/11 commission. They are NOT testifying before it as did witnesses last week. It is an important distinction that we need to make.”

“We'll get to the electronic voting machine debate, making the point that it has the POTENTIAL to delay elections in many states.”

“The president goes to Michigan, accompanied by a powerful campaign asset, the first lady.”

“It is important that we keep the Abu Graeb situation in perspective. The story is beginning to live on its own momentum. The facts of the story may develop into the need to do much more in the days ahead. For the moment, however, the focus appears to be changing to finger pointing within the administration and how it plays out as an issue in the presidential campaign.”

It is fairly obvious to any impartial person that these quotes represent someone with an agenda, and the truth is not on that agenda. News outlets are supposed to investigate stories, find the truth and report it, not decide for their viewers what is the truth and how coverage will be framed. The slants are always pro-Bush, anti-democrat, and often are straight out of the White House talking points. These memos and the Outfoxed movie go to the heart of one of the largest problems facing this us today. That is the media consolidation in this country, where about ten companies own all mainstream media. The truth is that CBS or ABC are not much better substantively than FOX, they just aren’t as deceptive. People spend so much time analyzing what is on the media, we often don’t realize what is not, and that is more telling. This past week we see four stories, which should be big news, yet there is barely a blip. They are:

Clear Channel denying a billboard ad in midtown Manhattan which is critical of war, during the Republican National Convention.

The fact that the administration is looking at how the election can be postponed.

The story about how Larry King tried to get Michael Moore to come on his show to meet with a representative from the Bush administration and defend his movie. When Moore agreed, King backed out, possibly at the behest of the White House.

The premier of Outfoxed, exposing the corruption of FOX News.

Murdoch threatened his counterparts in the media to not make Outfoxed a story, and they apparently have bowed. The Larry King Story has gotten minimal attention at best. The Clear Channel debacle is paid lip service and the potential postponing of an election has been buried. It all points to the dangers of media consolidation. Most people are left to the Internet to find reputable news.

FOX News has perpetrated an injustice to all of us for a long time now. Don’t lose sight of the fact that they had Bush’s cousin, John Ellis working election 2000, and it was his call of the election for Bush, that gave Bush the credibility he needed. The fact is that the AP knew it was too close to call, yet FOX News, throwing all journalistic ethics out the window had the cousin of Bush, call the election for Bush. When you see facts such as these, with statements from ex-employees, independent studies, and the actual FOX clips you begin to see the pattern Robert Greenwald was talking about. When you then see the actual memos passed out by the people who run FOX news, you see that pattern for what it really is. FOX News is nothing more than a shill for Bush. They have lost whatever credibility they may have had. Thanks to Robert Greenwald, they have been Outfoxed.

Anthony Wade is an independent writer from New York. Website:
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Virgil's Comment

Hey freakshow, I don't care if you believe me or not. What book is it you're going to send? You really are from another world if you think anyone would publish you.
# posted by Anonymous : 10/25/2004 08:14:07 AM

"I almost wish I was I was from another world, the way you behave!"
Garvald replies.

Muffy replies,
"You are the one to talk about behavior getting kicked out of Bars!(in her hypoglygemic hurry ur ass up moment)

"The funny part about this obnoxious drivel that you spew across this site is how many times you mention the various people that would like to kick your ass."

Virgil, you have used the word "drivel" or "dribble" several times. I appreciate you adopting a word I used in my delf deprecating humor.
Which one is it?
Running down a basketball court or left over saliva?

Vigil responds in a louder more guttural octave,
"I would say there is approximately 30 to 40 percent of your postings mention a situation that you had gotten yourself into that cause people to react to you in a violent manner."

Bravo, Virgil, for making a brilliant observation! I am so flattered that you made an attempt at math when reading all of my website!

"My personal favorite is the point you make about being a pacifist. It seems to me that a pacifist wouldn’t provoke people as you are always doing, then stand back with some sort of indignation and proclaim to be nonphysical."

I do not provoke people unless they want to discuss the incompetence of your administration that you voted for. Martin chose to interupt a conversation with a tri-athlete when I was writing down my website for her. Martin then proceeded to do a Karl Rovian Machiavellian job of slandering my name and criticizing me rather than the site. He has done an excellent job of helping to kick me out of our favorite Huddlestones by gathering the animosity based on slander ala Karl of the club by sharing my site and speading half truths like Karl and the Prez to all the rest of the Re puke licans.

"Why can’t you just keep your opinion to yourself, especially when no one is interested in your political views and public bashing of all things conservative? "

Aparently, there are a few intelligent "liberals" that enjoy conversing with me over
many things from unions to the "Free Masons". I am sorry that some dislike our conversation. I will gladly sit at a table with others that enjoy talk that is a little deeper than the weather or OU football.

"There is no one side to any philosophical position and everyone is protected by the constitution to be allowed the freedom to express ones self."

That is one statement, that I agree with virg...think about what you just said and look at yourself in the mirror! Do not be angry that people have a right to freedom of speach and just as I'm sure you do not want to be stifled.
The beauty of this country is also to protect the individual that expresses a different, opinion, lifestyle, etc. than your own!

"Whereas you are prone to stuff your far left wing political agenda down peoples throats to the point of physical violence against your person."

When an argument becomes confrontational to the point that others are screaming their redneck thoughts, I exit thoughtfully to read the Gazette or write, blocking out angry vibes and physical violence that proceeded to occur in Hudstones.

"You come into a heavily conservative setting and start fouling the air with your left wing liberal garbage when no one wants to hear it."

As I said before, I only responded to comments directed towards liberals and chose not to continue if you became loud or violent.

What is it; do you actually think you are going to sway the public to vote Democratic? Hell, even if I was a Democrat I would be prone to tell you to shut the fuck up already. Why don’t you leave your political ramblings to this website instead of the left wing zealot that you portray in public, and leave people alone that don’t agree with your philosophy?

It is a shame that it has come to this point that anyone left of Coburn is a zealot. Well, I do have a lot of passion and zeal for helping to make a change in our government. We have the freedom to publish these sites that seem to attract Republicans much more than democrats. I am so happy that you are reading these sites and hope that inwardly you might at least be questioning your belief systems and not listen to Bush's Fox network. His cousin is a ceo there.

"Sooner or later someone is going to catch you unaware, such as in the men’s room or putting the key in your car to go home and put a serious hurt on you. I believe you would find the world a much friendlier place were you to heed this very good advice. But then again, maybe not."

This part makes me worry about you and the state of violence that continues to increase in this country. Apparently, I do not know who you are in person but you are contemplating physical violence on someone that differs with your views. Read up on how this country has often had a lynch mob mentality and decide if that is really in your nature, Virgil. If so that is very sad.
I hope that you are not a regular patron of Hudson's and that they do not condone this and others intiating and getting away with physical violence as in other clubs around Oklahoma City. I will avoid this club for how violent behavior is accepted by a patron that might throw his money around on a regular basis but ban thoughtful discussion on the way this land is falling apart.

Virgil, I have to go now. I'll have the barber shave my head and trim my goatee while Muffy watches in glee.Muffy reads a magazine about rifles. lol

Muffy snorts at Garvald's humor.

# posted by Anonymous : 10/25/2004 02:10:41 PM
Dear Freakshow watcher,
It is folks like yourself, Bubba, Martin, Niles, Bubbannette, etc that keep this dribble (?) alive!
I am happy that my writing was inspiring enough for you to write and eventually draw threats of violence.
Which of you blokes is Virgil. The name sounds familiar and because I am forgetful of names, you might have responded to me while you were doing your best to show your redneck strength when I might have shook your hand.
Your friend, Martin, was not as brave as you to finally know the true source of what I always suspected.

Let me know your last name so that I may post a court order in regards to several of me cornering me in a restroom or keying the car.

If you are under 30 you still have time to enlist in the war. If your bubba gets reelected, the war will be going for years so you will have the chance to kill innocent people on the other side of the world and you won't have to go to jail for killing people.

The fact that you have finally resorted to violence with your threats shows the rest of the cyberspace world how violent some of you underinformed Repukes are!

Have a nice day and please think of peace as a choice.
Your anger only breeds cancer in yourself and others.
I am sorry that you have so many issues. Therapy and writing will help you get over your anger.
# posted by Garvald : 10/25/2004

Escape to the Muffy Zone!

Wow! Sure nice get out of the heat!! Feeling those evil Repuklican eyes staring at me wondering if the Neanderthals will gang up on me in the restroom!

Fears of my Kerry Edwards sign being further ripped to shreds

a flag standing ground through the swarm of redneck bubbamentalism

filling the air with stupefying ignorance

a deadly pollution of the mind

closed to different thought

through out Bubbaland!

Garvald escapes to the KC comfort zone

of intellectual thought that feels warm to his soul

the center of America

a haven for eccentric thinking

"thou shalt not talk politics

thou shalt only listen to thy minister"

escape from the Okie Inquistion!

Muffy rolls her eyes'

"You think you're gonna write a book with that shit?"

Monday, October 25, 2004

Why do rednecks resort to violence and Neanderthal grunts when they lose arguments?

I have a little more time on this library computer to respond to you and all the anger that is coming to a crescendo as the moon becomes full and emotionally disturbed boys and girls fill up the hospital rooms, drunk tanks and jail cells (for becoming violent defending Dubya's most historically incompetent administration.

After a little taste of Adderall, I am inspired to write many pages to draw as many comments from misinformed plebians as possible. I am very excited that this site is getting so many hits (of course, at least 90% of the comments are from angry rednecks,more than Virgil's guestimation of hostile hits)..... I am trying to concentrate but there a kids having a continual conversation while surfin' the "internets".

I need to get out of here, before the caucasian feces hits the fans....
and talk to folks a little higher on the bell curve and more open minded (the definition for liberal is generous and open minded)

This library puter won't copy Virgil's eloquent comment so I don't have the ability to critique his essay that is well above average for a Bubba). His writing is effective and he does have good points about the impending danger of the rising level of testosterone which causes an acceleration of violent redneck tendencies (i.e cornering a liberal in the restroom)

I will not go back to this pub for a while is much safer in KC and other areas of the world where violence is not a way to solve problems!

My puter is almost as slow as the rednecks at Hudstoned

I am so happy that gentlemen (I use the term "liberal-ly")such as Virgil (Have you read Virgil's "Aneid" about all the angry Greeks that caused a lot of violence? a few thousand years before people knew that rednecks would evolve!)

I am so excited about getting access to a puter that works in the library. It is almost as frustrating as getting good service in a Rebublican bar. (I'll get into being banned for (not!)talking about politics. I was good enough to avoid the word and then got banned because I offered to spell the word "utopia" for the bartender.
The bandana redneck and his wife on the perpendicular corner were screaming at me to not "belittle" him and to "get the fuck out of the bar!". I wasn't doing that. My teacher mode kicks in sometimes on my sabbatical)...

I need to publish this just in case you might be close to your laptop Virg...(I think that you were one of those closet nerds in school that pretended that you didn't get good grades, because you were writing so well until so started getting angry and violent in your writing!)

let me cut and paste your inspiring comment:

Sunday, October 24, 2004

I/2 truths or should I say ignorant shrinks in glass houses

"Your neighbor isn't the one who wrote to you earlier. It sure seems you have issues. I'm just someone who happens on to your (website?) once in a while. You need to take a step back and not be so paranoid. No wonder you have issues."

Dear cowardly man or woman,
Thank you for telling me what I already know. Your syntax actually reminds me of my neighbor when she wrote a nasty comment. If you are not actually the neigbor, I am sorry for suggesting it when it is obvious from the comments that you are. If you are not why not at least tell me a little about yourself before your throw stones and try your best at being at an amateur shrink.

But thankyou for writing and if and when you gain the courage to tell me who you are (private email), I will send you a copy of this book with your sophomoric comments including the one where your friend blew his gasket! I certainly hope that you were telling me not to say chairman unless you might be his wife. She has already slung mud at me but gets upset if her dress gets mud on it too in the process.

I am really tired of all the ignorance and hatred with the folks down here. I'm sure you will be happy when I finally take off to Australia, contrary to your opinion, I have had the best time of my life with the happy people of OZ that are not materialistic and have no life other than get very fat and bitchy.
But please, you appear to be the type of person that enjoys inflicting their high moral judgement on others as long as you don't become angry with the replies.

Did rednecks question the manhood of Gandi, Buddha and Jesus Christ because they were pacifists?

Dear anonymous neighbor,
I presume that this is my neighbor that questioned my manhood but you did not have the courage to say who you are. All three of you in this family moved into the neighborhood less than 2 years ago and the chairman, if that is you, and apparently took over the neighborhood. At first, I enjoyed your gregariousness and sociability regardless of your very loud and abrasive nature. I was going to rent to someone else for a year, but as a favor to you, I gave a substantial discount on the rent, if things were going to be fixed up. Instead many things went wrong and things were not fixed and the place was left with many things wrong including a whole in the wall and burned carpet and a dishwasher that no longer works.
I was left with many repairs and things not working that were working when I had left. It was my fault to not have things put in writing and your brother was only going to stay until the spring.

You wrote this to me:
"I haven't been to this site in some time because frankly I don't care to. I was surprised to see how many times you've mention the chairman. Do you stand up and say these things to his face."

I will not talk to you because of your violent nature. I have had a relatively healthy life avoiding getting physical. If that is your violent nature to handle things physically rather than peaceful negotiation I feel sorry for you and have no respect for you just as you have continued to be disrespectful, angry and loud to me.

"I don't think so. You are no measure of a man."

I suppose you feel that you feel the same way about men that chose to do things peacefully and abhor violence. There a many men out there that chose to talk peacefully (without becoming angry and loud).

"All of your problems are self generated. You're a common thief. Keeping things (TV and DVD player) that don't belong to you is stealing. You can't justify it by saying it's return for the tenant paying leaving a bill. That's illegal. You are not allowed by law to do that."

It is stealing to walk away from rent and the summers ac bill. It is stealing to hook up natural gas illegally and get gas for free. It is stealing when items are taken such as trash cans without asking. It is stealing to take liberties with another neighbor's property.

"I'd advise you to leave the chairman out of the mindless dribble you post on this site. You're making it personal and that's not smart."

Please do not threaten me. I do no want to be intimidated from going outside in my own neighborhood. You are a violent family so please stay away from me.

You chose to make this your own personal matter instead of your "brother" who acts like a child and you act as you are his parent when he is well over 40 by fighting his battles. Or is because he will also become physically aggressive when he can't control his anger.

You do many things illegally and have an obsession with guns which makes me nervous and question the safety of the neighborhood. It is a free country unless Bush gets reelected and he will do many things under the guise of the "patriot act" to take away our freedoms such as prevent these bloggers from getting out information. This is a great outlet and tool for communication to prevent corrupt people from getting away with injustice. This is my own personal tool for writing. I will continue to write. I am sorry that the word, chairman, bothers you but I will continue to write with whatever tools I have whether it be a blog or only a pen or pencil. I do not like injustice and I will write about that or whatever that I feel like writing about. I actually feel much safer with pens than guns. That is my opinion and you can start a website and say anything that you like. That is the wonderful freedom that we have in the free world. The government (esp. Karl Rove intimidates the media) would love to censor us and prevent us gaining information about what is truly going on in the world.

I have the courage to be honest and bare my soul to anyone that wants to read my material. I agree that I have made many choices that are wrong and have the option to respond to amateur shrinks that make comments that are ignorant.
You do not have to read my site just as you don't have to listen to Rush Limbaugh or Howard stern.

As far as my physical safety is concerned and public harassment in front of neighbors, that goes way beyond the tolerance that a free person has to endure. Do not knock on my door or bother me anymore. Stay away from me and my property. Do not steal my garbage cans.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


"You have to be the biggest waste of oxygen around. Do the world a favor and take your ass back to Australia. You keep threating to go so go. Maybe they don't want you around either."

I enjoyed a really beautiful day other than leaving an angry emotionally disturbed neighbor screaming cuss words at me because I chose not to listen to him. I enjoyed sleeping till noon and decided to get out and enjoy the sun. The neighbor's dog started barking and the social chairman doing his rounds of visiting the local neighbors a few houses down started screaming epithets towards me for the benefit of the whole street.

Some people just enjoy war and want to go fight. I don't enjoy war or confrontation. When I have the benefit of having an assistant in the classroom and a student becomes verbally ballistic, I just tell the assistant that I'm getting a cup of coffee so as not to give the angry child any attention or positive reinforcement for his uncontrolled temper tantrum.

When I have the benefit of a good administration, the child will remain in time out until he has calmed down and can write 10 good senences about why he is so angry and what is the appropriate behavior for when he loses control of his emotions.

By the way, what does "threating" mean?

Friday, October 22, 2004


I've been having problems with my blog and getting all that I write published. I noticed there were alot of hits in the last 2 days, especially in the last 12 hours! Maybe, after telling the aol election chat room about my site. It's amazing (right word?) how much better I feel when I can communicate to the whole world (even my Dad and all the Australian relatives if I dare tell them about this site). My biggest concern is that they will know that I ocassionally imbibe in the weed. I'm hoping that this site will help remove some of the stigma about smoking bud. Most marijuana smokers are in the closet (keep it quiet and often don't even want their kids to know about it, when it is far less harmful than cigarettes and far less impact to your reflexes and driving than alcohol). I've been without it for a couple days again and I don't go through withdrawals like you nicotine addicts. I'm sipping this green tea before I go see where I can get an absentee ballot so I don't have to be in Oklahoma when Kerry gets elected. I want to be with openminded friends that I've made in KC. I miss them already and enjoy myself more. It's amazing how stifling you feel with the conservative close minded thinking all around you. At least there is one other Kerry sign in the neighborhood and no one has taken my sign!

I was wondering how safe it is to go into past relationships on this blog that the whole world can see. Right now, there might be a readership of less than 100 (there have been over 4000 hits but most are the same readers clicking on different essays). I still love most of my ex gfs as there was something so special about each of them. It's sad that I have lost connection with most of them. It would be nice to know if they are at least happy or grew as a person from being with me. I am glad that I am still friends with some of them. I had chances to be a father to their children and chose not to let it happen with some. Maybe, it's my pack rat syndrome that wants to hold onto friendships. Since Alene died, I have had far more female relationships, friendships and connections. I used to have my tennis friends and that was my life.

In so many ways, I prefer being around women because it is so much easier to talk to them about feelings that I would feel uncomfortable talking to a man about. I think that most of the audience to this site is female. There are so many qualities about women that irritate me, but the fact that I had such a wonderful safe and secure relationship with my mother, helps me be nurturing and loving in relationships that I am involved in. I have had the longest on and off again friendship and love for Muffy since Alene left this world. She has helped me grow as a person and I hope that I have helped her. It is hard to tell her as with other relationships about living in the now and enjoying each other day by day rather than a long term commitment. I know women want that long term investment and I understand why they do. They feel that they are wasting their time with the man if they feel that there is no future with him. It seems that as soon as a man commits to that person long term, then all sorts of expectations arrive such as being a father and role model to their children. They see that he won't meet her expectations and then she gets angry and the man might prefer walking home rather than dealing with the anger erupting over idiotic trivial things like him asking if he has to pay extra for onions at McDonalds or wondering if the child maliciously hid the remote.

I prefer to keep a sense of humor about everything in order to deal with all the anger and frustration. My sense of humor, I think, helps me keep a healthy perspective on life's bullshit.
Before I get to deep, I will publish this and maybe delve into this controversial subject of relationships later.

From Bob Bresny's horoscope for Sagitarians:
Yellow jacket wasps have never been known to journey north of the Arctic Circle. They prefer warmer climates. But recently they began buzzing around a village in the northern part of Baffin Island, surprising the local residents, who have no word for the insects in their native Inuktitut language. I predict there'll soon be a comparable event in your life, Sagittarius. You will need new terms as well as fresh concepts to understand the appearance of an unprecedented phenomenon.

I see a change in government! Maybe I should buzz more around KC when I get my house ready for a non violent, educated renter!

For some reason, The oklahoma gazette has a different horoscope and I'm not able to cut and paste it or find it on cyberspace.
So I will write the crucial sentence:

"Extend forgiveness even to those who hurt you long ago and ask forgiveness even from those you hurt long ago. Halloween costume: religious penitent or self-flagellant"

I will even try to forgive that bully, Skippy Shy of 6th grade, and all the exgfs that broke my heart. I will also ask forgiveness to all the loved ones that I might have hurt long ago. I hope that this apology in cyberspace might help when I can't ask them in person.

I'm sure some amateur shrinks out there will have a field day with this and give me some more obvious one liner comments.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Plans for the adventure or Manana?

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

I know the social chairman is eager for me to go to Australia. I need to buy a laptop, buy a portable camcorder, fix up my roof and get a renter who's good about getting things done. The previous tenant, besides walking off not paying the summer's ac bill, left me a leak in the hot water tap to the master bedroom bath so it uses gas and water. A plumber will charge 50$ just to look at it, but I spend at least 10$ bucks a month with wasted gas and water. It's these little things that get on my nerves and often seem to put me into a "fuck it" state of mind, before I go get a few beers at the "red dog" and go worship the female body with a few 1$ tithes to the temple.

Sometimes, I wish that, Muffy would do a "Vulcan mind meld" with me and give me motivation to work, just to get shit done. She is one high metabolism woman! I only have to feed about every hour or two. (just kidding, she eats more than I do and I'm twice her size. She even mentioned my paunch the other day so much that I became self concious and was worried that it would be one of those days, but we had fun walking around Independence. We went to a Japanese restaurant and there was a bloke who looked like he had an extra 100 pounds of belly. Muffy apologized for mentioning my belly when she was totally disgusted with his. She agreed that I'm still in better shape than most blokes over 30 and the fat social chaiman of my neighborhood.)

Each day passes by with nothing done except a little writing. I hate to have to depend on adderall and coffee to get going in the day. There are so many things I have dreams about doing and now I'm getting very close to 50 without doing any of these noble aspirations.
Sometimes, I have delusions about writing this big 6 or 7 figure book, but I've made no attempts to contact publishers or magazines. At least Muffy says that the writing is getting better, but it jumps all over the place. I guess that is my ADD. Ill try this vitamin now at see how it affects my writing and my outlook for the rest of the day.

Today the temp will get up to 70 and then in the mid 80s for Thursday and Friday! Maybe, I can find a clean swimming pool to work on my cardiovascular system. ( I was worried for a moment that an hour of writing had disappeared again if the puter froze on me.I will explain my motivation for writing later.)

I know that many times, some of my readers will find this drivel boring, but this site is for cleansing my soul and getting it all out as a way to put things in perspective. I am figuring out a plan for the rest of my life and overcoming my desire to just vegetate and be a hermit. Then I get out and feel the need to connect with the world like I went out for an hour before the rest of the Republican rednecks trickle into Huddlestones. Steve's wife was there and gave me a hug before she played her favorite video game.
I miss Steve but I'm banned from Lumpy's. I'm sure from my controversial talk about rednecks and the hatred towards liberal was one of the reasons. I think Chris, the owner, thinks I'll send him the bill for visiting the emergency room after being a victim of assault from an emotionally disturbed customer (that they previously had banned) and the angry schwarzenegger bartender (he was fired until he takes a Dale Carnegie course, "How to win friends and influence customers without resorting to violence".) I think many bartenders become that way or grow up in a violent household.(i.e Jr at Mikes in KC). There was a nice new bartendress there but how long before she becomes bitter at the customers"? My last few ex/gfs have been bartending. It causes them to develop attitudes sometimes.
Ill continue this later unless some of my readers say it's too boring.

OK! It's 1:36 pm and I've taken one of these Phospherine tablets that is one of these natural aids to the function of the brain.
" a naturally occuring phopholipid that appears to play an important role in the function of the brain". I'm feeling a little more focused but still don't feel like getting out of the house other than take a walk with Charles, the peaceful friendly neighbor that doesn't have to yell to get his point across. I am almost intimidated from going outside before the fat neighbor comes over and harasses me about his brother's DVd and TV. With Muffy's inspiration to not let rednecks walk over me, I'm holding onto these for deposit for the electric bill. (uh, oh. Just writing this might draw their ire and the lady next door will write a nasty comment like she did before). I know Bubbas will think I'm a chicken shit, but I know how some of my neighbors are obsessed with guns and axes.
There is a stray bullet in Charles' gargage door. I know that they won't go to that but I'm sure they would love to meet me in a dark alley. It is best to avoid confrontations with violent people. I was sure glad that Charles was the witness to their agression.
The social chairman mentioned getting a police officer, but I have witnessed his volatile mood like I do when I'm trying to talk to emotionally disturbed teenagers. When they become loud, it is best to walk away. He threw something at me one time when I walked away from one of his "interrogations" and it just hit the wall of my house. Sometimes his military background concerns me for what steps he might take to aquire his brother's tv and DVD. The ex/tenant refused to pay the electric bill and walked out to live with his "brother". It almost makes me feel like I'm dealing with the mafia and extortion.

The social chairman seems like he's taking off from work to, so he will bother me if he sees me outside or chatting with Charles. I'll call Charles and see if he wants to go for a walk! :)

I am happy that I at least walked a few miles to the Chinese buffet.
I think that I would feel better about myself if I subbed a few days but it's always the first step of signing up, visiting the college.
Then I will feel better about myself. I have to get out of this morbid selfdeprecating depression. I also make a joke about it because the amateur shrinks might call me bipolar.

Now, I'm watching 60 minutes. I'll write some more later.Ok, it's a commercial. I was just watching ED Chapelle who is gonna get 50 million in the next 2 years for his comedy. I would be just happy with 6 figures so I could travel around the world on the interest :).
I keep getting "You will inherit a large sum of money" when I go the buffet. That doesn't make me happy because I want Dad to be around to 100 when he sees my book published and started a family. !2 years ought to give enough time, but I gotta get my shit together and not worry about emotionally disturbed violent neighbors.
Chapelle, who at 31 is already a sucess, was saying that you have to embrace my failures. I feel that I have a lot more failures and I'm even more of a minority being of Australian aboriginal descent.

Now I see Muffy roll her eyes at making that last statement the way she would when I brought up my famous aunt, who is a dead Australian painter. Her art is on Australian postage stamps.
I miss playing scrabble with her. She thinks I cheat. I can beat her without having to,,,but she is one of the smartest women without a degree that I've met. The last 3 gfs are very intelligent, one an artist, one a published writer and maseuse, and now for the last year an ardent very sharp feminist who is the best reality check for this crazy idea of a book!

The last paragraph was erased into cyberspace. I should write it all down in the microsoft first so that when the blog is down like it was the last half hour, it won't be lost or I should cut and paste it before publishing. Oh well, no use crying over dead words lost in cyber heaven.

I was talking about being a common survivor of someone surviving the death of someone close. My mother and Alene passed away within 4 years. Common survivors don't get the attention and concern like the survivors of Columbine, 911 and the Murrah Building. They are told to move on but some never completely heal just like many of the Vietnam vets who got the shaft when they came back. At least now we treat the veterans well with this war that is at the moment more popular than the Vietnam war. At the moment, most Americans are brainwashed into thinking Saddam was Osama's "brother". At least I get that feeling when I go into an Oklahoma pub!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Welcome back to the Okie Zone!

If you are you going to get personal, refrain from cussing.

Wow. It is so much of a change coming back to here. Thank God, that I have a friend like Charles in this sea of voluntary ignorance.
It is always great to have a friend to talk to where he won't want to dominate a conversation and keep interupting.

We were having a great conversation about gun control and the fear of terrorists getting access to uzzis. We often have a little chat in the middle of the day over a beer until the other neighborhood social chairman next door decides to interupt.(the whole family appeared to have taken off Tuesday or they must have a very long lunch hour). I won't go into details.

I had it all written down and the puter went down so maybe that was a sign. My horoscope was telling me that I had one chance to settle an issue or there would be an explosion. I guess I blew that chance by just standing ground. Muffy backs me up on this one!

Sometimes, I think it is just safer to just go south for the winter and work on my tan. That would make the social chairman of the neighborhood resentful of me going off to play in the middle of a career (what career?) Then he would be even more angry when I came back.

"when r u goin' to Australia. You've been talkin about it fer 2 years?"

Boy, that sure makes me feel welcome.!

Monday, October 18, 2004

Platonic post is funny!

While I am on this sabbatical/midlife crisis, I am enjoying the search for knowledge for the subject of love. I enjoy meeting my readers occasionally and think about if it was a mistake to bare my soul about love, vulnerabilities, career, organization of my life, embarrassment about mistakes that I continue to make. Right now it's Tuesday morning and it might as well be Sunday as the days drift by with self imposed guilt of not working. Is it me or society that puts this guilt when we don't work or doing something that is not continuing to make us grow as people? I've had a few hits (I sometimes censor myelf over society's views of shwag, especially by the fact that I'm honest to tell you that I'm a teacher and enjoy this sometimes magical herb) and so I'm in a sort of melancholic
relaxed creative state...Sometimes, I feel the magic too and then love to share the words like they are music....but then I censor myself as to how, I will communicate with you when Muffy might say it's bullshit or when Bubba says I'm crazy.... I hope sometime that past loves will read this and at least be able to laugh with me or at me...:(

This site is at the moment free (earning no $_), but If I want to be serious about this endeavor, I need to start looking for magazines, TV shows, reality shows, newspapers, and publishers, (wow!, now they are having drug tests with students, and anyone coaching with athletes. This is the Yukon schools. They are infringing on peoples' lives more and more. Under the guise of the patriots and this scary moral conservatism is invading our society like the Spanish Inquisition!)

I am going to post this now even though, I will continue to edit this little editorial, just to keep readers looking back to various essays that I have written. If there are grammar mistakes, feel free to correct me and I will do my best to not become defensive :).

I disagree with Joe's philosophy. If one approaches the "platonic" up front about their friendship, he/she will be at a much stronger position of strength.
Women are another species, but there is always something that they want from you, even if it is someone to listen to them. The fact that they enjoy your intelligence or your view from a male perspective, gives you the knowledge that they want something that makes you desirable. She will want to know how a man thinks when her male lover jilts her, rejects her, puts her down, etc. so that she will call you at 12:30 am when you are in deep rems (rapid eye movement while sleeping deeply). She will have you to cry on your shoulder and get some free therapy. If you help her realize that
that you are helping her, she should be grateful and at least buy you breakfast especially if she is earning more than you.
I know that I will get a lot of ire from angry women but that is the fuel for my website just as Bubbas are. I love the controversy as long I don't get physical harm or castration... probably stay anonymous! I worry about some folks reading this site especially Dad , my older brother, and ex principals that were power hungry and use the Karl Rove principal of political smears!

I do agree with this part of his philosophy as I have recently dicovered confirmation of this theory:

"They are obligated to pass on their knowledge to the Psychological Warfare Division of the Sisterhood to Destroy All Men."

Here is a cut and paste from

Do's and Don'ts of Cultivating and Maintaining a Platonic Friendship with a Woman You Would Otherwise Want To Have a Relationship With and Quite Possibly Marry.
DO play and replay scenarios in your mind where you come out and declare your true feelings to her, whereupon you proceed directly to frenzied yet sensitive, passionate, and completely fulfilling love-making.
DO NOT actually attempt this.

DO rehearse elaborate and impassioned declarations of your love
DO NOT ever let anyone hear you doing this.
DO NOT ever actually give her the speech. (Instead, drop little, enigmatic, self-deprecating hints to her, and then agonize over why she does not pick up on them.)

DO listen to all her problems with men:
No matter how many times you have heard her make these same mistakes (with other men), DO NOT get so entranced by her soft, full lips that you lean forward and kiss her. (Fantasize about it instead.)
DO feel the knife twisting and your insides tearing up as you listen to this
DO develop a gnawing enviousness that grows into an insane jealousy

DO commiserate with your close guy friends. See who can come up with the most heinously painful story about "The Treatment." Shudder in unison.

DO NOT confide in any of your female friends, because:
They won't understand.
They've done it themselves. In fact, they enjoy doing it.
They'll think you are talking about them.
They are obligated to pass on their knowledge to the Psychological Warfare Division of the Sisterhood to Destroy All Men.

DO get drunk and maudlin about her
DO NOT get drunk and confront her

If you do reveal your true feelings to her while drunk or in an otherwise abnormal or altered state of mind (incl. unwarranted happiness, ridiculously deep depression, brain fever, etc.), DO deny and disavow all statements the next day.
DO say how it would be such a big mistake if you were to get together with her.
DO joke about it afterwards.
DO NOT cry, break down, and admit that you have been carrying a torch for her for ___ weeks/months/years/aeons.
DO NOT consciously avoid her for the next two weeks (avoid her unconsciously).

DO curse yourself for being a miserable, spineless, pathetic, emotionally-stunted fool.
DO promise that you will change, that things will be different.
DO NOT actually change.

DO agonize about whether to sign letters to her "love" or "your friend"
DO NOT pretend you are kissing her when you lick the envelope.

DO vacillate between fearing that she will discover how you feel about her and hoping that she does.
DO seek out opportunities to hug, air/cheek kiss, and give/receive back rubs
DO NOT let things get out of hand (if this should happen, apologize profusely and disavow everything)

DO become trapped in a shallow, meaningless, lifeless relationship.
DO NOT actually seek out a secure, quality, lasting relationship, as this would interfere with your fantasizing about her
DO complain bitterly about this awful relationship to all your friends and to her.
DO create a web page that is vague enough to be relevant to the masses, yet specific enough so that the one, special platonic friend you've been carrying a torch for reads it, comes to her senses, and fulfills Fantasy #4
To add your comments, mail to

Do Not Overfeed Your New Platonic Friend
How Can They Do It? Reasons given by women on why they destroy men.
It can't be her fault. It must be my fault.
To be or not to be...that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to start over or just admit ignorance....
You are a sexist, misogynist pig. I'm checking your home page to see if you rate "babes," too.

Anger Management!

What is the psychology of getting angry?

It becomes difficult accepting another persons' interpretation of our own behavior.

We raise our voices.

We become defensive.

It is difficult looking another person in the eye without getting into the fight/flight mood of nature.

Our blood pressure rises and we are prepared to become violent or run away.


There are certain types of intelligence.
Some people love to flaunt their knowledge and then lack the common sense to disguise it in front of others.

There are some that are genetically inclined towards becoming teachers.

Some take the chance of risking their safety for intelligence.
Some ask questions that others would never dare ask.

Some use their intelligence to become more powerful regardless of others almost as if life were truly a chess match, sacrificing everything for the sake of checkmate.

Many use intelligence as a way of getting higher on the human pecking order.

But I love intelligence
when it is synchronized
like the surfboard is to the wave
two intelligent minds working together
like a conversation with a common goal
workers together on the same beautiful house with a common theme
so there are not interuptions to the building

one intelligence combines with another...
beautiful minds in harmony
so much that you are both going together with that thought
on the surfboard to truth and wisdom

there are 5 senses

and then there are senses tuning into a vibe, connecting with the world that our common senses don’t see

feeling when there is going to be a storm
or the premonition of something bad about to happen

walking into a room filled with anger
or walking into a room filled with acceptance

some of this is learned intelligence
some is from years of learning to tune into what we can’t explain

Happy Birthday Alene!

I only have 10 minutes to write a post so I'll talk about her energy.
I sometimes feel her presence helping me and giving me guidance.
She's upstairs talking to Mom,
hoping that I'll make the right choices and the ripples created will hopefully help save the world
from destruction, misunderstanding and anger

There will still be life, if we destroy ourselves, but it's a shame that all written word will be left for the insects to devour...

A girl named Phoebe was born on the same day, October 18th, a few years after Alene left me.
Was it coincidence or some twist of fate for her to come into my life for only a few months?
She started calling me "Daddy".
Oh well, I was about to send a birthday card but I was afraid that it would be intercepted again by "grandmommy dearest", who is the matriarch of the family.

It is a shame that there is so much anger and hatred in the world to not let us forgive and love each other. I am hoping that there will be a chance for peace and love among fellow humans to flourish somewhere or at least find that place to be with others of the same philosophy.

I know it's a fantasy but sometimes I think that this schwagatopia will be reality somewhere someday....(to be cont)

Saturday, October 16, 2004


It's 115 pm and I know 5 of my readers are eager to hear about Garvald's adventures. My Australian father would always tell Ron and me stories every night religiously before or during a cuddle with Mom. Dad would be in the hall and we both would focus on him and the hall light while we listened from our separate rooms.

I'm upstairs writing while I have a chance before the kids come home.
Muffy's daughter was actually surprised when I gave her cash and a card telling her how I've been hearing great things! She even thanked me. I'm sure she still hates me cuz I'm fat, bald and retarded. This will give me a little time to talk to my friends in cyberspace. I long for these moments with my readers esp after a few tokes :). of creativity!

Dad would always start a story with,
"A long, long time ago in the land of Vithjod" (the name sounded Nordic and magical)

I wish that we had taperecorded all of those great stories and I wish that I could remember some of them.

I love thinking how lucky I was to have good parents and not have a "mommy dearest". So many women that I've dated grow up in restrictive or abusive families.
Sometimes, when I see all the good in my father and mother, I can see myself being a
good father figure for children. I would love to tell them stories at night before they went to sleep and my soulmate would be there to give them love and cuddles like any good mom would do each night. I became so accustomed to this ritual, that I thought it strange that other parents did not do the same for their children.

I've had relationships where I have really bonded with the mother's children. I became very close and attached to them but then I couldn't help bring them up with love and good nourishment of the soul when it did not work out with the mother. I was sad when they called me "Daddy" like the little girl who was born on October 18th. Her son was telling me often how he was looking forward to me being his father. I tried to teach him how to ride a bike without sucess, while his mother was cleaning our "home" before grand- mother arrived for the claustrophobic weekend of disapproval. I don't know about home repairs :(.

Im looking outside Muffy's window seeing the colors change as seasons pass faster and faster.
Wishing that I could pause time, like you can with the DVD and see that moment forever or at least until the photo fades also with time.

Muffy has a photo of me ( by the 'frig) at summer camp in the summer of 69' barely younger than her daughter. My looks have changed so much in 35 short years and not wanting to think how old and hagard I might be after 35 more. Garvald momentarily thinks he's the highlander of the "clan Mc Cloud"!

Ms. Reality says,
"Garvald, you are no highlander!"
as she hurries him off the 'puter from her daughters' bedroom (what an inconvenient spot)"

She reads his thoughts from the look on the forlorn pathetic unemployed teacher snatched away from his creative outlet!

"Then why don't you buy a laptop??"
she says with disgust at his chosen obsession that brings no immediate financial gain!

Another of the many things Garvald has to do before getting even close to this gargantuan task of self-actualization.
He thinks back to one of his past ancestors in his own evolutionary gene pool.
(Muffy walks in on him looking for the phone and tells him that he has 30 minutes before their Sunday walkabout town alla fussganger (pedestrian and umlaut on the u).

"Why do you waste your time with such deluded fantasies?"
while she emptys the bladder. (I will probably have to do some serious censoring so as not to make the angry minority that's a majority even angrier!)

Garvald responds with mock seriousness,
"Hey don't give me credit for that delusion. I stole it!"

He gets the desired result of getting the female to laugh instead of goin' into the grump mode. He uses his conversational judo to help her out of her temporary grumpy hypoglygemic negative bashing of the Garvaldian philosopy.
She rolls her eyes again as she goes into the high metabolic cook mode.

OK! He's got 10 minutes to go into his really true "fair dinkum" fantasy that Garvald actually thought of himself in his cannabized state. Garvald launches (Muffy said that last night in front of Lillian and Eric! It brought back memories of his cute group therapist who threw her napkin in disgust while he had one of these "launches")

The cromagnon Garvald seizes the spear and launches himself onto the woolmammoths back from the overhanging cliff. He stabs his 16 inch spear into the mammoth neck with passion and mad visions of his shwagmaiden seeing his act of bravery so she would have his little gene pools run around his cave further on down the beach.

So garvald finished the gorgeous day with Muffy keeping his little transgressions from normal conversation in check especially under the influence. Independence has a beautiful little sqare telling all of its history including the civil war battles going on in town. (Hopefully we wont have a civil war the way we are headed to bipolarity) (to be cont)

So we finish the beautiful day and tomorrow is an "addaboy" day to be on the road again before 11. Get all the crap out of storage, and really make plans for the next 3 weeks, esp if Bush get's reelected. I am more worried about the state of affairs in this country so it is critical that we all talk to as many folks as we can! You all have a nice evening and maybe I will have a chance later to write, but I doubt it.

Friday, October 15, 2004

I have "Bush's Brain" until noon Sunday! (Karl Rove)

It's Saturday am and no significant dreams that I can remember, but thinking how critical it is that the Americans know the evil behind the scenes. I wish that folks could just read this or watch the documentary about him and how he will win at all costs. He is the DR Frankenstein. Bush did not think that he even had a chance to become governor of Texas. Rove knew exactly where and when to hit below the knees with lies about any candidate that they were running against. Kerry has remained above all of this. Now, I would not be surprised if Pres. Rove is behind telling everyone to make a big deal that Kerry mentioned that Cheney's daughter is a "lesbian" when Cheney already aknowledged it a long time ago to the American public!
Rove is so effective at intimidating press and telling national reporters like Novak what to write! Why is the press not continuing to ask about where George was during Alabama??... yet all they want to do is go on about Kerry's legitimate war record with Sinclair news ( a conservative organization). Please get on the "internets" and look up these things. Be informed about what is going on or we will lose our freedom as we already under the "Patriot Act"!

Fantastic documentary about a man on a mission. An unauthorized biography of a political killing machine. Karl Rove is an evil genius that will go to whatever lengths to destroy a person's career. He has the same tenacity as Mcarthy did in the communist witch hunt of the 50's !
Here's a post about the DVD and the book:

BuzzFlash Interviews

Who is Bush's Brain? Karl Rove is, according to a New Book Chronicling the Political Life of the Machiavelli Behind the Throne of King George

With James Moore, Co-Author (with Wayne Slater) of "Bush's Brain"

Some readers have e-mailed us asking why BuzzFlash is offering a book about Karl Rove as a premium. Our answer is simple: know your enemy. Rove may be evil, but he is an evil genius. Freedom loving Americans ignore him at their peril. Rove never graduated from a college, but he is a masterful three-dimensional chess player, albeit working for the forces of radical extremism. Rove runs circles around the Democratic leadership. He's a bear hunter who knows how to bait and trap with the best of them.

It's too bad he is the most powerful man in Washington, working on behalf of the forces of evil. Karl Rove would do Lucifer proud.

In a May 7th op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, this is what James Moore had to say about Rove:

Karl Rove led the nation to war to improve the political prospects of George W. Bush. I know how surreal that sounds. But I also know it is true.

As the president's chief political advisor, Rove is involved in every decision coming out of the Oval Office. In fact, he flat out makes some of them. He is co-president of the United States, just as he was co-candidate for that office and co-governor of Texas. His relationship with the president is the most profound and complex of all of the White House advisors. And his role creates questions not addressed by our Constitution.

Rove is probably the most powerful unelected person in American history.

The cause of the war in Iraq was not just about Saddam Hussein or weapons of mass destruction or Al Qaeda links to Iraq. Those may have been the stated causes, but every good lie should have a germ of truth. No, this was mostly a product of Rove's usual prescience. He looked around and saw that the economy was anemic and people were complaining about the president's inability to find Osama bin Laden. In another corner, the neoconservatives in the Cabinet were itching to launch ships and planes to the Mideast and take control of Iraq. Rove converged the dynamics of the times. He convinced the president to connect Hussein to Bin Laden, even if the CIA could not.

This misdirection worked. A Pew survey taken during the war showed 61% of Americans believe that Hussein and Bin Laden were confederates in the 9/11 attacks.

Here is the BuzzFlash interview with James Moore.

* * *

BUZZFLASH: The title of your book is pretty provocative – Bush's Brain. Where are we supposed to go with that concept?

JAMES MOORE: Well, originally I didn't intend for it to be pejorative. I wanted it to strictly speak to what Karl Rove's role was, and that was his nickname. It was one of three nicknames that he had from the press corps and from Governor Bush. Governor Bush called him Boy Genius. And the press corps -- when everybody referred to him in the thirty party -- we said: Oh, he's Bush's Brain.

And it was meant as he's a brainy guy, a brainy fellow. But the title of the book is sort of two-fold; I wanted it to cut both ways. I wanted it to be a little pejorative, but I also wanted it to directly refer to Karl. The other nickname for Karl, which the President has, which is a sort of Texas colloquialism, is Turd Blossom, which means something wonderful that grows up out of a cowpie.

BUZZFLASH: What exactly do you think Bush means by that?

MOORE: Well, I think what he means is that there's a lot of stuff he hates about Karl, and about having to be political, and the games that he has to play and indulge in in order to get where he wants. But the fact that Karl is very good at this is a positive, and it brings a benefit. It puts a bloom on a thorny old Bush.

BUZZFLASH: In your book, certainly I think it's fair to say that there's a mixture of admiration for Rove's political skills and his smarts, his strategy. But you certainly provide factual evidence that his intelligence has been put to use for strategy over principle, for anything it takes to win. And you've got some very detailed examples of that: the bugging of his own office, the gutter tactics used in unseating Jim Hightower as Texas Agriculture Commissioner, and so forth.

So here's the proverbial question: What makes Rove tick? You mention at least a couple times that it's a drive toward being at the pinnacle of power; I think you use something like the phrase "the highest unelected official in the United States." Does he have an ideology? Or is it simply to win?

MOORE: Well, two things: One is, you said admiration, and I don't think it's as much admiration as it is awe. I am amazed by his grasp of both the big picture and detail. I've never, ever seen anyone who's able to look out beyond the event horizon and sort of create the next environment that will support his political ends, and then, at the same time, manage details right down to the precinct level. He's phenomenal in that regard.

In terms of ideology, Karl does have an ideology, and it is very fundamentalist, conservative, Republican to the right. If he had to pick a group which he most closely associates with, that group is going to be very conservative, Christian fundamentalist Republicans. And all of the messages that the White House sends in the way the White House governs is to that base Republican core that Karl believes is the foundation of the Republican Party and its future, and its hope for election in 2004.

By design, they have no enemies on the right. And they'll take them on the left, but there are none on the right. And that's precisely what Karl chooses to do.

BUZZFLASH: Does he choose to do that for political and strategic reasons? Or because he himself is of that extremist ideology?

MOORE: I think he believes both. I think that he believes very much in that particular ideology, but he also thinks that strategically, if those people aren't there, and if those people aren't energized and using their mechanism to turn out their votes, the Republicans can't stay in power.

BUZZFLASH: He packages Bush as the "compassionate conservative" -- the images of Bush surrounded by black schoolchildren, surrounded by Elizabeth Smart, who had been abducted. The images America sees are not of the extremist ideology -- they're of a caring man, a caring President. So there's clearly a dichotomy. Some would call that hypocrisy. And in your book, you again detail that his methodology doesn't necessarily live up to the espoused morality that Bush and the extreme right articulates –- that, as Tom DeLay hypocritically proclaims, there should be no moral relativism. BuzzFlash argues that this administration is the epitome of moral relativism. It's the original bait and switch administration.

What Karl does to achieve his goals in terms of the candidates he's worked for is unscrupulous. He thinks nothing of slandering people. He is a rumor mongerer. He has allegedly used law enforcement personnel to undercut his opponents. How is that balanced, do you think, in his own mind? That the means, even if illegal or skirting at the edge of the law, don't matter as long as you achieve your ends? Clearly, there's a lot of moral relativism going on there because he doesn't have any compunction about starting a whispering campaign against John McCain in South Carolina, claiming that he has a black child, and he wasn't really a war hero and so forth. And yet Bush and Rove and the White House espouse these absolute, moral values. So how do those two things exist within him?

MOORE: Well, it's something I said all along. Compassionate conservatism in Texas is where they ask you if want green Jello or red Jello before they stick the needle in your arm and execute you. That's compassionate conservatism. But Karl's method for governance, which he has gotten this President to use very effectively, is completely cynical and it's based on the whole idea that we are all too busy to pay attention to the details of what's going on. We're all running around worrying about our mortgages and our 401Ks, and getting the kids to school or daycare, and picking up the dry cleaning, and planning vacation or retirement, that we don't read deeply into the story.

He once told a consultant that we interviewed for "Bush's Brain" that you should run every political campaign as though people are watching television with the sound turned down. And toward that end, you rely heavily on imagery and not very much on substance, knowing that if the President is photographed in a school of minority and ethnic children, and is interested in their future in that particular photo op, that people will trust that image. And they don't go beyond that image to look at his policy, which is signing the "Leave No Child Behind Act" in a big, high-profile moment with Senator Ted Kennedy, and then gutting the heart out of that bill with the funding that he offers up for it.

The President has become very good at these phony linkages. For instance, you'll see him running around talking about the tax bill, saying we need to get it passed so that we can create jobs for people. Factually, this tax bill -– there's not an economist in America or a successful business person, Warren Buffet among them, who believes that getting rid of the taxation of dividends is going to create jobs anytime in the near future, and ostensibly in the long term. But if the President says it over and over enough, people will believe it, just as Karl Rove got him to say over and over that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9/11.

At time of the war in Iraq, the Pew survey showed 61 percent of Americans believed the canard about Iraq. So the whole concept is to speak as though you are a compassionate, sensitive, caring guy, and create these photo opportunities that prove that. But do whatever you want to do when you govern, because the public isn't paying very close attention. And they've gotten away with it thus far.

BUZZFLASH: Well, I don't know if you cover this explicitly in your book, because the book you wrote with Wayne Slater is very much based on your interviews and fact, and not as speculative as I'm asking you to be. But how do you think Rove balances -– getting back to my last question -– the White House espousing the sense of absolute moral superiority, if you want to call it moral purity, with tactics that include lying, deception, and use of government agencies for political purposes?

MOORE: Well, the dichotomy exists within the collaboration between Bush and Rove. And you see it in his campaigns, and you see it in their governance. And it works this way: The President is oblivious, and chooses to stay oblivious, to the things that Karl does, and the contradictions about morality that Karl does. The whole concept, and it works in all of his campaigns, is the candidate or the officeholder takes the high road -- talks policy, talks moral clarity, and honor, and principle -- while the operative does all the dirty work down in the ditch, and splashes the mud, and spreads the scurrilous smears and rumors and whisper campaigns that have the desired political effect to keep the candidate elected.

And so they ignore the contradiction because they've sort of compartmentalized it in their collaboration. Karl has no problem with it, and the President has this rationalization that, well, I really don't know that's going on out there; I'm just saying what I believe. It's almost like this phenomenon after the Jews were released from the concentration camps, where they couldn't remember certain parts of the experience because of the psychological phenomenon called selective recall.

I think what takes place in terms of Karl and the President is almost a sort of selective consciousness.

And I also think it's possible that Karl is pathological. And I didn't realize how strong of a statement that is, but if you look at some of the things that we heard during the course of doing research for this book -- in one instance, we wrote about these debate contests, and we wrote about him running for office. We interviewed six people who he went to high school with who were very close to him. Remember that this is the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, and most of us are growing our hair long and wearing tie-dyed t-shirts, and Karl is wearing a coat and tie to school at a public school every day. Now when you talk to six different people, the one characteristic that stands out in their mind about Karl is his dress -– him dressing like a businessman when everyone else is dressing like rebellious hippies.

You got six people say that, and then Karl saying: Oh, that's nonsense; I only wore a coat and tie on debate days. Well, you begin to believe that there's something pathological about a guy who can perceive a reality that everyone else says does not exist. And it causes me some concern about him being in as much power and influence as he has within the White House.

BUZZFLASH: As you detail in your book, Rove has some interesting biographical notes. His father left the family; his mother committed suicide; he avoided service in the military and Vietnam; he never finished college. It's a very interesting background for someone who is probably the most powerful unelected official in the United States. And you don't get into too much psychobabble in analyzing him, other than to say perhaps this chaotic background left him prone to seek some sort of strong influence and sense of order and the authoritarianism in the Republican Party. But it is a sort of an unusual pedigree for what he has attained. After all, his biggest accomplishment up to working for George Bush the elder at the RNC was a record of dirty campaign tricks that he accumulated during his Young Republican days.

MOORE: Well, I do think that's true. And part of the direction he's gone in, however, is also a product of that background. I mean, he grew up in an irreligious family, and now he embraces fundamentalist Christianity in a very strong way. And he is very, very driven to achieve and to accomplish things that will be of note. And I think that a part of that -– you know, a lot of us who come from those kinds of backgrounds are driven in those kinds of ways. And I think it informs everything that Karl has become, because I think there was so much uncertainty that he sought clarity. He wanted things simple. He wanted them black and white. And he's found a President who thinks the same way. And unfortunately, life is not lived in the black-and-white zones. It's lived in the gray zones. And this President and Karl don't acknowledge that the gray zones exist.

BUZZFLASH: You mentioned before his comment about most Americans receive their news from television with the sound turned off. That seems like a very telling comment, considering that Rove's certainly the best master of the television image since Mike Deaver handled Reagan's image. Rove may be more masterful, because Reagan was an actor and he just walked onto Mike Deaver's sets.

But let's take an example of what happened on the U.S. Abraham Lincoln, and the fact that now even Ari Fleischer's admits it wasn't an issue of not being able to take a helicopter because it was too far away, since it was only 30 miles offshore, changing the story and saying that Bush really wanted to see what it was like to land on a carrier. And then we learned that the ship was delayed, and the delay cost a lot, and Condoleeza Rice flew out ahead on a helicopter -– all sorts of things are coming out.

This seems to capitalize on what you just said –- that Karl Rove isn't concerned about the lies getting out, because that's all sort of an insider's story that the average American is never going to learn about or hear about. All the average TV-watching American sees is that image of the Commander in Chief landing on the deck there, triumphantly, in a pilot's uniform. And that's the image Rove knows is going to be in the campaign commercial. The White House all but admits it was preparatory for the campaign. And it's almost at this point that it doesn't even matter if the truth comes out, because when it comes out, it's really only being absorbed by a very select group of people. The country at large doesn't suck in that footnote information that reveals the charade and lies.

And Rove, unfortunately, just seems to be brilliant at that. It seems the Democrats don't understand that at all -- they don't understand the power of image. They don't understand that even on the rare occasion that they do object or criticize an extremist Bush policy, that it doesn't matter, because it's not translated into an image that Americans can understand.

Where did Rove develop this? He wasn't really a journalist. He started in the political world; ironically, as a college Republican, since he never graduated from college. But basically his political consulting started off as a expertise in direct mail. How did he develop such skill at playing the media like a fiddle?

MOORE: Well, he's always been a very quick study, and he's an extremely intelligent guy. He's one of the brightest people I've ever met. And I guarantee you he was watching closely what Deaver did. And he knows the way the media works, he knows what drives it. He knows that if you get the big image and the big moment, you can use it. And he's fearless when it comes to intimidating the media and making them think twice about asking questions.

I was astonished by the Abraham Lincoln event because it is such an irony, and so hypocritical for the President to don a flight suit and take that flight because we're talking about a President who used family connections to get into the National Guard. He lost his flight status after four years because he refused to show up for his physical in 1972, which also happened to be the year that random drug testing was begun. And in his first campaign he said that he couldn't find his family physician to give him the physical. And then it was pointed out the military doctor gives these physicals. And then they said, well, he didn't go because he decided he would no longer fly, as if an enlistee gets to decide their future service and duty.

Punishment was issued for him to do civilian duty in Denver, for which he did not show up. He claims to have showed up in Alabama, when he transferred to Alabama to work on his Senate campaign. The commanding officer there said that he never showed up. I mean, he takes a privileged position in the Guard and then does not honor his commitment -- disappears for the last two years of his hitch and uses family privilege to avoid combat and making any kind of political statement about the War in Vietnam. And yet they have the chutzpah to put him in a plane and fly him out there, and think that no one will ask him about these contradictions.

And guess what? All there was was media gushing about what an amazing event this was, and how great the President looked, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And no one called him a draft dodger. No one said: Mr. President, there's a difference between you and the people you're here to honor. They finished their commitment -– their military duties -– and you shirked yours.

BUZZFLASH: How have we gotten to this point –- to a point Rove's skill can be confident of success in a situation like that, despite the gross and blatant hypocrisy of the situation?

MOORE: They have a 24-hour machine that attacks. And it's constantly staffed and it intimidates and it distracts. It uses head fakes. They jump on John Kerry for saying that he is part Jewish. They jump on John Kerry and Howard Dean for debating each other too strongly. And any reporter who would deign to ask these kinds of questions of the Bush administration would get the White House in their face, saying: How dare you? And then they would be threatened with access.

They play this game of access. They know very well that once a reporter loses his or her access to the White House, their job is gone. And so the reporter is sort of intimidated into not asking these kinds of tough questions. This is a game that they perfected here in Texas. As a matter of fact, in 1994, when he was running for governor for the first time against Ann Richards, I was panelist in his broadcast debate. And I was the first person in his life to ask him the question, particularly in public –- how he got into the Texas Air National Guard when there a hundred thousand young men on waiting lists around the country that ranged from three to five years.

How did he get into the National Guard and avoid the draft? And he answered the question, not very well -– he didn't tell the truth. But after the debate, both Karl and Karen came up to me and jumped on me, and said: What kind of question was that? How dare you? Why would you ask such a question? That's so irrelevant. He served, you know. He was in the National Guard, et cetera, et cetera. And I said: Wait a minute -– I'm a few years younger than he was, and I know from my experience and my friends that we all tried to get into the Guard because it was a way to avoid combat. And we at least admitted it. And he's trying to pretend that no strings were pulled.

I said I have a sense of obligation to ask that question because I lost friends in Vietnam -- and I tried to avoid it myself. And I know the way the game was played. If you had family connections, you were safe. If you didn't, you weren't. And he's got ‘em.

The point is that they use rank intimidation to silence the media. And they certainly are not beyond going to management and asking questions. I had the office of former President Bush one time call a television station in Texas that I worked for, asking them why I had asked such a difficult question of the President during an appearance in San Antonio. Those are the games they play, and they work.

BUZZFLASH: Now tell me -– getting back to the election of George Bush to the governorship, let's go back even before that, as Rove is positioning things for the Republicans to solidify their control in Texas. In the book Bush's Brain, you devote considerable time to this period, and it's just absolutely fascinating to read -- a case study of how Rove dislodged Jim Hightower as Agricultural Commissioner, and you bring up this curious relationship between Rove and an FBI agent, Greg Rampton.

MOORE: Karl first met Greg Rampton in 1986 when Karl bugged his own office, and Rampton was one of the FBI guys who came to his office to investigate. Rampton had been stationed in Austin for a few years and was part of an investigation that was setting up these phony bribes for state officials. And he went after a number of state officials there, and got some trials but no convictions.

Anyway, my belief is that somehow, during the course of the phony bugging investigation in Karl's office, Rove discovered that he and Greg Rampton were politically sympathetic with each other. And Greg Rampton ended up investigating every Democratic officeholder on a statewide basis in Texas, and never got anything against any of them. And they went after Jim Hightower, the Agriculture Commissioner, and were interviewing dozens of people at the Ag Commissioner's office, hoping to get Jim Hightower indicted, but they couldn't.

But there were two elderly guys who had been fundraisers for about 30 years over there. They ended up being indicted and prosecuted and convicted. And during the course of all that, they got many offers to roll over on Hightower and the charges against them would be dropped. They refused to do it.

Also in process, numerous people were told during the course of their interviews by Greg Rampton: Look, if you think you've got anything, call Karl Rove and he'll get in touch with me. It was quite, quite clear to everybody in town, and from the attorneys who were defending these people at the Ag Department –- dozens of people had retained attorneys for their FBI interviews -– that Rove was running the operation, and Rampton was taking directions from Karl Rove.

BUZZFLASH: And also that some of their investigation was timed for the media.

MOORE: Yeah, the day that Hightower announced that he was running for reelection, Rampton showed up at Hightower's office with 10 different subpoenas for documents and individuals and said it was strictly coincidental.

Just as the timing on the bugging in Karl's office was "coincidental," in that the bug was discovered on the day of the only debate in the Texas gubernatorial campaign in 1986, and Karl's candidate happened to be a horrid debater. And the coverage of that bugging completely covered up the entire debate. On the front page of the newspaper the next day, hardly anything was written about the debate.

BUZZFLASH: And it also made his candidate and him look like victims. Just two other quick things about Hightower: You also point out -– in a somewhat scary and humorous fashion at the same time -– that a reporter at one point called Hightower's office about their reactions to subpoenas that had been issued, and no one in the office knew, meaning that this reporter had been leaked the subpoena information -- possibly by Rove -- and had just jumped the gun.

MOORE: It actually happened several times with several reporters. But that was the one where the Ag Department people put the pieces together. Rove denied to me that he leaked.

BUZZFLASH: But Rampton says he didn't do it. Rove says he didn't do it. So –

MOORE: Who did?

BUZZFLASH: – someone's not telling the truth.

MOORE: Well, then it has to come out of the U.S. Attorney's Office, and that's the least likely place because then a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's Office runs the risk of obstruction of justice charges and going to prison for a long, long time. So I don't think that happened. I think it was Rove or Rampton.

BUZZFLASH: The attack on Hightower is so illustrative –- and that's one of the reasons I assume you spent a lot of time on it –- of Karl Rove's tactics. You mentioned Hightower was a target because he was the highest profile Democrat at the time and sort of a rising star. And we all know he's still around and is still a populist. And Rove came up with this strategy to tarnish him, and eventually unseat him, even though he looked like a shoe-in. And the person who ran against him is the current governor of Texas –

MOORE: Rick Perry.

BUZZFLASH: – Perry. And once again, Rove succeeded. In a race that looked like it was Hightower's to lose, he lost it. But he lost it because of the sideshow that was created.

MOORE: Well, he lost it. A big part of it was this phony-baloney investigation. But Hightower did make one major misstep, and that was Jesse Jackson pressured him for a presidential endorsement, and Hightower gave him that endorsement. And that's also at the time when flag-burning legislation was being kicked around, and Jesse Jackson was fighting a Constitutional amendment against burning the flag. And so, in East Texas, which always has the greatest turnout in this state in terms of percentages, Rove and Rick Perry put up a bunch of ads with Hightower and Jesse Jackson and a burning flag. And that pretty much brought Hightower's demise.

BUZZFLASH: Your book ends shortly before the Iraq war, but it's very prescient in terms of its predictions -– the way you left it then is pretty much how it has actually played out. I just read today that Rove is now careful not to call it a war, but rather "the Iraq battle."

MOORE: Right. I thought they would, for alliterative and marketing purposes, call it the Battle of Baghdad, but they decided to call it the Battle of Iraq.

BUZZFLASH: You point out how Rove saw his opportunity, and he took it with the war on terrorism and with creating a permanent condition where Bush becomes unattackable, and all other issues are secondary to protecting the nation against the terrorist threat. He saw this as an opportunity to basically put every issue by the backburner, as far as a debatable issues by the Democrats. And not only that, but to actually turn the war to the advantage of the right-wing agenda and claim that anything that's being done is being done to advance the war on terrorism.

They had said for a while that even tax cuts would help fight the war on terrorism. Everything became a part of it. We needed drilling in the Arctic wilderness because we needed more oil, to ensure our supply in case it's cut off in the war on terrorism. Ashcroft's powers increased, also due to the war on terrorism. Rove masterfully turned September 11 –- a tragedy –- into a win-win situation for the right wing of the Republican Party. Of course, the fact that the Democrats rolled over like dogs on their backs helped him achieve his goals.

Indeed, you point out that when they started the "permanent war" political strategy, one of the key assumptions that Rove had was that the Democrats wouldn't fight back in terms of trying to change the definition of the debate, particularly when they were beginning the "war on terrorism," and Daschle and Gephardt went along with the Patriot Act and also with giving supreme war powers to Bush and so forth. And you point out that Rove was right. By the time we were leading up to the Iraq invasion, Rove had succeeded and it was pretty hard to lay a punch on Bush. This again seems like a masterful triumph of defining image in the mind of the voter. Rove knows how to define the issues in a way that, even if the Democrats were willing and had some guts, it doesn't seem they would be able to master a media counter-campaign.

MOORE: Well, a big part of the success of Karl has been the absolute befuddlement of the Democrats, and also, in many, many cases, their own lack of righteous indignation and lack of message. I remember that it was Joe Lieberman of Connecticut who was pushing Homeland Security, and the White House said: No, no, no –- we don't need another gigantic bureaucracy. And then what happened was, all of a sudden, they cobbled together very quickly their own Homeland Security Department. And they release it on the day that Colleen Rowley is testifying before the Senate on the failure of the Bush administration's FBI to take action on her memo about a potential 9/11 event.

After the Senate tries to create a bill that's much more reasonable than the one the White House has put together, the President says in New Jersey that the United States Senate is not as interested in the security of our country as it should be. Now in the United States Senate, you have Daniel Inouye, who served in World War II. You had Max Cleland, who left two legs and an arm in Vietnam. And the draft-dodging President is saying that they're not interested in the security of the United States! Well, there was no screaming and hollering from Max Cleland or Daniel Inouye. They sent Tom Daschle out there, and Daschle's an easy target. Strategically, it was a bad move to send Daschle out.

The White House operatives have now taken the war in Iraq –- Karl has -– and they have made it into the defining context of the Bush presidency. Coming next is that they will take both of these things –- the economy and the war against terrorism –- and they will bundle it up into one package. Another one of Karl's many gifts is a simplicity of message, and finding the right message that the public gets, that it understands, and is able to access very quickly and easily, and doesn't have to think in great depth or detail about actually what's going on.

So he's going to market the economic problems and the war on terrorism under the purview of a message called security. And we're going to be talking about economic security and national security. In terms of the economy, Karl is going to have the President say, look, if I hadn't been distracted by the war, I would have got my tax cut plan through Congress. And it would have already begun to work. But because I was distracted, I only am just now getting this through. Don't toss me out until this thing has had a chance to work. And look, I didn't get all of it. So re-elect me and I'll go back. And I'll fight that mean old Congress, and we'll get the rest of the tax bill. And we'll turn this economy around.

Now, on the other side of this message, in terms of national security, Karl will have the President say we've made some progress in the war on terrorism, but it's not over. This is an ongoing war. And we resolved the whole mess with Saddam Hussein, but there are other dangers out there. And whatever you do, you shouldn't change your Commander in Chief in the middle of a war. I believe completely that it's possible, if the President is politically on the ropes late next summer or early next fall, that there will be a military incursion into Syria, or they will say that there are hidden weapons of mass destruction there, or there are some Iraqi leaders in Syria. Or they will go into Pakistan. And they will suggest that bin Laden is in a compound in Karachi. Or they will go into Iran, and they will suggest that too many Shiites have been crossing over from Iran into Southern Iraq, and they're creating an unstable situation in Southern Iraq, so they're going after Shiite leadership in Iran. It's all going to be positioned as unfinished business. And why would you bring a new CEO in to finish out the business when you got the guy in there who started it?

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