Thursday, September 30, 2004

Thanks, Leigh Anne

"So why am I posting this here? Because nobody gives a shite in my real life, and I don't want to subject my own website's visitors to my personal problems. Besides, you've been hungry for comments, I hear."

We give a shite, Leigh, except for Bubbanon!
I think personal stories are sometimes fascinating to others as we let others into our lives. Your website is fantastic, Leigh Anne and I appreciate all your help with mine! I feel with your website, mine and when all of us bloggers come together, we can really make an impact on the government as to making serious changes. I talked to a young union rep that is lobbying for workers. We talked about how unions are effective for getting things done and not let management take advantage of workers. In England and Australia, they have the labor party which is like our Democratic party, except that they really have the support of the workers and support workers. I'm realizing that there are many of us with similar opinions about our freedoms being taken away and working for a good wage is becoming a thing of the past. From watching Oprah, yesterday, I realized that it is not only me that is becoming very passionate about where our government is going. I was friends with Drew, Cameron, and Christina in this common goal, this common collective. This desire to still be up at 4 am and talk to others like I am now and writing so you will also not feel alone with this passion. If you, the readers also become involved as I'm sure many of you are, we will become the common collective conciousness to change!

Leigh Anne, Do you think I get too personal on my website? It's nice to know that there are people out there that give a shit. I feel good when I meet friends that have read my website for example, John,(whom I met at Lumpy's a couple of years ago) has been keeping up with my adventures and him mentioning parts of the story that made an impact on him, for example the fight at Lumpy's (by the way, I went by the place and Steve was nice about saying that Chris had banned me from the place for being the victim of an emotionally disturbed customer that was previously banned from the place for continued violence and agression. They should have kept out violent people for the safety of the customers. ) When I meet a new reader, it excites me that they also are excited about the stories..It's sometimes like a life or discovery is happening to you and others (friends hopefully) are sharing this...

"And speaking of comments, I should like to hear more about Muffy!"

I want to write more about her fine attributes such as her zest for fighting for reproductive rights. She has many concerns for the government and got me more involved in politics. We both love to eat up the news and CNN together having voracious appetites. She is one extremely smart cooky and always keep me on my toes. She actually told me that my writing has been improving and flowing better. I told her that writing improves with practice just like swimming laps each day! (That reminds me that I need to swim some more laps at the apts close by house before it gets too cold. We are still having days in the low 80's). She just wishes that I wasn't obsessed with this website but I told her that it's much healthier to obsess about it than wasting my time obsessing about bipolar born again pagan women!

"for Your Botticelli maiden is a fine diamond in a world filled with limestone, and you and I both know how prophetic and exciting she can be if there's somebody making her happy and not the other way around...(Hats off to Sir Hiram Walker and his delightful candy cane libation...apologies fothcoming)"

I guess I sometimes make her happy when I feed her or make her laugh or just keep my mouth shut. I wish that I could entertain her as Charly Roads does. He interviews these famous people and usually always has good rapport with them. I'd like to start interviewing future famous people for this website like it's an informative magazine! My site will at least give these folks 10 or 15 minutes of fame. Im trying to put pics on it at least of Shwagstock but they might piss off Muffy (just innocent flirting). I'm still intimidated by computers and don't even know how to transfer the disc from Walgreens onto here!

Well, Leigh Anne, I hope that Hiram Walker doesn't give you a headache in the morning. I'll edit this essay tomorrow. It's 4:30 now!

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