Friday, September 10, 2004

Teaching an Okie English for free!

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

Dear Bubba wood or whatever; your lack of courage causes you to write anonymously. Regardless, you continue to harass me with personal comments after I've asked you not to and to keep the personal profane words out of it. In response, as I have learned to deal with angry adolescents, I will respond with kindness and maybe help you learn. Unfortunately, it's hard to teach an old bubba new tricks. Let's see if I can help you! :)

For your benefit, since your private school teacher never taught you how to write properly, learn better vocabulary, proper grammar (you spelled it grammer), and of course how to spell, I will take the time to help you without pay.

Let's look at your childish middle school essay. Some of my special ed kids write better than you!
Here is your comment:
"Hey pretzel dick, you talk shit about good grammer and pronunciation, yet anyone with a brain can see your a fucking moron that can't spell or complete a sentence structure."

First of all that is an emotionally disturbed comment and that's why I prefer not sitting with you and your concern for the size of my penis. I hope that you can go to a state where you won't be arrested for marrying one of your less endowed partners. Grammar has an A and not an E.

"Hell, all you have to do is read some of your post to this web site to tell that. Also, your invisible friends seem to be pretty fucking stupid to, "
to in this case has another O.

"but maybe that's just you rubbing off on them. As far as below the belt tactics how about this one skippy"

And actually, I wouldn't send you to the principal writing "skippy"! Are you working on toning down your name calling? By the way, are you into pretzels and peanut butter?

Also, my dear Bubba, think about your cut and pasting! This was at the end of the article. How will you explain these last 3 paragraphs from correspondent, Kelly Shannon.:
"Bush joined the Texas Air National Guard in 1968, serving more than a year on active Air Force duty while being trained to fly F-102A jets. He was honorably discharged from the Guard in October 1973 and left the Air Force Reserves in May 1974.

The first four months of 1972 are at the beginning of a controversial period in Bush's Guard service. After taking his last flight in April 1972, Bush went for six months without showing up for any training drills. In September 1972 he received permission to transfer to an Alabama Guard unit so he could work on a political campaign there.

That May, Bush also skipped a required yearly medical examination. In response, his commanders grounded Bush on Aug. 1, 1972."

Think about who you should call "skippy". Does that mean that you skip?


Associated Press Correspondent Kelley Shannon contributed to this report from Austin, Texas.

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