Friday, September 10, 2004


Read, enjoy, and feel free to leave comments but please keep the personal cuss words to a minimum. Thanks :)

Harriet, I was at Hudstones tonight and Jae said you were offended.
I am sorry if I offended you from what I wrote.
This is what you wrote:

Harriet: I'm just wondering what you think about this . . . does it take intelligence to realize that people are annnoyed by you . . . not you personally, of course. . . but generally speaking.

I wrote: are you criticizing redneck ways or using humor??...have you met me?

The way you wrote this, I thought that you were saying that I annoy some people.
For some reason when I pull up that post about labor day in KC, I am getting some wierd type of garble. My response was not meant for you personally and I know that you can make mistakes with typos as far as having 3 n's.
My response was meant for angry close minded folks that get upset when an opinion differs from their's. I have a very dry sense of humor and sometimes people take it personally.

I am upset at people in glass houses and tinted windows that love to insult knowing that they want to be immune from personal attacks themselves so they hide and stay anonymous.
I had a discussion with the gentleman that had handed me the bullet. He told me that I write bullshit but left upset not wanting to listen to my response. He said that the bullet was not meant as a threat but it was meant for me if I wanted to use the bullet on myself. WOW, that's mighty caucasian of you, Larry! I am glad that you told your friend what I had said about the very profane name calling.

I enjoyed having the beers at Hudstones and talking with everyone especially Jae!


  1. Harriet, I know that Muffy will use this essay of apology against me as so many of my loves (including my Mother) they've memorized all ur fuckups in life for instant replay...a resume of follies :(
    and then take some addaboy so muffy will more patience with garvald's very slow thought process :(

  2. But apparently u and j think ive offended you...oh ur crying over spilled garvaldian thought over the top of the bottomless glass of thought ...
    wow, rolling stones magazine?? r u reading my hunter s thompson type of journalism??''''

    and muffy rolls her eyes in the heavy manure of garvald's delusions of grandeurr....

    "He actually thinks hell be famous like hunter thompson??
    Be serious,I need a cigarette before I scream your head off, Garvald!"

    Garvald slinks off to sleep in his well worn infinity before he arises to the folks suffering from "Bublicanism", a new disease of the neoconservatives!! ...Off he goes into the adventures of being maverick amongst the folks not admitting to the first step of the 12 step program, admitting that u have that disease, "Republicanism" copyright garvald 9/12/04

    she rolls eyes at his sick humor but misses his craziness as soon as his sexy ass leaves her :)