Sunday, September 26, 2004

Plans for the future!

Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

The following is a list of places where there exists a sizable hippy population, where there is tolerance towards hippies, where hippies are free to pursue their lifestyle with community support. Whether you're looking to visit or relocate, you can be sure there'll be places to stay, interesting things to see and do, and lots of other hippies in these places. Please note, most of these were reader contributions! If you know of any other places to add to this list please write to us.

Check out our Communal Living Forum for more info on communes!

Guys and Gals, lets check out all these places. I think that this will be the best way to recuperate from emotionally disturbed people,angry female emotionally disturbed directors,principals, ex gf's,Bubbas, Bubbannettes,(who have no tolerance for your ecentricities and desire to relax and campout!)...I notice lately after shwaggers and nudists have checked out my site, that the readership might have gone down to only Bubba, maybe Muffy, Buffy and a few others.

Dr. Dave has said that I would be best in an intellectual community open to free thought and far away from restrictive Bubbamentalism! Maybe the Okie zone, will be the base for these orbits further and further out of the comfort zone. I have my "Infiniti" and Ive lent out my Mazda to Golda (good platonic can't have enough female friends except when they won't come to bailing you out of jail)...thats a long story and I'll get into that about seeing one of my ex 7th grade Hispanic students from Jackson Middle School from a few years ago directly across from me while we were waiting to be released after our bean and cornbread lunch (it tasted so good eager to get out of this place and with me having so much hassle to get my car still in my Dad'd name). Im sure that this one statement might make some of the momentary judgemental readership put me under even more scrutiny for when I decide to finish this sabbatical and possibly go back to teaching(only after realizing that I won't be getting an advance from Rolling Stones Magazine for writing this adventure orbiting around the Okie Zone ). Evening in the place was a nightmare with one toilet among 40 alcoholics. I was only .06 and I was not driving...long story but Ill get into it later.

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New Mexico-New York
North Carolina-Ohio
South Carolina-Tennessee
West Virginia-Washington-Wisconsin The World

Central America
Down Under!
Other Places

Maybe you can all check out these places! South Africa and then Australia on 30$/day maybe...if I find a place to work for room and board and include these experiences in my writing!

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