Sunday, September 12, 2004

Skippy Bush!

Teddy Roosevelt wanted to be a bully and created American Imperialism a century ago!

Who out there in cyber world likes the school bully in the school yard?? He gets his "friends" to be on his side through intimidation and fear. He develops his henchmen in his little gang that evolves into bigger and more threatening bullies as he grows up. He learns and feels very comfortable that he can make his friends and enemies bow to his wishes. They also fear that they will be ostracized if they don't conform to the bully's ideology!

Who out there was a nerd in school and was picked on because of your differences? I was? In 6th grade, I had just come back from a trip my family took around the world. He had a paid sabbatical for a year where we lived in Australia, Firenze, Italia, and England.
It was very easy to come back to an American school and get straight A's.

Other kids might have been jealous of me but because of the ADD, I was a very poor listener and had not been dealing with American students for a year so I was different. I was only 10 going into the 6th grade because I skipped most of 2nd grade. I wish that I knew what my i.q. was then cuz I think I've gone a few points lower on the bell curve since then. I was a nerd!

There was a bully, Skippy Shy, and his gang , (no joke, Bubba, it was Skippy)! He would always pick on me verbally and physically but I was afraid of fighting in the classroom. I knew that I would be spanked(not by that ugly teacher but by my parents! if I fought back and was taught to tell the teacher. :( Nurse Ostrander, (what I called her) the bitch teacher, regarded me as a snitch and that would only make Skippy even more vindictive on bullying me.(in her fantasies, Im sure she thought of sleeping with him cuz she looked at him with almost dreamy eyes and had that angry scrunched up face like she had not had any in a really long time)
I knew that I could take him and often invited him to come up to my neighborhood where his own gang wouldn't back him up!

So the bullying went on throughout the year of name calling and me powerless to do anything about it. Finally one day, when, we all were walking home from school for lunch with our Mom's at our homes (back then we had an hour off for lunch!) , Skippy started pushing me for no reason other than to show his spot on the pecking order to all the kids around (there were about 20 or more kids also walking home in a neighborhood halfway home). Since I could generally always "take" my older brother and wrestled anyone for fun (it was an unwritten rule that we would never punch each other in the face), it was easy to pin Skippy in less that 30 seconds even though he weighed about 15 more lbs than me but I was taller than him. He pushed me off and then punched me in the chin. I walked away saying that I don't box. He thought that I was yellow. Going back in time ( (I would have kicked his butt or just held him in a half nelson until he said "Uncle" probably not hurting him). Maybe things would have been different with my own confidence growing up and dealing with verbal and physical bullies?

I used to be a very tough kid always bent on revenge esp. against my older bigger brother until one day. My brother was picking on me and I was about to run after him while Mom, Ron and I were walking together in downtown Florence. She asked what good would revenge do by hitting him back?? I thought about it for several years growing up. How revenge between people would only escalate starting with something as simple as a snowball. I have learned through time and the other school of hard knocks both literally and physically to avoid confrontation. I gradually evolved to be a pacifist except to defend myself like if I was trying to get the Bubba that blind swiped me at Lumpy's off of me. (see archive about Bumpy's).

I have often gone back into the imaginary time with so many different "butterfly effects" happening. 20/20 hindsight... :( ...lost loves, telling her how much I love her, hugging Mom just one more time.... Uh oh...tears are flowing now...I'm all verklempt....

Ok! Where am I going with this very tangential point? What is the moral of the story other than if I had actually punched him as hard as I wanted to in his face, I might have broken his pretty nose (the other girls liked him with his long blond hair over his pretty blue eyes {I wanna puke!}) and he might not have bothered me anymore...

or he would have met me later with his gang of 10 or so kids like his older brother, Danny Shy did against Mark Koperski and use weapons of mortal destruction such as knives and then escalate as an adult does to playing with guns!

Danny came over up to our "turf", Highland Parkway, with about 15 of his gang members to beat up Mark after Mark pinned Danny in front of my brother (he was 2 grades above me in 8th grade at Ellwanger Barry School or #24 school) and all his classmates when they were all learning wrestling in PE. Danny and his Bubba buds all took him on. Of course, poor Mark ( a friend and classmate of his brother's) did not have a chance :(.

When we were all at the Monroe High School Ron went into 9th and I went into 7th grade. We were walking home the first Friday in September, known as "FRESHMAN FRIDAY", Danny had put BROWN SHOE POLISH on my brothers face while I watched. I was afraid of Danny and his gang members so I watched while they humiliated my older brother.:(

Ron was even a better nerd than me in school. He ended up becoming valedictorian being the first male in his class. There was a Jewish girl that was fond of Ron but had slightly better grades She was #1.:(

I'm sure that Muffy is now rolling her eyes at this story asking why I'm going into the Shy Brothers and their gang!

Enough of "DEPRESSED DAYs" ...Kind of an antithesis of "Happy Days"
and dealing with the "Shy Gang"....

Ok, Muffy, relax, Ill get to the point!

Bush is a bully and that's why soon most of the world will hate ugly Americans even more than they have for so long! When I was over in Europe as a child people were much nicer to polite Americans or Australians that did in "Rome as the Romans did!" They hated the big ostentatious American often with an affected Midwestern drawl (like Bush did in Lee's Summit visit last Monday! Don't get me started on that speech full of lies!) that would make the natives wince when they were listening how loud they were in museum tours.

"Oh, Dixie, that bathroom is bigger than mah livin' room!"
This loud middle aged Texan lady would say in the Uffizzi Palace in Florence, Italy.

I would roll my eyes and then see the cute Italian tour guide wink at me. I would smile shyly at her and wish that I was her age and have the courage to ask her out!

ok the other moral of the story is this:

QUIT BEING A BULLY BEFORE THEY PUNCH US IN THE NOSE! They won't give us the chance to say "uncle'!
(that's a metaphor)

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    Wouldnt somebody find if someone has already thought of the bumpersnicker, "Skippy Bush"
    Lets make it stick to him like "Tricky Dick"


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