Thursday, September 02, 2004

Procrastination and some herbs cause very delayed flights!

Wasn't sure how to adress this essay as if I might talk to some people that might be concerned about my itinerary...
I thought that I might talk about the epipheny with Dr. Dave and the peace pipe! :)...very exciting revelations about Dave conversatin with my other neighbor due east of me about:
Garvald's change after his "wife" or common law gf passed over to the other side...
how Garvald has become so attached to his house and cannot leave for long the paranoia sets in for Garvald as to how often the good dr.
conversate with all the neighbors on the street...

Dave answering with his duties as village social chairman...
hoping to learn how not to make it so obvious about dominating conversations (had to put that there in case of occassional rages!)

Garvald told of his bathroom breaks with Buddha opening up to the page on how Buddhists have to accept emptiness in the universe
before moving on from a deluded mind that believes in any permanence.
Garvald brought him over the book to borrow over a peaceful pipe!
He told him in a mentor to "grasshopper" mode the section on emptiness
come back from my quest to find the actual "bible of buddhism"

(this will be continued with the necessary un cannabized edits!)

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